Unexpected Guest

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A/N: For the purposes of this fic, the curse is not important

A/N: I originally wrote this for another fandom but I thought it would work in the Angel world so I have altered it for these characters.


Chapter 1

Cordelia awoke to fingers trailing lightly down her arms. She gasped and tried to open her eyes, only to discover that she was blindfolded. Panicking, she started to struggle, trying to free her trapped hands so she could remove the blindfold.

"It's okay." A voice whispered in the darkness. "I'm not going to hurt you."

She wondered briefly why Dennis hadn't woken her to warn her of an intruder, but maybe he thought there wasn't anything to fear.

Cordelia strained to recognise the speaker. While his voice was familiar to her, she couldn't quite place it.

She felt herself relaxing, sinking back onto the bed, surprised at her own trust towards this stranger.

The hands began to move again, lightly trailing over her shoulders and breasts, before settling on her stomach. His fingers caressed the skin exposed by the short top she was wearing, tracing random patterns on her now heated flesh. Then the hands moved higher, slipping under the hem of her top.

Cordelia gasped when two large hands cupped her breasts, squeezing them lightly. She arched towards them, trying to increase the pressure.

The voice chuckled at her eager response and granted her wish, his fingers becoming more demanding as they fondled her. His fingers pinched her aching nipples and she cried out, bucking towards him.

She felt her top being pushed up, exposing her breasts to his gaze, and she wondered why she wasn't embarrassed. However, all thoughts disappeared from her mind as his lips closed around one of her nipples, tormenting it with his tongue and teeth. When she was gasping for air he switched his attention to the other breast, repeating the torture.

His mouth left her breasts, trailing hot, moist kisses down her body to the edge of her shorts. She sucked in a breath when he pulled them, along with her panties, down her legs and off, and she absently heard them hit the floor.

Being blindfolded only increased the anticipation as she waited for him to touch her, not knowing when it would come.

She was nearly reduced to begging when he parted her thighs but didn't move to touch her where she needed him. His soft breath against her centre was driving her crazy. She could feel him so close, but not quite where she needed him to be.

"Please," she whispered. Her hips arching off the bed towards him. "Please touch me. Make me come."

She screamed when his tongue darted out to lap at her throbbing flesh. His tongue thrust into her, mimicking what she wished another part of his body was doing. His fingers replaced his tongue, thrusting deep inside of her, starting a slow, gentle rhythm. His tongue found her clit, drawing small circles around it.

"Harder. Faster," she begged.

His fingers moved faster as he sucked her clit into his mouth, biting down on it gently. His fingers curled inside of her, hitting just the right spot and she screamed as she came, convulsing wildly around his fingers. He stayed with her the entire time, drawing her orgasm out as long as possible.

Cordelia finally sank back onto the bed as aftershocks rippled through her body. A lazy smile covered her face and she yawned sleepily as the hands stroked soothing circles on her belly, causing her to drift slowly to sleep.

Cordelia jolted awake, smiling as she remembered her dream. She stretched lazily, gasping as she realised she was only wearing her top and she was naked from the waist down. She spotted her shorts and panties in a heap on the floor, distantly remembering hearing them hit the floor.

*Maybe it wasn't a dream!*

End Chapter 1

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