A New Leaf

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1. If you're religious, some sections may be uncomfortable for you. I don't want anybody to get their feelings hurt, so if you have any qualms about purportedly "blasphemous" content then maybe just play it safe and don't read any further.  

2. All of the sex in this story is technically consensual, but some of it does get pretty rough, bordering on abusive at points. 

3. Some of the instances of rough sex and spankings described here are unrealistic or exaggerated for effect and, if you were to attempt them in real life, you'd seriously injure somebody so please don't. These are my over the top, masochistic fantasies, not a guide to safe BDSM.

4. Slight spoilers for the movie Mulholland Dr. Nothing too major, but you may want to go watch it first. Any other pop-culture quotes or references will be listed at the bottom of each chapter.

5. One alteration I've made from Season 6 is that Dawn is 15 and a freshman.

6. Buffy kills people.

While the story begins with Buffy/Dawn and does somewhat revolve around their relationship, it is certainly not the only pairing that happens. I won't go into any spoilers, but I have included a list at the top of the forum index if you want to go check what pairings do occur. I will say, however, that this is an exclusively female/female fic and that monogamy is considered outdated in the Summers' house. The content ranges anywhere from plain vanilla to pretty kinky.

Despite all of the warnings and the obligatory adult++ rating, you'll find that much of this story is actually quite light-hearted. The mood of the story changes a lot. I feel like this is similar to the original show which, as we all know, bounced up and down in tone as much as Tigger the time he got into Christopher Robin's adderall prescription.

When I originally wrote this, I was only creating it for myself and didn't have the intention of posting it anywhere, so there are a lot of my own personal, quirky fetishes throughout and I've sort of inserted myself into the story as an original character. Because of that, I realize there will be parts that won't be for everybody, so I've tried to make it really easy to skip past stuff you don't like. If you're not into a certain kink, or discipline or even if you just don't want to slog through some of my sappy, lovey-dovey, girlish passages then just skip along until you see a break like this:


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I've made a brief summary of each of the chapters. (Don’t read this unless you want major spoilers.)

This story is completely finished. You're getting full access to months of my deviant, mood swing induced brain-vomit with no punches pulled and none of the weirdness removed.

I hope there's at least one person out there demented enough to enjoy reading this thing all the way through as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

<3 Bree


~ A New Leaf ~

Chapter 1: Missing


                "Maybe you put it somewhere and forgot," Xander said to Anya as she paced back and forth behind the counter. He needed to calm her down or someone was going to get hurt.

                "No, Xander! It was right in the drawer, last night! I was going to take it to the bank today. Like you know I do every damn Friday. I don't appreciate this accusatory tone from you!" Anya yelled at the top of her lungs.

                "Honey, I'm not accusing you of anything. I'm just, uh, trying to figure things out. You know, retrace your steps. I'm on your side here, remember?"

                "Let me check the books and see just how much was stolen."

                "Whoa, whoa, there. We don't know it was stolen, yet— let's not jump to any conclusions."

                Buffy was sitting at the table, pretending to read a newspaper but was really just listening to Anya and Xander's bickering, like she usually did. Normally it was more entertaining than this; this was too serious and starting to get a bit uncomfortable, especially since it was about money problems. Money is the last thing I want to think about right now, Buffy thought.

                "Four hundred and seventy six dollars and seventy four cents. That's how much we 'lost'..."

                Xander sighed, "It'll be okay. We're not going bankrupt yet and besides I'm sure it will turn up soon. If it doesn't, then when Willow and Tara get back next week, maybe they can do a spell to help us find it."

                Anya stared icily at Xander, "A money finding ritual? What are we going to do, take some of the money's hair from the cash register and sprinkle some of George Washington's ashes on it, go to the top of the eye pyramid and make an offering to the god in which all dollar bills trust?! Honestly, Xander, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard..."

                Buffy looked up at the clock and saw that it was almost 3:00. Dawn would be home from school soon and Buffy wanted to be there so they could talk about the previous night. They had had a huge fight about Dawn's grades from the past nine weeks and both of them had said some pretty nasty things to each other. She wanted to apologize to her little sister and try to work things out; although, it was unlikely the brat would accept it. Why she should be the one to apologize, though, she had no idea. Two F's, a D, three C's and a B... and she acts like I'm the one to blame? I want to help her, but I just don't know how if she's going to fight me like this every step of the way.

                "I'd better get going, guys. Dawn will be home soon," she said, standing up and putting on her jacket. "I hope you find your money."

                Xander smiled and walked with her to open the door, "Oh, don't worry about it—it's just money."

                "Communist!" yelled Anya from behind him as she shuffled through papers obsessively.

                Buffy couldn't help but smile back at her friend, "I can lend you my tranquilizer gun if you want," she joked. Xander looked like he was seriously considering it for a moment then laughed.

                "Good luck with Dawn, by the way,” he said. “I'm sure it will all work out in the end."

                Buffy immediately lost her smile, took a deep breath and stepped out into the cold October air to start the walk home.


                She arrived back at her home at 1630 Revello Drive around 3:15. It felt so empty with Willow and Tara out of the house. They had taken a road trip this fall break to visit an ancient coven in Washington State—something they had been talking about for a long time now. Some of their Wiccan friends on the internet lived there and there was a big gathering this time of year. Buffy was happy for them; she wished she had something to get that excited about. All she had to look forward to this fall break was paying the bills and trying to get Dawn to stay home and study. Speaking of Dawn, she should have been home by now...

                In the kitchen, Buffy found a handwritten note on the fridge.

                You'll be glad to know I've decided to leave for good. I've found people who actually care about me. Don't come looking for me. - Dawn

                Buffy stared at the note and shook her head in disbelief. She picked up the phone and dialed the number of Dawn's school.

                "Hello, this is Buffy Summers...Yes, I'm Dawn Summers guardian. I was just checking to see if she's still at the school..."

                She could hear the secretary typing for a few seconds, checking her computer, "No, Miss Summers, Dawn didn't show up to school today."

                 "Thank you ma'am," was all she could say. She hung up the phone. Ok, Buffy, stay calm. Don't freak out. She probably just wanted to scare me to get back at me for last night. I bet she just skipped school with her friend Jessica again. Her heart started to race and her hands trembled as she opened the address book. She wasn't sure if it was out of fear or anger—Dawn had a tendency to cause both. Ever since the ordeal they had gone through with Glory, Buffy had been paranoid about Dawn being hurt or kidnapped. In fact, even though Glory was gone for good, she still had nightmares about it occasionally. She flipped through the book until she found the number for the Hunters' residence.

                As she listened to the ringing, waiting for the phone to be answered Buffy thought to herself, I bet it's this Jess girl that's the bad influence on her. I mean Dawn was a brat before but nothing got this out of hand back then... Someone answered,


                "Jess, is that you?" Buffy asked with an impatient tone.

                "Umm, yeah..." the girl on the other end of the line sounded a bit worried.        

                "This is Buffy. Dawn's sister. Remember me?"

                "Yeah, of course."

                "Is Dawn over—"

                She was interrupted by the teenager, "Listen, please don't be mad at me! I didn't have anything to do with it! I tried to tell her not to go with those people! She just wouldn't listen..."

                Buffy's heart stopped for a moment and her head began to spin. "What people, Jess?!" she yelled.

                "I don't know. She's been talking about it for a while now. Some people she met online. I think they called themselves...the Phoenix? Or something like that."

                Buffy regained her composure. At least now I have something to go on. "Listen to me, Jessica. I don't have much time. I need you to tell me everything you know. Everything that Dawn might have been talking about before today."

                "Okay, I'll tell you," Jessica's voice seemed hesitant and strained, "Last week, she started talking about this nice lady who was a part of an organization dedicated to helping teens escape bad situations. You know, abusive homes, drugs, stuff like that... She said they were really nice and were going to find her a new place to live."

                "Did she give you any idea of where she was going?"

                There was a pause on the other end of the line as Jessica thought about it. "...No, but I did think it was strange when she said that the Phoenix was from Sunnydale. It seemed a bit too convenient. Listen, Buffy, I'm sorry. I should have said something earlier. I just didn't think she would go through with it."

                "No, it's ok, Jess... just remember: next time, if my little sister starts talking about doing something stupid, tell me first. Don't ever underestimate her."

                "Is there anything else you need me to do?" Jessica seemed eager to help.

                "No. Thanks, you've been a big help. I'm sure I'll find her."

                "Let me know when you do."

                Hmm, maybe that girl isn't so bad after all. So I'm looking for a...an online...a phoenix. Shit! I wish Willow were here. Oh well, I'll have to do this the old fashioned way. Buffy grabbed her coat and swung it around her shoulders as she dashed out the front door.


                *KNOCK* *KNOCK* *KNOCK*

                The pounding on the door made Spike jolt awake. He stood up from his recliner and stumbled to a standing position, knocking over an empty bourbon bottle. He dusted Doritos crumbs off his black shirt and went over to answer the door. Buffy was standing there, looking worried about something as usual. She only ever came to visit when she needed his help.

                "Come to watch some telly with me I suppose?" Spike joked.

                Buffy stepped inside his lair and shut the door. "Spike, I don't have time for this."

                "How did I know she was gonna say that?"


                "No wait, let me guess, you need my help, right. What? Dawn run away again?"

                "Yes," Buffy replied, with a somber look on her face.

                "Oh...” He felt bad about making his joke. “So what do you know so far?"

                "All I know is I'm looking for someone or something called the Phoenix,” Buffy explained,

                Spike bit his lip, staring off to the side.

                "So you know them?"

                "I know of them," Spike replied.

                "Let's hear it, then."

                "Well I'll tell you right now, if Dawn's mixed up with them, you probably don't have much time."

                "Mixed up with whom, Spike?"

                "Well, it's nothing too out of the ordinary—typical cult stuff, demonic ritual, sacrificing young maidens. I just know about it 'cause I had a mate who used to catch little girls for 'em a few years back."

                "Is this 'mate' of yours still alive? And is he in town?"

                "I don't know. Might be."

                "Well, come on. Get your, uh, cape...blanket thingy and let's go."

                Spike didn't hesitate another moment. Buffy hated to admit it but, when the time came, she could almost always count on Spike. They headed downtown to one of the seedier haunts Spike knew of—an opium den of sorts for dark magic users that was set up in a condemned hotel. It stank like garbage and the cheap, red wallpaper was peeling off the walls. A short demon with pitch black eyes and greasy blue skin greeted Spike,

                "Hey, you. Long time no see. How's Drusilla doing?"

                Spike lifted his eyebrows in a friendly way. "Oh she's fine. Doesn't like to leave the house much these days, but can't say I blame her. We were just talking about you this morning, actually, funny enough."

                The demon shrugged and smiled.

                Spike continued to lie his ass off: "Seen Harold lately? I owe him some money. Like, a lot of money."

                The blue demon scratched his head, "He didn't say nothin' to me 'bout it."

                "That's cause it was a while ago and he probably forgot about it cause I told him I'd pay him back, but I think he was drunk and forgot, so I thought 'well, if he's not gonna bring it up, I'm not going to' but then I got the feeling, like...If he found out I owed him, it'd break the poor boy's heart! And I'm well off enough now and he's always drinkin' and he likes them young girls and all. I thought I'd give him this one here. As an apology."

                Spike pointed to Buffy and she waved and smiled politely.

                "Don't worry, she's French—don't speak a word of English. I picked her up this morning and she still thinks I'm taking her to the bloody airport!" Spike and the demon laughed. While normally this would have pissed Buffy off so much she would have kneed Spike in the balls, it seemed to be working, so for now she played along.

                After their laughter died down, the demon said "Yeah, Harold he's set up down in the old factory. Got a right good brothel going down there, I tell ya. Human and demon girls. Fair prices. Frenchy here's gonna be a nice addition to the lot."

                     "Right, then!" He put his arm around Buffy's shoulder, "Allons, ma chérie , allons attraper ce plan!"

                     "Oui!" Buffy replied, smiling and waving at the demon who gave her a callous wink as they exited the room. As soon as they were around the corner, Buffy looked side to side to check if there was anyone in the rotting hallway.

                     "So you know what factory he's talking about?" she asked him in a quiet whisper. Buffy was so glad that they were on the trail of her sister that she didn't even bother to shrug off Spike's conveniently clandestine embrace.

                     "Yep," he said, walking down the hall at a brisk pace, his arm still around the slayer. They got to the exit. Spike reluctantly let go of Buffy and started to scan the floor for something.

                     "What are you looking for?" Buffy whispered.

                     "My blanket. It's gone."

                     Buffy looked around. Damn it, don't tell me I'm gonna lose my sister over a stupid blanket! She opened one of the numbered doors and peeked inside.

                     "There. That hobo demon has your blanket."

                     Spike flopped his arms. "Aw, come on..."

                     Buffy walked in and nudged the demon with her foot, "Hey pal, sorry to bother you but that's our blanket. There are many like it, but that one is ours. Now hand it over."

                     The demon rolled over and growled, showing rows of razor sharp teeth. A split second later, Buffy's foot came down, snapping his neck with a sickening crunch.

                     "Sorry. I don't have time for this shit." She threw the protective blanket to Spike and they stepped out into the soon-to-be fading sunlight.


                     From the outside, the factory appeared to be uninhabited--no sound, no light, just a bunch of fading bricks and rusty pipes.

                     "You think Dawn's in there?" Buffy asked.

                     "Well, it's possible, but Harold's not the Phoenix. I just said he worked for them in the past. This is the best bet for finding your sister, though, I promise," Spike tried to reassure her. "So what's your plan?"

                     "I thought we were just going to stick to your plan,” Buffy replied. “You know, the French girl."

                     "Ah, right."

                     Buffy was slightly annoyed at how quickly Spike had been able to come up with a cover story that involved her becoming a hooker; however, as usual, his methods worked. She was in a hurry and only cared about results.

                     "So, put your arm around me and let's go," Buffy said, impatiently.

                     Spike stopped to think for a minute, "Uh, just one problem with this plan...how are we going to get you out afterward?"

                     Buffy walked over to a piece of rebar sticking out of some cement. She reached down with one hand and yanked it out. She knelt down and rolled up one of the legs of her jeans, stuck the bar in her shoe and covered it back up with the pants leg.

                     "You don't have a problem with me killing this Harold guy, do you?"

                     Spike paused for a moment, thinking it over. "...Nah."

                     "Let's go then." She let Spike put his arm around her and once again assumed the role of the clueless foreigner being served up on a silver platter. When they entered the factory, they were met by a large demon.

                     "Money first," the demon bellowed at Spike.

                     "I'm just here to see Harold. I'm an old mate we go way back." 

                     "Money first."

                     Spike was getting frustrated, "Look I'm not here to buy a bloody girl, I'm here to sell one, you nitwit." He pushed Buffy forward. The demon looked her over lasciviously. Buffy tried her best to look helpless and frightened.

                     "I'll ask," The demon said.

                     They waited in silence and a few minutes later, they were greeted by Harold--a horrid, fleshy demon, about 7 feet tall with a scar covering one permanently closed eye and one broken horn.

                     "Spike, what can I do for you?” He asked in a friendly tone. “Care to come in for a drink?"

                     "I'm strictly here on business, actually. Heard you were looking for some new stock and, as you can see, I just happen to have procured a lovely little devotchka, ripe and suitable for your purposes."

                     Harold looked down at Buffy, clearly impressed by the blonde. "How much?"

                     Spike hadn't thought about this. He had no idea what the going rate was for an average girl, let alone one as gorgeous as Buffy. So he pulled a number out of his ass and hoped for the best.

                     "I was thinking...two thousand?" Spike tried to act like he knew what he was doing but he clearly didn't and Buffy was beginning to get worried.

                     This may have to turn into a full frontal assault in a few seconds, she thought. She was already planning a round house kick to the groin.

                     After a moment, Harold said, "I'll give you one thousand."

                     "Fifteen hundred," Spike countered.

                     Spike, what the hell are you doing?

                     Harold stared at Buffy for a long time then finally answered, "Fifteen hundred. Fair enough."

                     Spike looked to one side and made a money gesture with his hand "Cash up front, mate." Harold reached into a leather bag and began to count out some bills. Buffy would have felt demeaned and humiliated were it not for the fact that she was getting close to rescuing her sister soon. Also, this slave trader wasn't going to be around much longer. After Spike received the money, Harold grabbed Buffy by the hair and pulled her along with him into the damp, dark factory. Good job, Spike, you got me in, she thought as she looked back and saw the door close on her very worried looking friend.

                     She was led down a long corridor with doors on either side. Harold stopped at one and took out a ring of keys. He unlocked the door and brought Buffy inside, throwing her to the floor...which was exactly what she wanted. She kicked off her left shoe and the rebar came clattering out of her jeans. She spun around, sweeping the demon's leg, which made him to stumble. She reached for the metal spike that was a few feet away from her on the floor but Harold grabbed her by the leg and pulled her back toward him. With her free leg, she kicked him in the chest, immediately backward somersaulted, picking up the metal bar as she flipped to a standing position. The demon lunged at her but she dodged, spun and kicked him in the back bringing him to his knees. She grabbed him by one horn and swiftly slammed the metal rebar through his skull. Harold slumped to the ground, lifeless. The key ring felt heavy in her hand as she picked it up. She slipped her shoe back on and dashed into the hall.

                     Buffy was scrambling to unlock as many doors as she could. Some cells were unoccupied but most of them housed frightened young girls. She had just unlocked the final door when, down on the far end of the hall, she heard a loud commotion

                     "No, see I've changed my bloody mind, I'm givin' the money back; now let me in!"

                     Spike... The sounds of a fight broke out and she ran to see what was going on. When she arrived back at the entryway, she saw two dead demons and one very angry vampire with the third in a headlock, about to snap his neck.

                     "Wait, Spike! Don't!" She yelled. Spike held onto the struggling demon as Buffy walked over to them. "Alright, I want to know where my sister is. Now!"

                     The demon hissed, "Which one is your sister?"

                     "She would have just come in today,” she replied. “Long brown hair. Her name is Dawn."

                     The demon looked like he was thinking for a moment. "I might remember hearing that name recently. If you'll let me up I'll tell you what I know." Spike allowed the demon to stand but kept a close eye on him.

                     "We were only asked to pick her up and hold onto her for today until the Phoenix came to pick her up. We were given strict guidelines—not to be harmed, not to be touched. I think they needed her to be a pristine virgin for some sacrifice."

                     "You know where this sacrifice is being held?" asked Spike.

                     "I've delivered girls to them before. If they're at the same place as last time, it's a cabin hidden out in the woods, several miles from here."

                     "We'll need some wheels," Spike said.

                     "Show me to a phone," Buffy demanded and the demon led her to a dingy office. She dialed rapidly and waited for an answer. Come on, come on...

                     "Hello?" A familiar voice answered.

                     "Xander, I need you to do me a big favor..."


                     Buffy looked at the speedometer. Xander was driving 105 mph down the dark road. She and Spike were in the backseat with their new demon friend navigating in the passenger seat.

                     "Ok, get ready, we're close." Xander began to slow down.

                     "Up here, on the right, you'll turn onto a dirt road,” the demon said. “Follow that."

                     Xander followed the directions and a few minutes later they were in front of an old log cabin. Before the car was even fully braked, Buffy and Spike were bolting out of their doors. Without knocking, Buffy kicked the front door so hard it flew off its hinges. She stepped inside, instinctively turned to Spike and said, "Come in."

                     Spike crossed the threshold. Xander had parked and was catching up. The demon had already run off into the woods. Buffy looked around the house; no one seemed to be home. The lights were all on and a fire was burning in the fireplace but there was not a soul to be seen.

                     "Spread out," she said and the three of them split up to search the large cabin. Buffy checked the kitchen, the bathroom, a bedroom...In the bedroom she saw some jeans, underwear and a girl's t-shirt. She picked up the shirt and recognized it immediately: her sister's. Oh no... 

                     "Hey guys! Over here," shouted Xander. Spike and Buffy met at the location of the voice and saw that Xander had opened a large trapped door, made to look like normal floorboards.

                     "Good work, carpenter man," Spike said, clapping him on the shoulder.

                     "Thanks,” Xander replied. “So, what now?"

                     "Let's check it out," Buffy began to descend the staircase with Xander and Spike following closely behind. The door at the bottom of the stairs seemed to open into an ancient crypt—long hallways with skulls placed in the walls. They could hear chanting nearby. Buffy peeked around a corner and saw seven robed figures gathered around an altar. When one of them moved, she could see what was on the altar: her little sister, stripped naked, bound by the arms, legs and neck. Each of five of the robed cultists held one of the ropes taut, another walked around in a circle, swinging incense, while the seventh spoke in Latin from an old scroll. Each of them had on their belt an ornate ceremonial sword.

                     "Alright listen, guys," Buffy whispered, "we've gotta kill neck guy first, so that he can't strangle her. Spike can you take him down?"

                     "He's as good as dead," Spike replied as his face morphed.

                     "Xander, after I go in, wait until I throw you one of those swords then come back us up."

                     "Got it."

                     "Whenever you're ready, Spike."

                     As soon as the words had left her mouth, Spike sprinted into the ceremonial chamber and leapt at full velocity onto the cultist who held the noose around Dawn's neck.  The cultist let go of the rope and, within seconds, the vampire had torn the man's windpipe out, leaving him flailing in a pool of his own blood.

                     "AAAAAAAGGGH!" Spike shouted as the chip in his brain sent a torrent of searing pain through his skull.

                     Oh, shit, they're all humans, Buffy thought; however, the thought didn't bother her for long. She slipped up behind one cultist, pulled the sword out of his belt, grabbed him by the forehead and slit his throat. The cultist next to him was panicking, trying to draw his sword. Buffy ran to him and plunged the ceremonial sword through his chest. With her left hand, she reached down to the sword he had been trying to retrieve,

                     "Need some help with that?" She yanked the sword from its sheath as she let the man fall to the ground. She spun around as quickly as she could and tossed the newly acquired sword to Xander. All of the other cultists had let go of their ropes and were now brandishing their weapons. Dawn, now free to move, pulled the noose off of her neck and ran to the far corner of the room away from the action, huddling down with her hands covering her face. Spike was incapacitated on the floor, lying in the blood of his first human victim in a very long time.

                     The four remaining cultists advanced slowly around the altar, their swords out. One lunged toward Xander and he parried dexterously. Buffy knew Xander would be alright to take on one if she could keep the other three away from him. She jumped up onto the altar, jumped again and kicked one of the cultists square in the head with a hell of a lot more force than that of raw enthusiasm. He crumpled to the floor. She dodged a thrust from the nearest cultist, and brought the end of her sword down with all her superhuman strength, slicing through solid bone. His sword dropped to the floor, half of his arm along with it. When she brought the sword back up, she stabbed upward into his chin, the tip of the blade peeking out the top of his skull. The sword made a slick, wet sound as she pulled it back out in time to parry the attack of the remaining cultist.

                     Xander was doing well at defending himself from the blows, waiting for an opening. Finally he had one—he knocked his enemy's sword to one side and thrust the blade into his heart. The cultist's eyes rolled back in his head and he fell backward to the stone floor. Across the room, he watched as Buffy killed what he thought to be the last one. He saw the cultist that had been knocked to the floor earlier getting up and sneaking up behind...

                     "Buffy watch out!" he yelled across the room.

                     She spun around swinging her sword as she did, cleanly decapitating the final man. All was quiet except for the sound of heavy breathing and a dying cultist gurgling on his own blood. Buffy dropped her sword to the floor and went over to check on Spike. He was in pain, but conscious.

                     "You think you can walk?" She asked him.

                     "Yeah. Probably," he replied as she helped him to his feet.

                     "Xander, can you bring Dawn's clothes from upstairs?"

                     "On it," he said and darted down the hall.

                     Dawn was still crouched in the corner, naked and ashamed. After a minute, Xander came back into the room and took the clothes over to Dawn, then turned around as she got dressed. Buffy was helping Spike stand, holding his right arm around her shoulder and her left arm behind his back. She watched her sister finish putting her clothes on, anger coursing through her veins. But it was actually a relief that it was over. It was a relief to be able to go back to just being angry at her sister and not in fear for her life.

                     Upstairs, Buffy set Spike down on one of the couches by the fire and went to the kitchen to find a towel. Xander tried to smile awkwardly at Dawn but she continued staring at the floor in silence. Buffy came back into the living room, wiping her face with a wet towel, cleaning off some of the blood. She threw the towel down, helped Spike to his feet. "Ok, let's go home."



                After a long trip of awkward silence, Xander parked the car at Buffy's house. "You need me to come in and keep an eye out tonight?” He asked. “Let you guys get some rest..." 

                Buffy smiled, sadly. "No, I think it'll be alright. Thank you again so much for all this. Sorry it had to be this late."

                "No problem! Seriously though, get some sleep."

                Xander drove away with Spike and left the two sisters together. Buffy didn't even look at Dawn as they walked up the porch and opened the door. Once they were inside, Buffy spoke calmly. "Dawn, go to your room."

                The teenager crossed her arms, not meeting Buffy's cold stare. "Fine," she said and stomped up the stairs.

                Buffy stepped into the kitchen for a moment to think. She was tired of these non-stop problems with Dawn. Ever since she had come back from the dead, it was like her little sister was just trying to piss everyone off. Her grades had dropped, she had been skipping school, she snuck out at night, she had been caught shoplifting more than once and then finally today... I have to do something this time—something she won't forget, Buffy thought to herself, and went up the stairs into her sister's room.       

                Dawn was standing by the window that she had climbed out of on countless late night excursions. She had thought about just escaping but knew that Buffy would just find her again and be even more pissed. There was no avoiding this one: she was in deep shit.

                "Dawn, I don't even know where to begin..." Buffy said trying to contain her anger as best she could.

                There was no reply from the audacious teen.

                Buffy continued, "You were nearly killed tonight because of your stupid immaturity! When are you going to grow up?"

                "That's right I'm just stupid..."

                "No you're not! You're just acting this way because...I don't even know why. I just know it has to stop."

                "Right," Dawn said, rolling her eyes.

                "This time, you are really going to be punished, Dawn. I mean it."

                "Oh, are you going to get Giles to talk to me again? You'll have to do it over the phone because, in case you don't remember, HE LEFT!”

                Buffy's heart sank a little as she heard those words. Yes, Giles—the one adult she could always go to at times like this—was no longer around. She had been abandoned by her watcher.

                "Dawn...Get cleaned up and do not leave this room. I will be back in a few minutes to punish you." Buffy walked toward the door.

                Dawn wondered what she meant. Surely not a spanking...I haven't been spanked in years, and Buffy has never even brought it up before, not even about my grades, she thought. Then she remembered something very important. Stealthily reaching into the front pocket of her tight jeans, she pulled out a large wad of cash and moved toward her closet to look for a place to hide it.

                "Dawn, one more thing..." Buffy was back in the room. Oh crap! Dawn thought.

                Buffy immediately walked over to her sister and grabbed her arm, taking the bills from her hand.

                "What is this?!" She shouted. Dawn was slowly backing away as Buffy counted the money. "Four hundred and seventy dollars..."

                "Well, I-I needed money if I was going to run away!"

                "Dawn, you stole from our best friends!"

                "Well what do you expect me to do? Get out of town with what? With this?" Dawn went over to her shelf and picked up a porcelain piggy bank and threw it against the wall, shattering it to pieces.     Buffy just couldn't believe this behavior. After all this, she still had the nerve to throw one of her bratty temper tantrums. Even for Dawn, this was above and beyond. All Buffy could do was look at her little sister and try not to explode with anger.

                "What, Buffy?" Dawn yelled "What are you thinking?"

                Buffy replied calmly.  "I'm just trying to add up all of the reasons I have to be mad at you right now; I think we may be breaking a world record here."

                "Oh, right!” Dawn folded her arms and glared. “Make a joke, like you do to all the vampires before you stake them. You probably hate me more than you hate them."

                Buffy finally raised her voice, "Dawn, that is enough! Shut the hell up!" There was a brief silence and Dawn was shaking a little. "Here is what I've decided,” Buffy said, “and I don't want another word from you for the rest of the night. I'm tired. I just spent today tracking you down and fighting an entire cult to save your ungrateful ass."

                Dawn stared at the floor.

                "Dawn...After all this, I absolutely have to punish you. But there's not even enough time tonight for the punishment you deserve. Tomorrow is the weekend, this is Fall Break and Tara and Willow are gone for the week. All I can say is get some good rest tonight because tomorrow, young lady, you are going to get it. And if you are even thinking about climbing out that window and running away again, so help me Dawn, I will get Willow on the phone and have her do a locator spell so fast you won't even make it two blocks before I catch you."

                With that, Buffy stepped out and closed the door on her sister. Dawn was left alone in the dark to worry...She lay down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Down the hall, she could hear Buffy taking a shower. Washing the blood out of her hair, Dawn thought, blood that wouldn't be there if it weren't for me. Why did I do this? Now she's so mad she's set aside an entire day to "punish" me?  I think it probably will be a spanking. That seemed to be her implication. But I've been spanked before—it's not so bad. Whatever she's got in store, I'll play along and get it over with. Then I’ll go right back to flying under her radar, being ignored as always...


References: Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange, Fatal Frame


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