31 Days of Summers

BY : LL72
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Dear Diary

Here I am back to writing you, though I guess I didn't really write you before - it's all fake memories. But it still feels kinda real and who else am I going to tell my deepest, darkest secrets to. Not Buffy that's for sure.

So what are my thoughts.... well Cleveland sucks, all my old friends are scattered to where-ever their parents fled when Sunnydale went down the Hellmouth; I can't even escape to Janice's when Buffy gets too Buffylike and I have to share a room with Vi cos there's not enough rooms in this house for us all. Only good thing is Buffy is forced to share with Faith. And they both love that -not!!!! Willow and Kennedy are also sharing - though they do love that! And Giles somehow or other has managed to find himself a small place that he rents on his own - probably worth dipping into his savings to avoid have to bunk with Xan and Andrew...

Also I'm now sixteen and a virgin - no-one is a virgin at sixteen at least outside the Bible Belt. I'm not totally sweet - I mean I made out with that vamp, and Janice as well to see what it was like (and it wasn't as totally gross as we were thinking it would be) and a couple of other guys. But none of them have got further that squeezing me through my jumper (and that was Janice). So I need to get laid, but that's about as likely in this house as Faith doing the dishes...

So here I am, bored and horny and in Cleveland. Yeah, dear diary you can see why I'm writing you - it's the most action I'm getting....

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