Materia Knight and his Girls.

BY : Minalumos
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Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII belongs to Squaresoft and Square Product Development Division 1, I make no money from this and I only own the plot of this story and any OC’s that pop up.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy that honor belongs to Squaresoft and Square Product Development Division 1, I make no money from this and I only own the plot of this story and any OC’s that pop up.

Tittle: Materia Knight and his Girls. 

Summary:  Xander finds Clouds Materia Chest with a note from Aerith, changing his life forever.

A/N: I love Final Fantasy Vii and I hope others do too.


-Cleveland House, 2003 2:00am-

Xander awoke from his dream fighting a ten foot tall demon made of twinkles and reached with one hand to find his eye patch while he rubbed his other eye and yawned.

“Yea no more jalapeno pizza before bed, damn slayer bets.” Xander groaned as he stood up from his bed and made his way to where he keeps his small shower kit. He learned a long time ago living in this house, that he may be the ‘Boss’ and while that meant he got his own bathroom in a house full of super powered girls a locked door meant nothing when there was a ‘girl emergency’.

On his way to his desk Xander’s luck made itself known as he found his face on the floor and his shoes that he had kicked off before he went to sleep managed to ‘break’ his fall.

“I hate you gravity, you evil bastard.” Xander looked down to see what he tripped over, and came up short because at his feet was a chest, at least that’s what it seemed like but it was not like any he had seen before it was silver and looked like it was made of metal.

“What the hell” Xander said as he took a closer look and saw that it held a keyhole on the front and a note stuck on the top with a small white gem on the paper.

‘Ok I have two options 1. I can go and call willow, or 2. Read the note on the creepy chest that I didn’t have when I went to sleep. ‘

After a few minutes Xander made his choice and picked up the note careful not to drop the gem, but he needn’t worry because it seemed to be stuck on.


'Hello Alexander Lavelle Harris'

My name is Aerith Gainsborough and the chest before you is full of gems like the one on this note.

And by now you’re wondering ‘is this the ol’ Harris luck or some weird spell gone wrong.’ But I must say that while not everything in this chest is good per say nothing is ‘evil’.

I sent you this chest because I have seen your past and many strands of your future and I for one am proud of you, for being so strong of heart and never wavering when life called upon you.

Please touch the stone on this note and use what’s in the chest wisely I will be watching over you Alexander, but I know I won’t have to worry your too bright to fall.

                                                                                                                                       , -With love Aerith 

Now Xander being the smart man he was didn’t think twice about picking up the stone and that was when the weird took a turn for the Xander.

Xander found his mind awash as he was tossed around a grey mist, but before he could think he was bombarded with images of a group of people, one was a young blonde man with a giant sword, a very buxom girl in a white tank top, a girl with a giant shuriken, a black man with what seemed to be a gun in place of one of his arms, and a red doglike creature. But all that aside what caught his attention were the feats that these people called upon, they seemed to command the elements like it was nothing, and that’s when it cleared up for Xander the chest he now had in his possession and the gems within it could enable him to do the same as these people.

The next thing Xander knew he was back on his floor with a dull white gem in his hand, and not thinking he put it in his pocket and moved to open the chest, the keyhole seeming to not need a key Xander lifted the top.


That was all Xander could say as he looked at the massive mountain of colorful gems, he went to pick one up but thought better of it. If the things he saw were real this was not something he wanted to try out in his room. Xander closed the chest and pushed it against the bottom of his bed and went to lay back down, a shower could wait.

As Xander laid down and closed his eyes one thing slipped out of his mouth before sleep claimed him.

“Heh Materia, this could get fun.”


“Are you sure that was smart Aerith.”

“He lost his eye and part of his heart fighting true evil with nothing more to him but his heart, it’s time for him to have the power he should have had long ago Shiva.” Aerith told the Ice blue woman standing beside her.

“I hope your right Aerith, I hope your right.”

“I’m always right you all just haven’t learnt that yet.” Aerith said with a smile as she let the vision pool ripple back to normal to let young Alexander sleep before his world was forever changed when he awakens.

………………End of Chapter One……………………..

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