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This was an introduction to what was supposed to be a longer, more plot based story. But after sitting in my fic folder for near three years it's not going to get finished. However this short scene works as a standalone so I thought I'd post as a separate fic. As ever enjoy and if you do like it send me an e-mail saying so (and if you don't send me one as well, telling me why).


MF, anal


"See the hard inflexibility of this piece, the way its face and limbs are stuck and unmoving; they represent the patriarchal structure of ancient Sparta – rigid, unyielding and unable to see any view point but their own" the professor continued on, unable to spot the irony of the statement

That was crap, thought Joyce Summers, the hard inflexibility of the cracked and battered statue were more to do with the fact it was a statue and made of brassif the ancient Spartans could have made rubber dolls with moveable joints they’d have made them. She sipped her wine; it was luke-warm and for a prestigious LA gallery, surprisingly cheap. She sighed and moved onto the next exhibit; at least the guest lecturer on this one was talking sense, albeit with so little enthusiasm for his subject to describe his tone as monotonous would have been too high praise.

She could be having much more excitement at home in Sunnydale, though excitement was a relative concept as it was likely her evening would be parked at home watching some trashy reality show or unfunny comedy with Dawn and hoping for a call from Buffy… though that seldom happened. Still, it was better than being at the exhibition – it had been advertised as a stimulating look at art modern and ancient and Joyce had hoped to pick up a few tips for her own smaller and less expensive gallery. So far the only useful thing she had learnt was not to ask for the name of supplier of the cheese on sticks. With a final shake of her head Joyce turned to go, if she hurried back to her hotel room she might catch Dateline on NBC – it was likely to be both more interesting and more accurate than anything here.

"Joyce?" Angel sounded surprised, almost as surprised as Joyce was to see him – she had never had her eldest daughter’s vampire ex down as a culture-vulture. He seemed to sense the unspoken question of what he was doing at the Gallery, because he gave a smile and nodded at the Spartan statue, "Wesley heard a rumour it wasn’t just a statue, but a trapped demon ready to burst loose."

Joyce looked at the battered bronze; it didn’t look like it could hold in check an enraged mouse never mind a hell-beast aching to let loose wrath and destruction on the world, "So was it? A trapped demon I mean."

"No," Angel shook his head ruefully, before leaning forward conspiratorially, "It’s also not Spartan, its from Athens – the lecturer is talking… from your expression you know what he’s talking..."

"So you had a wasted night as well then?" asked Joyce.

"You want me to take you back to your hotel?" asked Angel in reply.

"Yes, please," said Joyce. LA wasn’t Sunnydale, but at the same time having a vampire protector walk you back wasn’t such a bad idea –especially as one as ruggedly good-looking as Angel.

He nodded and smiled, a charming, warm smile, "The night wasn’t completely wasted."

She slipped her arm out and Angel slid his through it, smiling as he did so. Looking at him Joyce was reminded how much taste Buffy had… he was a looker all right. And as they walked her hand slid up his arm, feeling the muscles ripple. The staff-member at the door opened it as they approached, giving them a robotic ‘have a nice night’ as the two of them headed out into the night-air.

The gallery street was not much quieter than the gallery itself; it was still early enough that people were around, late-night shoppers and early revellers. Or businessmen who’d finally been coaxed into leaving their offices to head home or to party or to look with their rich, bony wives at art, ancient and modern. None of them gave a look at the dark looking man and the early forties-blonde walking arm in arm.

"How’s the head?" asked Angel.

"It’s good. It was a close run thing, if Buffy hadn’t been there and called the hospital immediately…" Joyce shivered, even though the night wasn’t old. Angel squeezed her arm slightly, a gesture of support from the undead to the could-have-been-dead, "They got it just in time. But it’s fine now, good as new… though if I get a migraine I’m torn between rushing in panic to the emergency room and just getting an aspirin."

"If it’s any comfort, I’ve got a sense for these type of things and I think you’re going to be okay," Angel gave a comforting smile and Joyce felt herself drawn closer. They walked in silence for a few more moments, before Angel asked, "And Dawn? How’s she?"

"It’s Dawn – she’s a handful," laughed Joyce, "At first I think being nearly sacrificed and seeing… what she saw… would have screwed her. But she’s tough, tougher than sometimes a Mom appreciates. She’s bounced back and we forgot this key nonsense, especially with Buffy dying and coming back and everything. I won’t say I’m not worrying, but she’s doing all right and you need to give them space. This is the first time I’ve left her alone for a night; I’m impressing myself that I’m not on the phone every few moments making sure she hasn’t burnt the house down."

"I’m sure she won’t… houses are fine with Summer’s girls; it’s schools being set alight you should worry about," said Angel. His eyebrow’s twitched slightly to show he was joking. Again they walked a few paces in silence before he said, "And Buffy?"

It was the question Joyce dreaded answering. Buffy had thrown herself from a tower to save her sister from a Hell Goddess, but as if dying wasn’t enough, ever since she’d been resurrected by Willow Buffy been so disconnected; it was like life was a burden to her. She was at a University twenty minutes away, but she never came home and when she called it was as if was a chore. Willow said she hardly ever saw her in, just now and then in a class they took together and Xander saw her even less. Even Giles had mentioned that Buffy was behind in her training schedule. Joyce looked at Angel; it didn’t seem fair to burden him with Buffy troubles, not now the two of them were split up – it would be like Hank’s new girlfriend talking to Joyce about his inability to get it up. The thought of her ex-husband impotent made Joyce smile and she kept that smile as she looked at Angel, "Buffy’s alive and fit; studying at University."

For a moment Angel looked as though he not only knew her answer was a half-truth but was tempted to challenge it. Joyce didn’t want to talk about Buffy though, not now, not with Angel looking so hot in the moonlight and it being a long time since she’d walked arm in arm with a man. She didn’t want to spoil it with a heart to heart about how everyone was struggling to communicate with Buffy. The fortysomething squeezed his arm a little harder and nodded towards a small dark path between a row of offices, "Is that a short-cut?"

If Angel had been going to continue the conversation on Buffy the change of subject diverted him. He looked down the path and Joyce followed his gaze; it was clean for an alley with no rats or vamps lying in wait. She looked up at him and waited for his reply, "It’ll get you to the hotel quicker," he replied, "Are you sick of my company already?"

Joyce shook her head quickly, before she realised that Angel was quipping. She blushed, "Not at all." In fact, she decided, looking at his gorgeous features and feeling his muscles under his dark shirt, no-one could get sick of Angel – perhaps Buffy doing so was, in retrospect, the first sign of her daughter’s disconnection with reality and the falling to her death was just an excuse.

"Good," said Angel. This time he smiled.

Joyce felt her insides quiver; it had been a long-time since she had been with a man – at least one who wasn’t a killer robot and it had been even longer since she had been with such a good-looking , attractive one. And she realised she wanted one, wanted Angel, wanted him now. And by now she meant now, immediately; not in thirty minutes when they got to the hotel. The lust was almost overpowering; the need to show Angel she wasn’t Buffy’s Mom, but a woman and woman who was sexually available. She didn’t say any of this, she just smiled, "Let’s go through it."

The smile from Angel said he knew that this wasn’t just a short cut as he turned and led her into the darkness. And as soon as they were away from the bright lights and in the dimness of the alleyway he showed it as well. His arm moved from the hook of hers and his hands took her roughly by the shoulder’s, twisting her round to face him. For a brief second Joyce looked into his face, then his mouth rammed into hers, passionate, hot, almost needy. They crushed together the Milf melting as his hands gripped hard at her shoulders, squeezing at the skin and into the flesh. Even as they kissed he was dragging her towards so that she was against his muscular torso, almost moulded to him. He pushed at her harder, forcing his lips against her and his tongue into her mouth. The blonde didn’t resist as the vampire dominated her mouth, pushing hard with his tongue and sliding it over hers. She could feel the hardness of his prick, even beneath his dark jeans she could feel its length and imagine its power. It made her pussy quicken. Their mouths broke from each other, "Angel," she gasped.

"Joyce," he replied in a moan and brought himself down on her again. His lips crashed into hers as passionate as before, his mouth moving, opening and closing against hers as they battled for supremacy; it was a fight Joyce wanted to loose. Then his lips were off her mouth and he was kissing and licking at her throat, sucking at the flesh and pulling her even closer so that they were almost one. She gasped and groaned as the vampire suckled at her; if his fangs had come out she was doomed. But they didn’t, instead he was kissing her throat, madly and deeply.

"Ohhh yesss," the Milf moaned as she felt her dress being undone. He pulled it down to her waist. She groaned again as Angel’s tongue was under her chin, exploring her throat and round her neck; his lips were mouthing at the flesh, sucking it in. The vampire’s hands moved to her bra; for a second he struggled with the clasp. It wouldn’t go, so with a grunt of frustration he tore at the material – the plastic buckle pinged away and he dropped the ruined material to the floor.

"God, so nice…" Angel’s gaze was on Joyce’s naked bosom, a lascivious look on his face as he mentally feasted on the two large mammaries in front of him. He reached forward, squeezing them hard and making Joyce whimper. He licked his lips and dropped his head between them, licking in between the cleavage and moving his tongue over the mounds. Even as he licked his hands were still squeezing and clenching the large pair, leaving red marks where his fingers gripped. It hurt, but in a good way – it reminded Joyce she was a woman and what she had been missing. Angel’s mouth came up again, to latch tightly on one of the hard teats. His teeth clamped onto it and he pulled back, before opening his mouth again and letting it spring back, "They’re great, so ripe and juicy. I could gobble them all up."

"I could eat something as well," said Joyce. She gave another moan as Angel squeezed her bosom, but she wanted to make sure he got some fun and quickly. Still, it was difficult to step back and away from his hands and mouth. For a second he looked perturbed, but then he grinned as he saw the Milf was dropping to her knees in front of him. Slowly Joyce undid the vampire’s jeans, sliding the zip down and releasing his cock; it was hard and it was big. The Milf licked her lips, "It’s lucky, with this big boy, that I’m so hungry."

She began to run her tongue over and round the erect prick. It quivered and pulsated with her touch as she touched it; the blue veins throbbing with excitement as she moved over them and down and round the shaft. Her tongue flicked out and licked at the ball-sac, before she moved back up to the tip of the cock. It had been long, too long, but at the same time like riding a bike sucking cock in back alleys wasn’t something you forgot how to do.

"Suck it," said Angel, "Go on, stick it in your mouth and suck it properly."

Joyce looked at the length of man-meat stuck in front of her. For a moment she wondered if Buffy’s sweet little lips had slid up and down the monster cock; probably not or else Buffy would still surely be sampling the vampire’s delights. With that thought Joyce opened her mouth, "Coming," she murmured and let her lips glide down over the cock.

Angel gave a grunt as Joyce’s luscious mouth slipped down over his manhood. He reached down and gripped her shoulders again, tight enough to keep her in position and for her to feel his manicured nails biting into her naked flesh, "Suck it, suck it good," he moaned.

Joyce’s head bobbed back and forth as she sucked the cock. Each time she slithered down a little further and took in a little more. She didn’t move too fast at first – letting the quality of her lips and mouth do the talking, but as she got used to the feel of the cock in her mouth and it’s hardness against her inner cheek she moved quicker as well as harder and deeper. She still couldn’t take it all, not yet anyway, but Angel seemed to enjoy having half a cock sucked as well as a good old-fashioned deep-throating. His eyes were closed and his expression was contorted in pleasure. Suddenly his eyes sprang open and his face twisted even more.

The cum flooded from his prick into Joyce’s mouth. She remembered that good girls swallowed and she tried to do, but there was too much and even as she was gulping down the sperm, it was trickling out her mouth and down her chin. Angel pulled out his cock, wet with his cum and her saliva and lent against the wall, breathing deeply with pleasure. Joyce swallowed more of the cum in her mouth and wiped the remaining drips away with the back of her hand. She looked up at Angel, "So lover boy, how was it for you?"

"Good," he looked down at Joyce, "Now it’s your turn to cum."

"Oh," giggled Joyce, "What’s your plan?"

"I’m going to shove my cock up your cunt," said the vampire.

"You’ve just cum; you’ll need a few minutes," replied Joyce, she got to her feet, expecting Angel to agree or at least suggest he could get up quicker with some help if she had the tongue to do it. Instead he just looked down at his cock; even in the dim light it was easy to see, such was its girth and size. And hardness.

Joyce gasped as Angel moved forward. His hands lifted her dress and reached for her underwear; "I’m a vampire – we have sexual stamina – why do you think so many sad loosers want to become one of us;" he said. He ripped the panties, tearing them like they were tissue; "Now I want to fuck that pussy."

He reached under Joyce’s ass, twisting her around again so that this time it was her with her back to the wall. Even as she felt the brick against her naked skin she realised the vampire was lifting her off the ground, gripping her butt cheeks hard and bringing her up. For a second Joyce felt close to panic and then she relaxed – Angel was so strong, with his superhuman strength, there was no way he would drop her; he wouldn’t have lifted her if he would. Her feet dangled for a moment as she felt his cock moving against her pussy lips, then she moved her legs up and round him, drawing him closer. His cock entered her.

"Oh God, yes," the Milf gasped as she took her first cock for years and the largest she ever had. Her cunt stretched as the large prick moved into her; the walls aching as they were pushed apart. Her back scratched at the wall, the skin moving up and down the rough bricks. The friction burnt at her back; her cunt would have been aflame as well, so fast was Angel going, if it wasn’t for the copious amounts of juice she was producing. "Oh God, yes, yes, yessss!" the Milf moaned more as Angel’s cock moved into her further. The vampire’s pelvis moved quick and hard, thrusting at her twat, each time going in deeper and widening the wet, wanton hole. His hands were clenching hard at her butt, keeping the blonde up. Harder, faster the cock ploughed in, crashing into her like a pneumatic hammer, "Oh God, yes, yesss, yessssss!"

Joyce squealed as Angel hit her good, the cock filled her pussy and ripped at her nerve endings. Her hands were round the back of his neck, holding desperately on as her thighs clasped him close and tight. Not that she need worry Angel was managing to both fuck her with the expertise and skill of a porn stud, whilst keeping her balanced in the air. He grunted, "Enjoying it?"

All Joyce could do was nod and squeal, "Oh God, yesss, yesssss, yessssss!"

Angel sped up, his large prick ploughing deep into the blonde Milf’s wet hole. Harder and harder he hammered, thrusting at her G-spot and making her ooze woman’s juice. Her large tits bounced hard as her entire body rocked under Angel’s pounding. She gripped his neck harder and screamed in pleasure as the orgasm hit her like a brick wall, "Aaaarrrrrghhh yessssss, yesssssss, yesssssss!"

"Let’s move position, I want to take you from behind," said Angel. He lowered Joyce and she collapsed against him, the orgasm leaving her legs weak. The vampire grinned, letting her recover for a brief second, before taking her by the waist and twisting her again. Joyce leant the palm of her hands against the wall, glad it was there to hold her up, and spread her legs. She felt Angel lifting her dress and his strong hands grip her waist hard. He bent her over down so that his cock, already slick with her cum, entered her pussy from behind. Again Joyce felt her pussy walls stretching, easier this time, as Angel’s pushed his large prick into her.

She moaned as the pleasure began to course through her immediately, wave after wave of bliss, as the giant prick rammed at her clit. Her G-spot exploded with excitement, making her insides turn to jelly and her brain slide into mush. All Joyce could do was bounce back and scream… and she did both of these in abundance; her body slamming back to meet Angel’s and her shrieks so loud that if the dead hadn’t already been fucking her he’d have been awakened. Angel held her in place, his hands squeezing at her waist so tight she could feel his nails biting into her. It didn’t matter, the pain was all secondary to the marvellous bursts of pleasure. As the Milf came again she screamed loudly, "AAAArrrghhh, yessssss, yesssss, yesssssss!"

His cock pulled out of her wet cunt and for a second she waited for the explosion of cum over her buttocks and thighs as he shot his load. It didn't cum, instead it was his hands on her butts, gripping them and prying them apart, "I'm so ready, I want to fuck you more, I want to bang you as I used to do it to Darla."

"In the butt?" she breathed deeply. She had no idea who Darla was, an ex-girlfriend before Buffy? An old flame from his pre-vampire days? It didn't matter, all that did was the passionate excitement she was feeling, something she hadn't felt since years before her divorce and which she thought she'd lost. She could remember fucking outside when she was at college and taking it up her ass from Hank, before Buffy, before they moved to twice a month and missionary. She wanted it so bad. "Yes, fuck my ass and Angel..."


"I want you to fuck it hard."

"Okay," he grinned and his thumbs slid over the curves of her butt down towards the crevasse. They pulled harder at her cheeks, widening the gap between them, before sliding down to her puckered hole. Joyce leant against the wall, shivering in desire, the rough concrete scratching at her hand and the smell of damp and dirt assaulting her nostrils; it wasn't romantic but it was definitely hot. She groaned in excited anticipation as the vampire began to pull apart her hole, sticking the tip of his finger on it and pushing down.

"Oooohhh, that's starting to feel good," the Milf shuddered, her half-on dress flapping in the air. His thumb pushed into her ass, opening and preparing it as his cock massaged at her cheeks, reminding her that the thumb was nothing compared to what was going to cum. She lifted her butt-towards him, encouraging him and rubbing his dick with her buttocks. "Fuck me with that big dick."

"What of someone sees us?" he twisted the thumb round and down.

Joyce sucked in a breath of the night air, "I don't care. Be my back alley angel and fuck my ass now."

He continued to tease her, pushing the thumb as deep as it could go and waggling it around, tickling her anal hole. She shuddered, wanting him in her straight away, "Fuck me," she murmured through gritted teeth, "Screw me in the ass Angel."

His thumb popped out. It seemed an age, but was only seconds, if that, before she felt the move of his cock, sliding across her buttocks and the tip pressing at her hole. Angel paused again and Joyce almost screamed in frustration, "Ram it in, I want that big dick, please," she begged.

"I wanted you a long time," said Angel and thrust forward, slamming a good length of his prick into her asshole.

This time she did scream, a long drawn out cry of passion, which was loud enough that Angel's hand went over her mouth to muffle her and stop her telling everyone on the street fifty yards away what was happening in her back alley. She shuddered and shook, her body flexing and her mouth opening against Angel's palm, her lips pressed against it as she screamed hot warmth against his skin. He drew back and came in again, sending more of his magnificent length ramming down her asshole. Joyce felt herself going weak at the knees as waves of bliss swept through her like an avalanche. She squeaked her pleasure into Angel's hand, "Ohhh, yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass, fuck it you big bad boy."

And he did... hard and deep and vigorously, his cock spearing her chute and spreading her hole.

Joyce's hands clawed at the wall in front of her, her body shuddering and her naked tits bouncing and swinging like two demolition balls. Every thrust was heaven, sending her into paroxysms of delight. It had been so long since she had a 'man' and she hadn't realised how much she needed it - and she was certainly getting it. The vampire was going as fast and hard as anyone she'd ever had, probably more. His large dick ripping down her hole, making it ache and thrill at the same time, the walls throbbing in soreness and excitement. His other hand was gripping her titty, squeezing and fondling the large orb, his strong fingers gripping at the flesh, leaving white marks in her skin. He let go off her mouth and used the hand to grip her shoulder, levering in and out, Joyce gasped and squealed, using all her mental strength to keep her cries down to a reasonable level. It was hard.

"Fuck, fuck, your ass is so tight and hot. It's like fucking a vice," grunted Angel, though from the way he was pounding into her he was making an observation not voicing a complaint. His hands grabbed her hard, keeping her in position and controlling her as his waist and buttocks swung and thrust. "You're ass is so fuckable. It's the best ass I've banged for hundreds of years."

"Oh yeah," she cried, her nails scratching at the bricks, "Fuck it open, you hot stud, fuck my butthole wide. Make me cum with your big prick."

He grunted back and went faster, ramming his huge dong deep into her. There was sound of his balls slapping against her cheeks and her cries and gasps with each thrust; and in the background there was a steady hum of traffic; none of the drivers aware of the vampire and Milf fucking in the alleyway as they passed. Her the bottom of her dress waved up and down with the force of his pounds and the one large tit he wasn't gripping juggled and jiggled, jumping like a bouncing ball. She squeaked as she came again, pushing her face against the wall in an attempt to muffle the orgasm, "Ooooohhh, aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaarggghh, aaarrrgghhh."

Her cries seemed to drive Angel on and he began to move even faster and deeper, pounding hard into Joyce’s ass. She screamed again and again, her body wracking with pleasure. Suddenly Angel gave a gasp and shudder and Joyce felt his warm vampire seed spurt into her butthole. She gave a gratified groan as the cum soaked into her walls. Angel pulled out his cock, bringing out some of it; Joyce waited as more slowly dripped out and down her thighs. Then reluctantly she straightened up.

Angel had zipped up and was picking up Joyce’s panties from the ground. He gave a grimace as he looked at the ruined under garments, before giving a sorrowful shrug and passing them to Joyce, "Sorry."

"You’ve nothing to be sorry for," said Joyce. She took the panties and used them to wipe the cum from her thighs, before looking up and smiling, "It’s while since I’ve had my panties ripped off me; it was fun. As was what followed."

Angel grinned, "Glad you enjoyed it. It’s been a while for me as well; I wouldn’t want to give the impression I fuck every one I meet…"

"MMnnnn, I’m not complaining," giggled Joyce, "Now you better walk me back to my hotel."


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