Surprising Cellmates

BY : Krulos
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Surprising Cellmates: Willow/Faith.

By James C.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series, all characters, and everything about it) belongs to Joss Whedon, and until he decides to sell his franchise, he decides who can accept money for works in it, I have no such contract with him, so... This will NOT be monetarily rewarded! I am NOT Going to accept a single Cent for this piece, this is just for fun.

Pairing: Willow/Faith

Characters: Willow Rosenberg, Faith Lehane, various ocs, and the First will show up.

Setting: mainly; a correctional facility for women., also, the 'rectory' of a synagogue (because Willow is Jewish.)

Sources include: "Go ask Malice"- for some of Faith's past's details, some of Willow's background sensibilities are drawn from Jewish teachings of about 2000 years ago- traditional Jewish teachings, that is; referencing some of where she went wrong.- and Wrong she did go!

Cuddle bug! Willow is drawn (the concept) from April's "Branches of the Willow"

'Hates-to-be-touched'! Faith is basically a joke when pairing her with Willow (the cuddle bug) and, for a funny touch, having Willow be dominant in that situation. (the joke is "Dominant cuddle bug)

Some of Faith's history of abuse is derived from a video on Youtube named "Childhood" which Seems to claim that as a girl, Faith was raped by her mom!

Also, in seasons 3 + 4 of Buffy, it seems clear that Faith and Willow hate each other.

Stephen T has made an excellent document on both Faith and Willow seeking to repent, and that (named "Faith, Willow, and repentance") is one of the basis.

In addition, this is a lot more of a decent rendition of Dominant Willow/Forced submissive Faith than MTLL's Gehanna in AFF.N- but that is a bizarre situation.

Author's Notes: My take on Willow is she's a Messianic Jew, who's gone Horribly wrong in behavior (homosexual acts= disgraceful in Jewish teachings, as well as in All Abrahamic Teachings, and deviating into the occult- can be compared to 'telephoning the mob'), she'll be coming across as sort-of a 'Jewish Xena' type character in her own right; practically a princess who devoted her life to 'community defense'. Willow's personality is also extremely sisterly I the series (as far as I can tell), especially with regards to Xander Harris. And that trait is simply beautiful!

Derived from "Go Ask Malice" (by Robert Joseph Levy), where Faith Lehane Appears to have been brought up Catholic- she'll be in this story.

Both these women are trying to get their lives back in order in this story- so they'd deserve our support in that.

Which brings us to the Villain; The First Evil, essentially the Devil (Lucifer, Satan, whatever alias it goes by, et cetera.)- a supreme corruptor in personality.

Time Setting: About the beginning of Season 7, or in-between, so, Willow is still dealing with her darkness, but takes a different approach to it's defeat, and Faith is trying to correct her darkness too.

Chapter #1.) Complete Surprise!

Author's Chapter Notes: Much of this chapter features Willow's trial, and Faith's thoughts in prison when they meet there.

Faith Lehane was bored completely out of her skull. For the last forty-five minutes at least, she had been bouncing her rubber ball that she had purchased from the prison store against the wall of her cell! Why this had happened this way was that her cellmate had tried to attack her intimately- BIG Mistake! Faith had Royally bad memories of being touched like THAT! And, simply put; she'd put the woman in the prison hospital! Well, when the guards found out Why these two ladies had been in such a fight- Faith had gotten something of a free pass; but rules are rules, and, after almost a month of not having somebody to talk to- she was Bored Stiff. In desperation, the young woman had gotten herself a little toy ball to help pass the time. When the local corrections officer on duty walked by- Boy was she surprised! Not only did she now have a cellmate- it was somebody she knew! "Red!" Faith half blurted, half whispered, recognizing the gal at the bars of her cell.

Maybe two months earlier:

Willow had just arrived home to 1630 Ravello Drive, a home she shared with Buffy- her landlady, in essence, to find that her best friend was nowhere to be seen, and after some meditating on what had happened, she elected to call her synagogue to try to make amends. In a near panic, after dialing for Rupert Giles, she also telephoned the Sunnydale Nasserite Synagogue, somewhere she hadn't been in years- her family's synagogue, the fellow who picked up the phone was Rabbi Micah- her 'pastor' and she convinced him to allow her visit the rectory for a meeting.

The meeting was scheduled for just after services on the Jewish Sabbath, different from the Christian one, her faith celebrates the day of rest on a Saturday, not Sunday, and the meeting would take place at about 10:15am, she would just stay after services to talk to the pastor- that's the difference for her this time.

When the services were done, and everyone else was clearing out, she remained seated, with her 'resolve face' on. Her parents noticed, but took little notice of their adult daughter's facial expression- had they paid more attention to her during her adolescence- they might have noticed that she was going to do something she wasn't entirely comfortable with… in a nutshell, she was 'stealing herself up' for some task. But unfortunately, her parents were kind- of emotionally absent- one reason she envied her best friend: Buffy's family bonds were stronger than hers.

When the service area was empty, she walked into the rectory, to try to make amends for her offenses against Yahweh and her neighbors- this was not going to be easy! And she was not looking forward to it, but she simply hadto do it! For the sake of her soul!

The redheaded woman walked in, and Rabbi Micah gestured to a chair in his office, which she took, facing him. "Now's the time to testify." Willow thought, grimly. She had a propensity for pride, and this made it harder to repent, but sometimes you simply have to muscle through it- as in a difficult topic in school… one of the points of a previous sermon he had given to the congregation once when she was there. When she finally got through her psycho-emotional 'constipation' (Weird way to think of egotism, I know, but bear with me there)- I mean she just couldn't bring herself to easily admit she had done wrong, not much beyond that- she explained that she Had become sexually active before marriage, she had taken a girlfriend, and, after a fight- violated her, as well as murdering her lesbian lover's killer in a fit of rage. Micah nodded to each offense, as if cataloging them for judgment, silently. Then, with a grim face, he responded "You mean you raped her?" her answer shocked him- she just seemed so sweet- "And enslaved her in some sense." Now he was shocked! "I see." he said grimly.

Then, after some moments of silence: he informed her in no uncertain terms that she would have to turn herself over to the state for punishment for these crimes- he was familiar with California State Laws in Criminal matters, and had some knowledge of what lawyers do know too- he had studied law with some of them; and, in the meeting, counseled her on what, and how to explain her activities to the authorities to avoid looking like a lunatic, but like the criminal she had to get out of being.

Taking that knowledge, the next week she turned herself over to the police, on charges of rape and murder, resolve face on, she testified in a confession- knowing all the while that she was also making up to Yahweh as she testified to the state for her felonies against her neighbors. Willow was erroneous on having murdered Warren, but she Believed she did murder him, so she confessed.

So penitent was she that when they offered to allow her to return home for the night, to await her trial, she flat-out refused to go; the woman demanded to stay in a holding cell!

On the day of her trial, the redheaded woman was wearing a midnight blue just-beyond-the-knee length dress with thick straps and no sleeves, fashionable flat shoes, and very pale beige stockings, her hair had a clip in the left side so it was predominantly to her right, but wouldn't obscure her eyesight. She was also wearing a white blouse underneath her dress. To her left was her Rabbi, and to her right at the same table was her public defender. Almost immediately she was advised to plead "not guilty", but she insisted upon a plead of "guilty", to alleviate her conscience of what she had done.

The state had serious problems coming up with evidence regarding her felonies that she insisted she had committed, but, much to the flat-out surprise of the Prosecutor, she suddenly stood up, and banging her right pointer-finger on the table, practically screamed when it seemed that she was going to be acquitted "NO! I am a Rapist! That's exactly what I did to… to… Tara! *sob* I raped her! *sob* I deserve prison. I demand justice!" She said in-between sobs, demanding justice for Tara and Warren against herself. The judge was aghast and confused "How come Miss Maclay never reported this alleged rape then?" he asked Miss Rosenberg "Was there any anatomical damage to Tara Maclay?, physical evidence? How can there be a crime without evidence that we can prosecute?" His Honor asked her perplexed. "Your Honor, rape doesn't have to be violent, it often is because the perpetrator is forcing the victim into a sexual situation without the victim's say-so… but it is often sneaky- not brutal. I simply slipped her a fast-acting-fast-leaving roofee of a sort, a type of aphrodisiac, if you please. We'd been fighting, over an addiction I had, and I figured that if we simply made out it'd make us both happier, but I overruled her consent- hence it- the make-out became rape. It just has to be not consensual physical intercourse- that's it." He nodded, now interested "Go on." "I deprived her of her autonomy, her free will, in essence- and, because I liked caring for her while she was incapacitated, I… *gulp* enslaved her."

After some debate between the Prosecutor and the Defense Attorney, Willow Danielle Rosenberg was sentenced to no fewer than three years in State Prison for the rape of Tara Maclay, and the attempted murder of Warren Mears., the reason for her reduced sentence was her clear contrition- it was unnecessary to re-enforce the reality that she had done some nearly unspeakable wrongs to these people and their families, so her sentence was limited to the time for the crimes only! She had the possibility of parole after a year, but if she got that- she'd have to do community service for the rest of her sentence, something she would be interested in- for Willow loved defending her neighbors from monsters!

During the trial, it was determined to check if Willow was entirely sane, so a psychiatrist was called in to do an evaluation, the result- "Willow Danielle Rosenberg Does know that she did wrong, she IS in control of her mental faculties, a mental hospital is NOT the proper place for her, as she IS not mentally impaired, any more than anybody else here in the courtroom, but she Would do well to be paying her debt to society, also, she confided to me that it has to do with her religious beliefs, it's part of her penance, if you please, to have to answer to society for her misbehavior- as a Jewess, she also asked me to convey this information to the court, so as to ensure that justice be done."- the recommendations of the doctor.

So, hence, Willow and Faith became Cellmates in prison.

Maybe two months after Willow's trial began.

Faith looked up from her 'ball game' to a complete shock, to see a beautiful redhead calmly walk into her cell, but the greeting soon turned into hatred on both women's parts- these females had NEVER gotten along, aside from the very beginning of their relationship., before Faith had gone 'turncoat' as Willow saw it, ultimately before Faith had Ever hurt Xander Harris- particularly intimately!

Each woman maneuvered immediately for dominance in the relationship between them, and they got in eachother's faces! As soon as the guard had left, it looked as if a catfight was about to start! "How dare she?!" would describe both Willow and Faith's thoughts in regard to the other's actions- it was immediately clear that these women hated one-another, and were merely looking for a reason to fight! At present it was merely a staring contest, but soon it would erupt into a full-blown fight between these young females- a fight for dominance, and for Willow, an effort to avenge an attack on a man she considered her brother- Xander Harris, whom Faith Lehane had raped a few years ago!

End Chapter Author's Notes: Neither Willow nor Faith conduct themselves well in the beginning of this situation in prison- their 'paths' are NOT to be implemented, except for the insistence on facing one's misdeeds, that and that alone is the proper trajectory of following them in behavior.

There's never any excuse for the kind of abuse Willow will inflict upon Faith in this story, the reason why they intend to hurt one-another is that they hate one-another. Faith being raped by her mom Would induce Severe behavioral problems in the young woman's life, and as this is the background of the story- it Can be construed as the 'psychological stressor' (as being a victim of child-sexual-abuse and incest (forced) IS believed to be something that Can cause Severe problems for the person who it is done to, and to a girl, her mom is her role-model- so there is the element of betrayal there, plus in this one, her mom was also a prostitute, and a drug-addict… so really, all things considered; Faith is a bit of a heroine in this one, considering what she was up against.

As for Willow, she KNOWS that she Should consider Faith to be her sister in a theological sense, she just cannot get past the "she raped my brother" situation, sure she could forgive Faith for taking her best friend away from her, but rape? That is Way worse! So, really, Willow is rather berserk, also, as a gay woman at this time, she cannot stop herself from seeing Faith as an attractive woman- hence: the First Evil will have something of a field day on these females!

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