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*Status: This story is fifth season, Riley is gone, and Dawn never existed. 

*Rating: PG or PG-13

*Relationships: Some Buffy/Spike

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Chapter 1


The undead jerk landed on the ground, hitting his back against the damp grass and dirt. He leapt up quickly and stood back up in a lazy fighting stance only to fall down... AGAIN... looking very foolish in the process.

The petite slayer grinned in an overpowering smile as she drove the stake home. The vampire looked up from his spot on the ground; shocked for only a second, before turning into a brown skeleton and then further disintegrating into dust.

Buffy stood up and wiped the dust off her new blue top, wiped her hands together after putting her stake back into her back pocket, and walked over to the bench she had left her watcher.

Giles didn’t turn his head from his book as she came. “ Buffy, done…already?”

She sighed, nodded once, and sat down on the bench next to him. “Yeah, why do they have to be so easy. Is it too much to ask for an undead karate champ or something?”

"I should say Buffy; maybe you... should count your blessings.’”

“I'm not. It’s just , it’s not a blessing that I have to be bored out of my mind because these vampires haven’t given me a challenge.”

Giles looked away from his book. Turning his nose down and looking at her over the tops of his glasses.

Buffy looked to him, huffed, and then rolled her eyes, staring off into space. Then, she jerked up in her seat, suddenly getting an idea.  “Oh, I know I know…maybe you can send the order of Turoka after me.”


“ Chill Giles, I was making with the funny. But, your right, I should just accept it and go on with my life. Buuuuut, it’s been this slow for months now.”

Giles nodded. “Yes, demonic activity has certainly been on the minimum…only one vampire tonight, and thank god no ones tried to open the Hellmouth…again. But right now, as things are slow, you’ll just have to learn to wine down. Maybe this would give you a chance to catch up on some of your studies in Collage.”

“Yeah.” The slayer slumped. “ I’ve been thinking about that Giles, maybe collage isn’t for me. Slayer extraordinaire is what I am and if you hadn’t noticed, I don’t really have that many great skills to put on a résumé besides, ‘ can fight with axe’.”

The watcher sighed, grabbing his book and newspaper and stood up.  "Buffy, give collage another try, you might be surprised what you can learn if you just open your mind a little.”

“You mean like how to detonate a couple kilos of explosive?” She turned her head and looked up. “Your leaving?”

The old librarian nodded. “Yes, quite, I need to get back to the shop.”

“Ok, I’ll leave in a minute, I just want to take one more sweep and then I’m cashing it in for the night.”

He nodded, waved, and turned and walked down the path to exit, slowly vanishing after a few moments.

“Bye Giles…” Buffy murmured to herself as she stood and kicked a stone before surveying the graveyard. It was nice, not having to do that much work now that the Initiative were gone, but slaying was her thing. She wouldn’t ever tell anyone this but she thought that she was special and that being a slayer was a great honor, contrary to all the wining she did about how it was a huge job. But, actually, now and again, she liked it and it was who she was. To see a vampire take the dust, it gave her a sense of accomplishment and made her feel like she was doing something important to help the world like no one else could. But, she’d never say that out loud, it’d make her sound like a big stinky brat, and she was too proud to do that. She stood and began walking down the path until she was sure that no new vampires were going to spring forth. She waited a moment before walking in the opposite direction Giles went and out of the graveyard, place of all things stone, wood, dirt, and boredom.

Just then, a figure stepped out into the dim lamplight of the road cutting through the vast greens of grass of the cemetery. He had somehow managed to completley avoid the slayer's radar. He watched her carefully, tilting his head as she walked off. His ice blue collared shirt was the only other thing colorful about his wardrobe. His hair was black and hung around his face making his skin appear all the more pale looking. “And.... there you are.... slayer.” Came deep English accent, spoken into the dark night. The man smirked slightly before turning and walking the other way.




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