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Fifi - Chapter 01 (Rewrite)

(a story by Saladie & me. Mainly by Saladie hence it’s better than the original)

His patience wearing thin Giles sat the steaming mug of chamomile tea back down. Sighing, he checked his watch once more he wondered just how late Buffy was going to be for training this time. With the demon activity in Sunnydale showing a marked increase, he wanted her to be in the best possible shape, so she could avoid the more irksome qualities of death.

“Good morning Mr. Giles”

Startled out of his musings Giles saw Mrs. Post entering the library with a bright spring to her gait. He furrowed his brow as he became aware of a strange squeak that seemed to mirror each of the stern woman’s well placed footsteps. He quickly made a mental note to oil the swing doors of the library, though he couldn’t fathom how he hadn’t noticed the almost shy creaking before.

“And a good morning to you too Mrs. Post. Did you send off that report to the Council?” For the moment, Giles decided to put aside his irritation at Buffy’s strange inability to utilize her slayer powers and use a watch correctly.

“Yes I did, but I didn’t mention how you sneezed all the way through the ritual to destroy the Glove of Mynheghon,” she smirked back knowingly at his sigh of relief as she cast a brief look to her feet before returning her gaze to his tired eyes.

“Sorry about that, I think I may be allergic to Phallengra”

“Think nothing of it, in fact, it is I who should apologize for taking over three weeks to finish the report...but I had a more delicate matter to attend to. A cause I couldn’t put off anymore”

“And what is that?” A puzzled look swept across Giles’ face as he stood up from his post behind the raised reception desk of the library. He thought he heard the slight tinkle of a metal chain emanating from somewhere close by.

“The salvation of a young girl drowning in fear, self-loathing and sociopathic tendencies,” replied Mrs. Post with teeth bleaching seriousness.

“I beg your pardon, what do you...”

As he stepped around the well-ordered desk he came face to face with Mrs. Post and something else by her feet. “What the dickens?”

Surprised, he looked down to see what he supposed was a young woman, as he only saw a lumpy mass covered in a smooth wash of black glossy latex smothering every inch of her skin. It had a small, yet perfectly molded, latex muzzle buckled tightly to its face as it stared back with darting wet eyes of a deep brown. As it moved its head, Giles noticed the locks of plaited dark hair with a large white satin bow tied proudly around its base where it sprung forth from a hole in the top of the glistening seamless hood.

“Mr. Giles, this is Fifi. Fifi, say hello to Mr. don’t be a shy girl, I said ‘say hello’.” A tattered veil of a mild threat was in her voice.

“W-woof” The creature shrank away only to be pulled back by the leash in Mrs. Posts hand attached to the rhinestone covered leather dog collar. From the rather sheepish tone of its reply, it was clear whoever was in the suit felt uncomfortable by the exposure.

“ exactly?” Giles stammered in shock.

“Fifi. Though you know her as Faith,” stated the English woman matter-of-factly.

“F-F-Faith? That is Faith in there...w-what did you...why...but I...”

As the startled glare of Giles ricocheted of the submissive form enveloped in pore clogging latex Mrs. Post gave a pull on the leash gently encouraging ‘Fifi’ to come closer so the bewildered Watcher could get a better look at her. Faith waddled forward on the stumps of her limbs, the chain of her leash tinkling as she followed the slight tug of Mrs. Post. Each padded step, though not painful physically, wrenched at her insides for Faith could feel all shards of dignity being deliciously swept away, especially as every time she moved her tail swung side to side, churning her brown butter, so to speak.

“B-But I...what in the name of...why?" Giles imagined he almost felt the intense heat of Faith’s blushing from a few feet away.

“I think it was pretty obvious to even the most moronic of people that Faith is a young girl who needs love and attention as much as she needs discipline. I can understand why you may find seeing her like this a little unusual, but you do live on a Hellmouth, so I imagine you have seen much more bizarre things. If you please Mr. Giles, just let me explain why Faith needs to be treated like this, it’s all for her own good you see”

“Er...well mean to say that Faith actually agreed to this?”

“Well I had to be a little persuasive, but it has the desired effect more than any caning, therapy or shackles ever could. Believe me Mr. Giles, I’m not doing this to be cruel or evil and the very notion of abusing her vulnerability sickens me, but Faith needs a firm hand to keep her in check. You see many girls from broken homes who have been neglected and starved of love act out as a way of gaining attention. I’m not saying it’s a general rule but Faith here, though she was unaware of it, craved a firm yet loving hand to make her feel that someone cared enough about her to correct her. I know my method might be a bit uncommon...”

”You think?” Giles's interrupted Mrs. Posts explanation, snatched his glasses from his face and began cleaning them nervously.

“Mr. Giles please. A similar method of discipline has worked many times before in my previous employment as warden for a girl’s correctional facility back in Staffordshire...”

“B-But the Council, d-do they know of this?”

“Will you please stop stammering. I know the Council may not approve of my methods, but they will be more than happy with the results, for I have taken a scared and angry girl on the brink of misanthropy and altered her training to help her develop into not only a top-notch slayer but also a well-rounded and socially adjusted young woman”

With the O-ring firmly lodged between her teeth, stretching her mouth wide open Faith, the girl, who always had a smart-ass comment brewing on her tongue, was unable to produce anything sounding close to human speech. Above all, her nose kept itching like mad rubbing against the molded latex muzzle she was buckled into. Being bound on all-fours she was at the quiet mercy of her Watcher, who, despite being strict, had shown Faith more care and attention than she had ever received. As she listened to Mrs. Post and Giles talking about her new outlook on life, Faith could feel her heart quivering as her blushing, though unseen, scoured her skin to a hue of deepest scarlet.

“But isn’t it a, odd? Some would even think this a little extreme”

“Pish and tosh, Mr. Giles. Not when you consider how much, she has improved lately, for I have not lessened her hours of combat training nor the hours of research and studying she does now. Think of this more as a motivational tool. I once used the same method on my unfaithful brother in law. Seeing how mixing together a few ingredients and saying a brief incantation worked so wonderful on him, though he enjoyed it a little too much and is now living full-time as a German shepherd with a lovely family just outside Eastbourne, I knew this was the way to break down and remold Faith into someone who had a real chance of being happy in this world. A chance to be all she can be and more”

“Madam, I must say this is unfathomable” Overcoming his initial shock Giles's leant before the latex clad girl and stared into her dewy orbs. He could see it was indeed his former slayer, but now subservient and meek. His eyes caught a flash of light on steel. Intrigued by this Giles reached forward to the stiff dog collar and ran his fingers over the small bone shaped tag which read ‘Fifi’.

“Why so, good Sir?”

“I-I never thought you being to deviancy”

“Oh please, you cannot be this buttoned down and straight laced, as they say, without harboring some, deep down, fetish which you are forced to keep dormant. Just ask Mrs. Summers,” the Watcher quipped brightly as she straightened the lapels on her cream pinstriped skirt suit.

“Joyce? What do you mean?”

“Nothing, forget I said anything,” grinned Mrs. Post. For the last two weeks, she had been sharing midmorning coffee regularly with Joyce Summers as she wanted to pick her brains about how to handle a teenage slayer. It was only when Mrs. Post slipped a little truth spell in her drink just a few days ago that Joyce spilled out a surprisingly strong desire to discipline Buffy, but also another, more quirky and deviant, need.

“But I can see you still have questions so where was I? Oh yes, the spell I used. I sprinkled the ingredients over her Frosted Flakes, and once I said the brief incantation, oh, by the way, I wrote down the spell I used and the materials needed for you” Saying this she handed over a piece of neatly folded paper to the bewildered librarian, the Post family crest acting as a proud letterhead.


“Just in case. But please stop interrupting. So anyway, after an hour or so I used the trigger word, and she became very open to suggestions and pliable in what I wanted her to do. Once I had her strip off her clothes Faith was most willing to fold her arms up until her palms were on her shoulders. I slid the rubber restraints over her limbs and buckled them tight and repeating the same process with her legs by bending them double until her feet were on her behind and sheathing them in latex too. Soon, all her limbs were ‘chicken-winged’, I believe some call it. Fear not as it is quite comfortable for it has gel filled padding on her knees and elbows, or her paws as you might call them,” Mrs. Post said with a chuckle.

“But all this is so...”

“Sir, let me finish and then you may cast judgment. Where was I...oh yes. Once her limbs were encased, I pulled the strap from her right leg restraint and buckled the long strap across her back to her left arm restraint and vice versa. I then tightened both straps around her middle for extra support, that way she wouldn’t slouch when she walked,” said the sniffy English woman as she lovingly ran a hand over Faith’s latex-encased body, feeling the tight straps crisscrossing over her body underneath the skin-tight suit.

“Fortunately, she soon got used to her new legs as I kept her slayer agility intact. But then she is a smart girl, aren’t you Fifi?”

Faith just cowered at the renewed attention. She felt her whole skin erupt into a crimson blush under the tight latex bodysuit.

“I said...aren’t you Fifi,” repeated Mrs. Post a bit louder as she tapped her foot where, from Faith’s line of view, she could only see the dull brown heels clack on the floor.

“W-woof” came the soft reply.

“What was that?” asked Mrs. Post.

“Woof!” Faith repeated louder, silently wishing a horde of demons would attack as this was the worse humiliation she had suffered so far. Even so, despite her almost corporeal shame, since the new training regime began, Faith felt somehow more at peace with the world than she ever had. This curious emotion twisted her mind into a simmering quagmire of confusion and unknown pleasures.

“D-Did she just...bark?” Giles's curiosity was awakened as he tried to stifle a laugh.  

“Absolutely, when she is dressed like this, she knows she must act like a little doggy. Barking, drinking from her bowl and going to the bathroom in the garden”

“I-In the garden?”

“Yes, she now lives in my house. I've only rented it, but it has two bedrooms, plenty big enough for the two of us, and a lovely garden Fifi can enjoy. All her squeaky rubber bones and bouncy balls are there. Every morning she spends a few hours as Fifi, and if she is well-behaved I let her out for her studies and training in the afternoon before she goes out on patrol in the evening”


“Yes,” said the female Watcher with a roll of the eyes. “But most of the time she is just normal Faith at home. She has her own room, which I insist is kept clean and tidy, and though it has only been over a month, since we first met, I really do like her spirit. It just needs a little molding is all. I took it upon myself to teach her responsibility and respect, as well as a little humility”

“In what way?”

“I’m glad you asked...sit Fifi,” Mrs. Post commanded as she gave a little tug of the leash.

Faith winced as her ass fell back against the chill of the linoleum for, as her peachy globes hit the floor, it increased the pressure on her tail plug, tickling her anal walls to a maddening degree. It was only the second day of her training that she learnt to sit right. To actually get her rear in contact with the floor, she had to spread her legs wide apart, thus showing off her pussy to anyone who cared to look. Once mastered, she did get a doggy biscuit for her efforts, which made her weep in shame, but Mrs. Post simply pulled the sobbing doggified girl into her arms and hugged her sweetly in a warm embrace. It was in this moment that Faith realized her new Watcher was not an evil crone but a strict Governess type that lavished punishment and reward in equal measures.

Though she still burnt with embarrassment every time they went grocery shopping and loaded the trolley up with doggy plastic toys in between the French Bread pizzas and 7-Up, the latter of which Faith loved. Thankfully, Mrs. Post never took Fifi to the store so Faith didn’t suffer that humiliation.

“Surely you realized that living in such a terrible motel room would have an adverse effect on her well-being. Not forgetting that any vampire could walk right in whenever the creature felt like it”

“Yes I suppose they could” Giles felt deeply ashamed he’d been so thoughtless of his one-time charge’s safety. “But I must ask, when Faith like this, why doesn’t she use her slayer strength to tear it all off?”

“Tsk, tsk, you must really learn to pay better attention Mr. Giles” Without much effort the stern English woman shrugged off the Watcher’s glare. “Remember, I said I left only her slayer agility untouched. All her other powers were nullified but over time I managed to latch into her deep-rooted insecurities and fears. A tangled mass of neurosis buried under a thick camouflage of nonchalance. But now she’s seen the benefits of a little discipline, she’s allowed the full measure of her slayer powers when she is Faith. Once she is back in her suit all her supernatural strength is gone again. She could refuse to co-operate, but I seem to have triggered something inside her, a need for release from the world which is bathed in sorrow and hatred. A desire to be fussed over and mollycoddled by a mother figure who actually has her best interests at heart. I gave her something she has never felt before, so if the reward is unconditional, dare I say it, love, then she is happy to be Fifi. Aren’t you girl?” Mrs. Post smiled as she tickled the area around Faith’s ear. The bodysuit was forged of thick latex, but it made her underlying skin even more sensitive to any strokes and petting. The puppy girl felt a rush of joy inducing endorphins and leant into the tickle a little more, letting out a small, yet audible, whine of pleasure.

“Okay, I see your point. I really should have deduced that myself...but surely, this suit...isn’t it rather impractical?”

“Yes, if she were slaying in it, but she does not. Something I already told you,” she said with a sigh. “I can see you’re still a little confused. Here, let me show its specifications. Roll over Fifi...I said roll over!”

With great reluctance, Faith flopped on her side and rolled onto her back as her training taught her to. A loud squeak resonating through the library as her latex doggy outfit met the glossy shine of the linoleum floor.

“Look here! There is a small opening in the crotch with a reinforced lining which she can use to go to the bathroom. One of the first things I did was to make sure her downstairs area is smooth and spotless so no stray hairs would get caught and tug on the latex. It took me a while, but as you can see it was worth it”

“M-Mrs. Post, I-I really must protest. This is not the way to train a slayer and...”

“Oh stuff and nonsense, just let me finish, will you?” snipped the stern woman as she gave her doggy a quick tickle on the tummy, making Faith squirm with unintended delight. “Also, there are two further small holes up on her chest so her nipples show through”

“And that is for?” asked Giles as his gaze shot to the rigid peaks of Faith’s breasts, standing firm through the bodysuit.

“Nothing really, but the shame she feels from being so exposed makes her much more pliable and willing to obey in her studies and combat training. From there I would be able to mold her into a strong and independent woman, as well as the best slayer. Faith has shown remarkable improvement with her speed and technique, so I’m confident that pretty soon the puppysuit will no longer be needed for this particular use. Of course, it will still be in her wardrobe as a deterrent, in case she should ever slip back into her lazy, foul mouthed, reckless ways of her past”

“Madam, I still find it hard to believe that Faith, of all people, would ask for this. I must be difficult getting her into the thing for a start”

“I do admit, the first time she succumbed to the spell, Faith did struggle a bit as I squeezed it over neck and arms but a quick spanking soon calmed her down so I could get her bottom in properly. See how it has no seams to undo? That’s the beauty of the magic, as it took only a little effort for the zip all along her back to turn into a smooth seal of latex, sealing her inside with no escape, unless I say so. I’ve written all this down for you”

“Yes, yes, I see. Very clever of you. Fusing the suit with the original spell...” Giles was cut off by Mrs. Post getting increasingly excited about the details of the latex sarcophagus Faith was trapped in.

“The hood was another matter entirely as it has no zip and has to be pulled on as one, but once I tied her hair in a ponytail it soon slipped on. See, there are only holes for her eyes, nose and mouth. Oh, and the hole for her hair, of course. I wanted my Fifi to look her prettiest too” Mrs. Post let out a small guttural laugh as she fiddled with the white satin bow on Faith’s crown.

“See the muzzle? Well, it has a rubber lip of sorts inside, which slips past her O-ring gag and over her teeth so all she can do is drool and bark. She has a bit of trouble eating and drinking with this thing on, but she has to earn those treats by behaving her doggie best”

“And the tail?”

“Oh yes, I’ll gladly show you. Back on your feet Fifi and turn around, after all we want to make a good impression,” said Mrs. Post with a smile on her face.

Feeling her face on fire under the black latex mask Faith, with much effort, got back on her four-legged stumps and slowly turned her rear to the English man’s view.

“At first, she didn’t like her tail. But soon she got used to it. I think she may like it a bit too much now”. Taking a steady hold of the firm six inches of reinforced latex emerging from between her tightly encased twin globes Mrs. Post lifted it up even higher, giving an unfettered showing of Faith’s plastic framed pussy. “I had to use a lot more lube than I thought but once the five-inch rubber shaft was deep in her alley, I could twist it into place against the screw thread of the anal hole of the suit. It won’t come out, believe me. Once she tried to expel it so much she burst a blood vessel in her eye, even then the plug wouldn’t shift”

“So that’s why she had that funny eye the one day. That cheeky girl told me she got carried away fighting some vampires” Giles shook his head in amused disbelief.

“Haha, I think not. Anyway, on that first day she felt so humiliated by her new doggie suit that she broke down and cried an awful lot. I removed her gag, and she split out all her fears and tales of childhood trauma. It was cathartic for her, almost like a rebirth, freeing herself from the anger and rage which have shackled her for so long. It was good for her to finally let out all the pain that had been staining her soul. Surely, you have noticed a change in her of late?”

“Well actually,”

“See, that is why the Council sent me to take care of her as you were too preoccupied with the other slayer. Tell me Mr. Giles, how many times did you go and visit Faith at that filthy motel? How many times did you talk to her over genuine concern for her well-being? Do you even know what her surname is? Let me guess, unless it concerned slaying, you didn’t speak to her or even had anything to do with her? I’m right, am I not?”


“Well what?”

“You may be right about some elements”


“Alright, I am sorry! Faith, I am sorry I was such a poor Watcher to you, but what can I do now? You seem to have everything well in hand Mrs. Post”

“Do you wish to make amends for your failure not only as a Watcher, but as a decent human being?” she asked almost accusingly. Giles’ face was awash with shame for he had never admitted his shortcomings before. “Well do you?”

“Yes, yes, of course I do. But how can I make it up to her now?” The authority of this woman making him feel a touch weak at the knees.

“I know what would make her happy”

“A sword? new pair of boots? Maybe some new clothes? A new stake?” Giles rattled of thoughtlessly, trying to prove himself to his colleague.

“You really know nothing about her, do you?” asked Mrs. Post as she softly petted Faith, her dry fingers squeaking on the latex.

“’m sorry to say but you are right. But you know Faith so well, what can I do to make it up to her? Tell me and I’ll do it”

“Having another puppy girl she could play with, not a real dog as that is just sick. Someone else she can play with in my garden, someone she can share this with, someone...with slayer strength”

“Y-You mean Buffy? N-No, I would never...”

“Do you not think she needs some discipline, to learn some humility?"

“I didn’t say that! Buffy is an excellent...well, a good slayer at least and this eccentricity is unnecessary for her”

“Oh really? How many times has she not shown for training as she has sneaked off to the mall, or wherever it is the youth of today like to congregate? How many times has she not helped with research? To say nothing about her canoodling with that vampire! Do you want to know what your fellow Watchers think about that?”

“My fellow Watchers?”

“Yes, it’s one of the Council’s best jokes! I can’t tell you how many times we sat in the chambers and laughed at the notion of a vampire and a slayer romantically involved. You should have put an end to that!”

“I felt it was not my place. The relationship made Buffy happy and...”

“And how did that all turn out? Not so well I hear”

“W-Well no,” said Giles, and he closed his eyes as the pain in his heart was still fresh. His mind flickered back to the image of his beloved Jenny lying dead in his arms.

Mrs. Post’s voice was more gentle as she felt and saw the man’s sorrow. “I’m not saying it was wholly her fault, but it could’ve been avoided. And how has she repaid your kindness? By mocking your advice and treating you with disrespect?”

“I-I’m sure she does it light heartedly” What should have been a steadfast answer came out more wavering.

“It matters not Mr. Giles. I have read her file. She was a girl who grew up with privilege. A real rich spoilt brat if I’m not mistaken, and now that she has been given the gift of being a slayer, she treats it as a mere joke. A toy to be played with for she sees it as nothing more than an irritant. She has no focus, no dedication to duty. You really should think of taking her in hand”

“You mean...o-over my knee? No, impossible, she is far too strong and...”

“Ah, so you have thought about disciplining her”

“W-W-Well...the thing is...I...this is no part of slayer training”

“I think it should be. Look how well Faith is doing. Since we started this new regimen she has been very motivated as I told her that going on patrol and slaying the undead is not a right but a privilege that needs to be earned. I have told her, in no uncertain terms, that unless she wants to end up as Fifi permanently she has to learn manners and smarten herself up. No more of that horrid leather but a lovely selection of dresses I chose, hoping to bring out her feminine side that she seems to be fighting so hard to deny. It’s all part of helping her be the fine woman circumstance had torn from her, to give her a chance at being a lady”


“I want her looking her best when she starts school next week. I have been tutoring her and now, well she is more than happy to return to the classroom and ready to get the best grades possible, knowing she’ll be punished for failure. I do not expect her to be a straight-A student or to read her name on the Honor Roll, but as long as she tries as hard with homework as she does with slaying, she will be able to flourish as a respectable member of society,” smiled Mrs. Post as she pulled out one of the oft broken wooden chairs of the library and sat down, keeping her back rigidly straight.

“I see...the ends justify the means,” mused Giles, his shock having mutated into an almost giddy feeling rampaging through him at seeing how housebroken a slayer could be with the right motivation and magicks.

“I’m glad you’re finally seeing it my way. Now, come along Fifi and let Mr. Giles have a feel of what it’s like to bring a slayer to heel,” said Mrs. Post lightly, almost condescendingly, as Faith backed away from the Watcher’s gleaming shoes but was stopped shortly by the tight pull of her leash.

“Come along Fifi...I said come,” snapped the irate English woman as she bent forward and tapped Faith on the rubber muzzle. However, the brunette slayer kept straining against her shining leash. “Oh dear, I apologize for her behavior Mr. Giles. I’m afraid she still needs some training as you can see. Hold this will you”

Before a muffled protest could spill from Faith’s stretched lips, she felt herself being hauled from her stumps until her taut latex covered stomach was lying over her Watcher’s lap with Giles holding the chain leash in front of her. He stared on dumbfounded but the slight twinkling in his eyes, and the sharpening of his breath gave away the true nature of his reticence.

With no purchase Faith’s buckled up limbs flailed helplessly in the air. Her stiff tail was jutting straight up, allowing unrestricted access to her smooth shiny buttocks.

“Naughty little Fifi, how many more times...”


” I have to spank you...”


”...until you learn to behave properly”


”You are lucky I don’t have my wooden spatula with me as...”


”...that is just the ticket for administering punishment. Now what do you say Fifi?”

Faith’s body wracked with sobs from the fierce pain tearing across her ass. Again and again, the firm stinging swats rained down, each solid strike peppering the skin of her butt, hitting the soft fleshy globes of her cheeks. She wriggled her latex covered limbs, but with her Watcher’s arms wrapped around her middle Faith was caught without escape. Just like every morning, when Fifi came out to play, she knew that Mrs. Post was a woman whose palm never seemed to sore or tire.

“Come on girl, will you be a good doggie for me?” singsonged the English woman as she fired down another half dozen spanks, which filled the air of the library with a ringing of pain and humiliation.

“W-Wwooooooffff,” Faith finally whined through her tightly buckled muzzle, not able to hold out any longer. Without the protection of her slayer powers, she felt every smack that warmed her bottom with a precise and uncompromising rhythm until her skin was burning as if scorched by hot coals, the latex not being of any hindrance. Her head nodded rapidly in agreement, making her chain leash held by Giles rattle melodically, as she couldn’t bear another spanking for her slit was drooling heavily as it was and didn’t want to be spanked to orgasm in front of the Englishman.

“That’s better,” replied Mrs. Post as she put Faith back down on the floor upon her wobbly, uneven stumps.

“My dear Fifi, I was expecting better behavior than that. Tut-tut, I was going to let you out this evening, but I think you’ve just earned another whole day as my puppy”

“Orreeeggghhh” Faith’s eyes were wide in horror as she looked up to Mrs. Post.

“Quiet girl, or would you like to make it two days? Three? How about a week? Or would you like to be left here so all your friends can meet Fifi? Hmmmm?”

Faith’s ultra tight hood squeaked sharply as she desperately shook her head ‘no’.

“You mean...” Giles was slyly tending to the sudden tent in his corduroy trousers.

“Yes, the name tag on her collar is actually a glamor. The general populace will only see a black Labrador running about but for this special day I tweaked the spell so that the people who know Faith will see her in all her humbled glory. You and that tribe of miscreants who claim to be her friends”

“It seems you have thought of everything, Mrs. Post”

“Indeed I have Mr. Giles” Smiling victoriously she sat back down and gently raised Faith’s simpering head until their gazes clashed.

“So Fifi, now that Mr. Giles knows all about you, I suggest you act like a very good girl, both in school and at home, for being naughty carries an appropriate punishment”. Sporting a small smile she continued, “But if you're a very naughty girl....hmmm, maybe I will let this Willow girl you like so much dogsit you for a while? Let her take you for a nice walk in the park?”

Faith’s eyes snapped wide open and a drooling whine slithered past her slobbering tongue, leaving a small pool of dribble on the linoleum floor. A tiny whimper of fear and arousal tore through her mouth. She silently begged with her doe eyes until she could see the strict woman raise an amused eyebrow. Faith breathed a gutsy sigh of relief. Her stern, but kind Watcher had only been joking.

“Silly me, I forgot she doesn’t know you like her. See, that’s what happens when you break down those damnable barriers around your heart. My dear girl, I think it’s high time for action. You should ask this Willow round for dinner, so I could get to know her as well, in fact, I insist on it. Ask her tomorrow after I let you out of your suit. What?” Mrs. Post asked, seeing Faith’s bashful stare. “Now don’t you look at me like that. If I don’t make you ask her, then the opportunity will slip you by and there’s nothing worse than looking back upon your life and seeing all the loves that could have been, take it from someone who knows. Tell you what, I’ll do roast chicken, yes I know that’s your favorite, that’s why I thought of it. Maybe, in time, this Willow girl would even like to meet Fifi, you never know”

Faith’s eyes nearly popped from her head upon these words, for even though she was being shamed to a degree she’d never imagined, and treated as a naughty pet, she hated the fact that the mere notion of Willow finding out about her part time doggified existence made her lady slit moisten even more. The idea that the beautiful redhead could love her, and maybe discipline her if needed, made her feminine broth curdle and sizzle within her shaven flaps.

“Oh, is that the time? We really must go. Mr. Giles, I bid you a good day,” said Mrs. Post as she checked her antique timepiece left to her in her grandfathers will. Her brusque manner of speech finally managed to shake the English man out of his stupor, and succeeded in wiping the stupid grin from his face.

“Yes, yes, of course. Goodbye Mrs. Post...and goodbye Fifi” Giles couldn’t resist bending down and patting the latex covered head of Faith, who cringed under his tender touch.

“Say goodbye Fifi,” ordered Mrs. Post as she tugged slightly on Faith’s leash.

“W-Woof, woof,” came the shaky reply, making the two Watchers smile widely at each other. For once, both were thinking the same thing.

“Remember how Buffy fled the Hellmouth last summer, leaving the townspeople to fend for themselves? A little discipline would have prevented all that. Just look at Faith, all it takes is a trigger word and you have your very own slayer puppy, begging for a little correction”

“And that word would be?”

“I cannot tell you, at the moment it is just for Faith and I to know as there is no way on earth I will allow her to be hurt or abused in any way by letting it slip. Now come along Fifi, I have a special treat for you...we’re off to see Mrs. Summers, she can’t wait to meet you”

Seeing Mr. Giles's shock she couldn’t help but to give the man a saucy wink “You really should have a talk with Joyce concerning her daughter. See, Mrs. Summers knows all about Fifi, and she’s been nothing but fully supportive of my methods. Don’t let Buffy slip up again or who knows how many more people will have to pay the price” Giles could only nod dumbfounded at those parting words.

The English woman could barely contain the laughter brewing in her chest as she and her beloved pet exited the library. She knew of Joyce’s hidden desires and would gladly help her unleash those quirky needs, but mainly, Mrs. Post wished to taste those soft lips once more.

She had donned her red satin underwear, especially as she now wanted to go a little further with the attractive gallery owner, but in her heart she wanted more than meaningless sex. She often daydreamed about the simple things she could have with Joyce - shopping for groceries, painting the kitchen a more vibrant color, mowing the lawn in their bikinis, but before all this could happen Mrs. Post had to summon the courage to actually ask Joyce out for dinner. And she hoped that an afternoon of playing with a puppygirl, one of Joyce’s myriad of unfulfilled desires, might make her more amenable to such notions.

Faith’s heart was filled with trepidation as she always felt somewhat strange around Joyce. Maybe it was the kindness that the woman lavished on her, which makes her feel guilty of not being good enough to deserve a loving mother figure, something which was rapidly changing with each passing day under the English woman’s firm administrations, or maybe it was jealousy that Buffy had such a fine woman to grow up with. A woman the other slayer didn’t appreciate in the slightest.

All this and more had Faith pull back until the thick leather collar dug in her neck from Mrs. Post’s impatient tugging. Having gained a new outlook on life Giles doesn’t hesitate to lean down, giving Faith’s still sore ass a firm spank, making the powerless slayer yelp and, slowly, start to crawl along after her Watcher. She went past the library’s swing doors, waddling along the thankfully silent and empty hallway, being on her way to be introduced to Mrs. Fifi. Her head swimming, her ass aching, her heart pounding but worst of all, Faith’s pussy was clenching fiercely, thinking about a certain red-headed nerd who, unbeknownst to all, was now leaning breathlessly against the stalls at the back of the library.

Willow had sneaked in earlier while Giles was in his office for she wanted to do a little research into a spell that the Englishman thought well beyond her capabilities. Hidden as she was, behind the well-stocked section on Amphibians, she heard and saw all the commotion, and explanations play out before her, as if she was but a voyeur to a twisted scene.

Her eyebrows had raised unbelievable high as she witnessed Fifi in all her latex glory. As she saw the spanks raining down on that tightly clad ass Willow felt her breath snare in her bountiful chest, and a dizzying pulse start down below which saturated her poly-cotton blend panties.

Willow was under the impression that she hid her attraction to Faith well, by cowering behind a mask of low key, yet open, hostility. The shy redhead had thus hoped to dissuade any notions of getting closer to Faith and kissing those full succulent lips, for denial is a Mistress that no-one wants to obey. Willow spent the next few minutes calming herself and fighting to regain control of her senses. Having just regained her balance, she jumped a little behind the towering bookcases when the library doors swung open once more to admit Buffy. Not wanting to get caught Willow stayed silent, instead deciding to spy on the blonde slayer who seemed unusually perky. Moreover, previous happenings fresh in mind, the shy nerd was rather curious as to how this conversation would play out.

“Heya Giles, what’s up?” quipped Buffy as she bounded into the library.

“Oh...yes...quite...yes,” Giles said back, still very much distracted by those delightful images of Faith in his mind.

“Great vocab there Giles, so what’s the what? Anything spooky-mooky going on?”

“Oh yes, there is the night of...Now, wait a minute Buffy. You’re half an hour late for training! Again, I might add! I said to be here promptly as I wanted you to practice with the crossbow today...”

“Chill Giles, I’m here now, aren’t I?” Buffy looked back at Giles, defiance written all over her face. She was tired of hearing the same spiel again and again.

“Buffy, would it kill you to treat me with a modicum of respect?” Giles cried out in frustration, desperately trying to keep his temper in check. Just in this moment the class bell rang throughout the building.

“Oops! Sorry Giles, can’t stay. I forgot...I have to go meet Willow...we have ….mystical thing to work on, all very creepy and grrrr...I’ll fill you in later,” said Buffy, a wide smile on her face as she spun right on her heels and darted out into the bustle of the hallways, happy to have escaped another tedious training session. As she exited she thought nothing of the angry Watcher she’d just left behind.

‘Huh? Oh Buffy, you are such a liar. You are so not doing anything with me...again. Where are you darting off to this time? I know you have secrets from me, but I really need to talk to you about something. Uh-oh, looks like Giles is mad as hell. He's even doing that clucking thing with his tongue and pinching the bridge of his nose. Wow, he looks really annoyed and angry, but I admit I am a little pissed at Buffy too. Using me as an excuse - again - so next time I see Giles, I had better thought of some feeble answer when he questions me and all that. Even though Buffy knows how I hate lying...Oh crap, I even babble in my head, don’t I?’, thought Willow as she peeked through the spaces where books, surprisingly, had actually been taken out. From her post, she watched as Giles, after some deliberation, unfolded the piece of paper Mrs. Post gave him and picked up the phone. Moving slowly and silently towards the library’s back entrance Willow could hear the beginning of the conversation as Giles, ever the techno-phobe, forgot to put off the speaker.

“Hello, this is the Magic Box. How may I help you?”

“Hello, Rupert Giles speaking”

“Mr. Giles, long time no see. What can I do for you this time?”

“I have a list of ingredients here...I need to do a spell...”

Out in the parking lot Willow stood still for a moment. Something stopped her from running to her friend...a small stirring in her honeypot. Shrugging her shoulders, Willow went home, a bounce in her steps as she thought about the future.

A future which seemed to now sparkle with promise.

(to be continued)


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