The Bloody Savior

BY : GreenRogue
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Author's note: hi all! I've always been a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Willow in particular) and felt the need to try my hand in a fan fiction for my favorite characters. Please feel free to review and critic, always looking for new ideas, thanks!

BTW, I do not own Buffy or the Scooby gang, Whedon is a god, the original storyline is my own.

It had been 3 months, 14 days, and… Willow glanced at the dashboard clock again, 5 hours since she last set eyes on the Sunnydale welcome sign. The bumpy road caused the hunk-a-junk car to rattle and weave but she wasn't worried about hitting something or being pulled over. Her destination had been desolate since the media dubbed it "A nuclear meltdown" to explain the new mini canyon that appeared overnight in the middle of California. Willow bobbed her head in time to the pop music on the radio, the sun was rising slowly over the horizon behind her causing long shadows on the road. As she came up to the barbed wire fence blocked the giant sinkhole, she turned the radio off and started to slow.

Pulling off of the road she parked onto the gravel beside the fence and turned the rusty bucket off. Stepping out of the car she adjusted her long skirt and stretched in the morning breeze. The long fabric billowed around her legs and her bare stomach got goose pimples from the cool air. Her time in Brazil left her spoiled of warm humid air and she forgot how finicky the California weather could be. Opening the back seat she grabbed a dusty red leather jacket and a small cloth covered book. Placing the small book on top of the car, she opened the trunk and grabbed a worn earthen jar. She smiled at it grimly as she shut the trunk and grabbed the book.

Stepping up to the fence she paused for a moment and closed her eyes. After a second the chain links started to melt before her like molten fire creating a hole as tall as she was. Opening her eyes she waited for the metal to cool before stepping through the hold to the edge of the canyon.

"Home of days gone by

Guide me through the rubble

Take me to where the Angel did lie

Take me to where the Angel did stumble."

The pebbles beneath her feet started to tremble and levitate around her. Willow felt the energy of the earth swell and rise within her chest. Before her a light shimmery path started to form leading down and away from her. Calmly she closed her eyes and stepped onto the thin path. She walked through the morning and into the early afternoon, the wind had picked up in the giant canyon and her hair whipped around her face. Finally the path stopped and Willow stood still for a moment with her eyes still shut. When her feet touched solid ground she opened her eyes to stare at her surroundings.

In her memory she could see the tree lined street with large fancy homes. The posh cars parked in the street under pale yellow lights. Ahead of her was a dark mansion, a stark contrast to the friendly lights of it's neighbors. Willow sighed as the memory faded and she was left with rubble all around her in the semi-darkness.

Kneeling down she settled the jar on an uneven stone in front of her and took the lid off. She sat down, settling her skirt around her and unfolded the cloth covering the book in her hands. The book was small and leather bound, it looked harmless enough until you saw the small inscriptions pressed into the leather. If you were an avid reader or pursuer of dark arts you would run from this book and never stop. Placing the cloth aside she took a few cleansing breathes as she peeled the now sticky leather jacket off. She stared at the book for a moment before opening to the page that was marked with a black ribbon.

A low chanting gather in the dusty air as the wind picked up and rustling her hair. Willow started to breath in time with the flow of the wind and felt her throat ache with need to speak, to join the dark voices in their hypnotic rhythm. She fought the urges using her own strength of heart to keep her lips sealed. The seller had warned her of such tricks from this demon book and knew if she allowed her voice to join theirs she would be trapped forever. The chanting around her grew stronger and the wind picked up trying to knock the jar over. It held fast however and Willow felt something deep beneath the rubble start to stir. Holding tightly to the little book she grabbed onto the tiny spark of resistance and pulled.

The hill of rocks that had once been home to Angel shifted and parted for her, allowing her prize to float freely towards the vibrating jar in front of her. Willow raised her eyes to the floating red rock. They took on a deep blackness as she concentrated and pulled on the energies around her.

"Release… separate." The rock burst into dust, leaving behind a dark red liquid. She held it fast with her mind as she willed it into the jar. Once the liquid disappeared inside she shut the book quickly, stifling the haunting chant. Wiping away the sweat from her brow, she placed the lid back on the jar and stood with a huff.

"There, two down and one to go." Grabbing the jar she levitated from the cavern back to her car. Placing the jar carefully back in the trunk she threw the jacket in the backseat and collapsed behind the wheel. Grabbing the worn travel map she plotted her next move while munching on a stale doughnut.

'First stop will be for some food.' She thought while swallowing the sticky mess. She breathed deeply, the smell of old fast food and the still lingering stench of cigarettes permeated her nose. She smiled softly as she pulled back onto the road in the old beat up car.

'I don't think this smell will ever disappear.' Turning the radio on, she hummed with the tune as she drove towards the sun and into the city of Angels.

It had been 5 months, 15 days and… Angel watched the clock tick quietly above the mantle, 8 hours since the battle. Since he watched the last of his friends struck down for the battle of light against the darkness. He took another sip form the cooling blood in his mug. The TV droned on quietly in the other room and Spike's snores drowned out the daytime talk show.

'At least one of us has finally found sleep.' He sighed and took another sip before putting the mug on the table before him. The floor around him was scattered with newspapers from the past few months, clippings were scattered across the table. He was searching for anything he could find from Wolfram and Hart. Any sign that they might be returning. The battle was just about lost, he could remember his back against the wall with Spike right next to him. Both had been covered in blood and Illyria had just been struck down by a rather large Ogre. They were exhausted and wanted nothing more than to just surrender to it but vows and promises kept them going until their last undying breath. Just as the final blow was to be struck, it was gone. The snarling demons and hordes of foul creatures had vanished. The alley returned to it's dank state.

Neither of them dared to believe it until they were in a safe house some miles away.

"Peaches… did we die tonight?" Angel was too afraid to answer him. Neither of them slept that day, nor the next. The next week they slept fitfully and never for long. But now after 5 months, 15 days and… 9 hours they were starting to take their first few tentative breaths. Angel watched the papers and the political channels while Spike kept an ear to the underground. No movement, no sinister activities besides the ordinary small gangs. To some no news was good news, to Angel… well let's just say he was brooding more and more frequently.

Standing and stretching he walked over to the sink to clean out his mug. Setting it aside to dry, he ran his damp hands through his disheveled hair. He smiled for a second, remembering Cordy calling his hair "The perfect bedhead look." the smile faded quickly however when more poisonous thoughts and memories threatened to consume him. He had lost so many friend in his time in the city. Gunn, Wesley, Fred, Cordelia… so may lives he had to repent for.

Angel stopped in the doorway to the living room. He could see Spike's blond hair peeking from the edge of the couch. The afternoon news was playing, some fluff story about an animal shelter that needed funding. He was about to turn away when he heard Spike mumble in his sleep.

"She's coming Peaches… she knows, she understands. Sacrifice, pain, loss. She heals it all." Angel walked around the couch and was startled to see Spike's eyes bearing into his.

"Spike, what are you talking about?" Spike gave him a crooked grin and lit a cigarette.

"She fell then rose, she understands and heals. The stars are sending her to us." Angel watched him closely, searching for any sign that he had a psychotic break. He may have been out of practice but he recognized crazy when he saw it. Spike rolled his eyes and snorted before taking another drag. "I'm not looney ye git. They sent me a dream, those PTB's of yours." Angel looked shocked for a moment then his face darkened with anger. They were going to send another innocent here to die, they were going to make him sacrifice someone for their gain. He didn't care what it took, he would refuse this so called help. He looked at Spike again who was watching the TV intently.

"I'm not a two way radio Peaches, I get the message and relay it, that's all."

"I didn't say you were Spike."

"No, but you're looking at me like I'm a shiny new toy." Angel huffed and tried not to laugh. He shook his head instead and turned to go to the bathroom.

"I'm going to take a shower. Do me a favor and send off any star sent saviors." Spike chuckled and saluted Angel's retreating form. Spike let the news anchor drone on for a few more minutes until he heard the water rush on in the bathroom. Flinging himself from the couch he rushed to the phone. Holding the handset to his ear he paused, who exactly would he call? He didn't know any of their numbers anymore and he sure as shit wasn't calling Andrew. He placed the handle back in the cradle softly and blew out an unneeded breath. Collapsing on the couch he absently flipped the channels trying to zone in on something other than his thoughts. He wasn't particularly thrilled to be an answering machine, sometimes the world just took too much and gave too little. This message however, he was glad he could intercept, he would just die to see Red again.

"Hey Peaches," he called as the water shut off. "Let's get out of here tonight, I'm feeling a bit restless." Angel walked into the room, his dark jeans hung low on his hips and he was drying his hair roughly with a towel.

"You've never needed a babysitter before, why do you want me to come out now?" Spike just shrugged unsure of what to say.

"Maybe I just want some company." Angel regarded him a moment before nodding.

"Fine, but I choose where we go." That was quite alright with Spike. He hid his smirk as his Sire went to his bedroom.

'That's right little fishy, take the bait.'

Willow pulled up to the burned out husk of the Hyperion hotel just as the sun was dipping down the horizon. She could hear sirens and cars in the distance but it was strangely quiet on the road in front of the historical building. Willow started to feel anxious as she stared up at the imposing building. She knew Angel wouldn't be here and she preferred it that way.

Grabbing her coat she climbed out of the car unsteadily from the long drive. Glancing around her, Willow opened the trunk and pulled out the jar again along with the cloth bound book and a small overnight bag. Ducking under the "Do Not Cross" tape she made her way to the boarded up doors. She stood for a moment staring at the plywood. Closing her eyes she took a few breaths and after a moment her body started to shimmer like moonlight reflected by a lake, without hesitation she stepped through the boarded up entrance.

Once inside she took a moment to take in her surroundings. The last time she had been here the lobby was bright and cheery. She could remember Fred and Wesley in deep discussion while Gunn cleaned some weapons on the couch. Her heart ached for the lives that were lost and instantly felt her black anger threaten to consume her. She tapped down on it quickly as her magic made the stagnant air swirl around her. She took several deep breaths trying to calm the storm, once the haze had left her vision she slowly circled the room and it's charred remains. It did not look like anyone had been in it for months which was all the better for her. She stopped in the doorway of the inner office and leaned against the door jam. The blackened remains of the giant desk still sat taking up most of the space. She could still picture Angel behind his desk as she described the latest evil in Sunnydale. His eyes were vacant as he listened and she knew his heart must have been breaking with want to help his true love. Duty had kept him away and most likely kept him alive. Did anyone even tell him they were alive?

He must have known, same way she knew he still prowled the earth after his battle. They had promised her his did anyway. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Willow searched the room for the back staircase. Pushing aside the charred door she descended slowly with a light ball bobbing just above her head. She reached the basement and saw that the steel framed door was left open.

'That's convenient'. Walking into the small room she saw the foreboding cage in front of her. Images of Angelus inside, the knowledge of the devastation he had and would have caused made her shiver. She remember things he said to her in her dreams… 'I bet you would be a screamer, would you scream at me to stop I wonder. Or to go harder?' At the time she always woke frightened and paranoid, now she merely shook her head as she set the jar down in the middle of the cage. Placing down the overnight bag on the bottom step she unzipped the first pocket and pulled out a few candles. Placing them strategically in a circle, she lit them wordlessly before going back to the bag. Pulling out a small glass vial, she opened the stopper and immediately smelled the fresh sea salt. Stepping out of her shoes, Willow shivered from the cold cement. Slowly stepping in a large circle she started to chant quietly.

"Bless this night dear Mother

As I travel your twisted roads

Bless and protect this circle

Mark it so none can follow."

The circle glowed and sealed itself around the young witch. She sat in the circle, pooling her skirt around her and felt a soothing calmness wash over her rising nerves.

'Giles would kill me if he knew what I was doing.' Looking back towards the back she concentrated on the small book for a moment until it started to levitate towards her, the cloth falling away. As she grabbed it a low rumble came from the ground beneath her. 'Complain all you like but you can't stop it.' Willow felt rather than heard a roar rip through her body and she almost dropped her precious cargo. She gripped the book close to her chest, willing the tremors to stop. Once she felt back in control Willow placed the book gently on her lap and opened it once more to the page that was marked with the ribbon. The chanting started up once more as it did in the canyon and Willow had to force her mouth closed to keep from joined it's obsessive melody. She watched as the jar started to rattle and sway, the cement under it cracked and shook. She closed her eyes and started to channel her energies, pulling her strength to her center. She formed it into a tight, fiery ball in the center of her chest. Once she had it firmly secured she inhaled through her mouth and started to chant.

It was just a whisper at first, her good sense was fighting her every thought trying to get her to stop. However with her voice added the pull of the book before her grew stronger and Willow felt the dark energies around her swell and rotate. She could feel heat on her face and she knew if she opened her eyes she would see the fires of hell burning around her. Her voice and mouth on autopilot she let the chant carry her farther into damnation as she held tightly onto her light, she envisioned dark vapors swirling about her and she allowed the tiniest of trickles inside to touch her light. Her eyes flew open as blackness seeped slowly across her irises, she screamed a high unearthly scream as the darkness tried to completely take over her light. Gasping for breath she struggled against the intrusion, the chant forgotten she searched the fires before her.

"Looking for me little one?" A voice behind her caused shivers to run down her back and for a moment she lost concentration. The darkness seeped a bit deeper and she felt his presence inside her circle. Cold hands encircled her throat and forced her head back. She stared into his cold yellow eyes, his vampire face was closer to her's and she could feel his hot breath on her face. His hand trailed along her jaw and up her cheek, his sharp nails cut into her skin causing trickles of blood to roll down the side of her neck.

"Now, what's a yummy morsel like you doing in hell, sweet girl have you been naughty while I've been away?" She kept her mouth shut, the chanting had grown louder inside her mind and she was closer to her goal. Angelus growled at her silence and leaned in to smell her neck and she shivered in his tight grip.

"It's been so long little one, you are quite a treat." His other hand had twined in the ties on the back of her shirt and she felt the material slowly loosening from her chest. His cold palm cupped her breast as his fangs sank into her neck. He twirled her nipple between his fingers and Willow felt the slow stirrings in her womb grow hot. She cried then, her mouth wide from the pain and humiliation and Angelus took advantage of this, his other hand snaked from her hair and his clamped over her shouts. He stuck a finger in her mouth and forced her tongue down. He pulled from her neck and growled into her ear.

"That's my girl, scream for me, just like you did in your dreams." He released her breast and started to pull at her skirt, her pale legs shown in the growing fires around her. His cold hand traced lightly over her cotton underwear. Willow felt her clit throb from the contact. It had been so long... She moaned and against her better judgment closed her lips around his intruding finger and sucked lightly. He growled against her skin and pushed harder against her moistening center and she took her moment. Biting down hard on the finger in her mouth she felt his blood wash across her taste buds as he laughed in her ear.

"That's right baby, bite down, this is nothing compared to what I have had to live with." He raked his nails on her thigh causing more blood to burst and soak her skirt. She yelled around his hand but kept her teeth tightly on his finger until she felt her mouth fill with his blood. Closing her eyes again she reached for her light. A dark tendril had made it's way to the heart and it took all of her energy to dispel it. The room came into focus slowly and she heard Angelus growl in frustration as she slipped from his grasp.

"I will find you little one, I owe you for this." At the last moment she felt the cold cement under her and the book on her lap. Slamming it shut the fires disappeared and the chanting ended. She scrambled from her spot in the circle, the candles were upturned and blown out as she rushed to the jar before her. Leaning over it she pulled the top off and spit the deep red blood into the jar and coughed loudly. There was a loud crashing thud from upstairs and a loud roar of anger made her ears ring. There was a smoky smell in the room and she laid on her side for a few moments coughing and trying to regain her breath.

'You can't have this Angelus… you can never have this again.' Willow smiled softly as she shut her eyes. Tenderly touching her throat she felt the tender skin where his fangs had drawn from her. Blood still seeped from the fresh wounds but she was alive. 'Thank you Goddess'. She stood slowly, gathering her tattered shirt in one hand and cradling her rolling stomach, she stumbled to her tipped over bag. As she pulled out a new tank top, Willow froze as she heard a wolf whistle from the top of the stairs.

"Well, well Red, it's nice to see you too." Standing straight with her arms covering her chest, Willow raised her eyes to Spike. He stood leering slightly just to the side of the stairwell. Next to him and leaning heavily on the broken rail was Angel.

Okay, let me know what you think, took awhile to get this up and running and I'm anxious to see if it's as good as my x-men fic. Thanks for the visit!



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