Strip Me?

BY : DevilMayCare
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Look at her sleeping, I guess she had a little too much egg nog. Damn, she’s so beautiful lying there with her hair sweeping down across her face only waving by her light snores. But the way her breasts move up and down as she breathes heavy like it’s the first decent sleep she’s had in ages.

Why does Buffy never have any ugly friends? She only ever brings home certified hotties and as I watch Faith dozing all curled up on the sofa I can feel my pussy thudding, a clenching weeping slit which only seems to intensify as I stare down at her feet. With her boots sitting idle by the couch I slither along in my bare feet and crouch down as I stare intently at her perfectly formed toes, her deep red nail varnish a little chipped but each nail is smooth almond shape.

I glance up to see Faith slumbering deeply as my face creeps ever closer to her feet, oh sweet jesus Joyce, stop it. It’s wrong, you know it is….so why can’t I stop from running my nose along the soles of her feet and inhaling deeply. Oh man, they have this quivering odour radiating from them, like sweaty boot smell only infused with a hint of leather and whatever generic body wash she uses. As my nostrils flare under the sweetest heavenly aroma my fingers, seemingly with a mind of their own, slid underneath my dress and under the hem of my unflattering panties.

God this is so maddening, my face so close to such perfect skin, my tongue so near so sliding across each toe and savouring the stale taste on my tongue. It’s been so hard hiding this from everyone all these years, it started back in college with my room-mate, all I wanted to do was lick her feet and worship them as I rubbed myself to climax. But I could never find enough courage to make good on my actions.

My eyes wander up her legs to see her miniskirt had slid up slightly showing, oh Christ, these are stockings not pantyhose. This thin film of material encasing her feet, which didn’t even twitch, as I took a chance and pressed my lips to her heel, my heart thunders and my mind reels as I taste the slight smell and pull my panties down to my knees so I can get better access. My fingers plunge deeper into my pulsating hole as I my nose and lips fill with the desire which is slowly taking control over me. Ok Joyce, stop it now before it goes any further….but what harm could one lick do? Just one quick lick of her sole.

My breath stills and I run my wet tongue along the length of her feet as my ribs seem to stab into my lungs, oh god yes, I can feel my juices running freely and the low down tingle start to spasm as I add a fourth finger nearly up to the knuckle. No don’t stop now, maybe just another lick. And another. My eyes fluttered shut and before I could stop myself my tongue was trailing up and down her sole and circling around each perfectly formed toe.

“What in the fuck?”

Huh? What was that? The blood pounding in my ears and the violent needy sensations sweeping through me had torn me away to another realm where only desire and satiety ruled.

“Mrs S, what in the hell are you doing?”, came the louder cry as the feet snapped away from my slobbering mouth.

Oh shit.

“F-Faith….I…I was just…I…”, I babbled as I looked up to see Faith’s eyes open wide. Oh god, just how long had she been watching me with my eyes closed and my fingers deep in my pussy.

“W-were you licking my feet?”

“I….er…no”, I said sheepishly like a scorned child whilst my face blushed intensely.

“You totally were….and fingering yourself as you do?”

Huh? Oh crap, my hand was still lodged deep in my drooling nook! I slipped them out and tried to stand up but my knees had turned into rubber as my eyes burned with tears yet to shed as Faith stood up towering over me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You wait until I’m asleep and then get yourself off while you lick my feet?”

“Faith…please don’t tell anyone…..please”, I begged with tears shimmering in my eyes. Oh god, what have I done?

“Joyce”, she said with a crooked smile and a voice which took on a sexy purr, “What I meant was, you didn’t have to wait until I was asleep. All you had to do was ask”

“W-what?” I squawked as my eyes bulged.

“Hey, you ain’t the first old broad to get her jollies off at my feet. How do you think I pay for food and rent at that motel? You’d be surprised how many chicks are out there going through a mid-life crisis and want to fulfil some dumbass fantasy”, Faith grinned, “Stuck up middle class cunts like you are always harboring some deep desire to have the maid or the cleaning girl turn the tables on them, you ain’t the first and I’m pretty sure you won’t be the last. All soccer mom’s desperate for some relief, a little time out from being the put-upon mother and annoying homemaker

“I….I….I mean…..”, I coughed out as my pussy pulsated violently.

“Now let me look at you, Joyce you can’t finger yourself properly like that. Take the dress off.”, she said sternly with a playful smile.


“The dress. Take it off, or should I tell everyone what you were up to tonight?”, Faith said with a smirk.

“T-they’ll never believe you”, I bluffed as my face burned crimson.

“Good point, well we’ll just get Willow to do a little truth spell and then everyone, especially Buffy, can see just what a mommy slut you are”


“Come on Joycie, it’s obvious a buttoned down Mom like you has plenty of skeletons in your closet. Now take the dress off”


“I said now!”, Faith blasted out with a tone of increasing authority making my knees go weak as I reached for the zipper on the back of my dress and let it slide from my body to pool by my feet.

“Please…..don’t tell anyone…I-I’ll be good”, I whimpered out not knowing where these words are coming from. Oh Joyce, just put the dress back on and pay her off or something, but why couldn’t I resist slipping my bra and panties off as well.

“Now lay on your back”

“Yes Miss”, I breathed back as my head swam with intoxicating sensations.

“Miss?”, she laughed as the cool of the wooden floor pressed to my back as I lay on the floor by the sofa as Faith peered down at me from the comfy seats, “I like the sound of that. Say it again mommy slut”

“M-Miss Faith”, I wheezed back as her big toe circled around my lips as I lay on the floor before her, naked and whimpering as my pussy bubbled away in need.

Faith ran her feet over my face coating it with my leftover drool and her foot sweat as her toes slipped into my mouth and I sucked. My mouth closed around each digit and my tongue swirled around as I slurped over every inch of skin I could reach, with each of her chuckles my slit only wept more to pool by my butt.

“Good slut, now get on all fours and turn around so I can see your ass”

Without thinking I rolled onto my hand and knees as if I was presenting myself to a goddess, my spine tingled as I felt her big toe slide up and down my slit before slipping into my aching pussy as I purred with delicious delight, succumbing to the ecstasy barrelling through me turning my skin into a quivering sweaty sheen.

“You like this don’t you mommy slut? Being on your knees before me?”, Faith purred with a lilt which only made my brain spasm even more as my hips rocked back trying to get more contact.

“Yesssssss”, I hiss out as I thrust my hips back as two more toes push into my sopping chasm, my brain melting as I fucked myself on her foot.

“Kneeling before me?”

“Yes Miss Faith, oh god!”, I squealed as her other big toe, well lubed by my spittle, slid into my ass. Pushing in further as my walls clenched around both intruders, twin probes spreading me open as my teeth clashed together in utter delight.

“You’re my mommy slut now aren’t you?”, she said with a stern tone as she thrust into me further.


“Then say it, slut”, she demanded. I was so lost in desire that I couldn’t find a sliver of reluctance left, just an overwhelming need to obey.

“Yes Miss Faith, I-I’m your slut now, please Miss…..fuck me harder, fuck your slut…please”, I whimpered as my mind caved in on itself.


“W-what? B-but I’ll be a good slut for you Miss”, I whimpered like a puppy who had its favorite bone taken away.

“Then you need to earn it”, Faith said firmly as she pulled away her toes and stepped towards the front door. “I’m guessing Buffy is gonna be spending most of tomorrow with Angel even though it’s Christmas and you’re all alone. Well I’m off now slut mommy”

“W-wait…please Miss”, I begged as without thinking I crawled after her, more turned on than I had ever been, just a slave to my desperate desires.


“C-can I see you again Miss? Like this I mean”, I said with a beg as I knelt before this raven haired goddess.

“Maybe, how much do you want it?”, she said tapping her toe to the floor in an unsaid command.

I shuffled forward and pressed my lips to her toe and ran my tongue along its soft skin, licking up the taste of my own ass which only made my pussy judder uncontrollably. Oh god, what am I doing? And why can’t I stop?

“He-he, what a needy slut you are. Here, while I was fucking your ass I wrote down some stuff. You will go out tomorrow, I’m sure they’ll be some gas station open or something, and you will buy the stuff on the list and then come and see me at the motel room at 8pm sharp. Talking of which”, Faith said as she picked up my purse and took a few notes before shrugging and emptying my wallet of all the cash, near three hundred dollars or so. “You don’t mind do you slut?”

“N-no”, I said softly.

“No…what?”, she replied as her fingers grabbed my chin and tilted my gaze towards hers.

“No….Miss Faith”

“That’s better, now be sure to get all the stuff on the list. You better get this shit ready as I intend to call you whenever I feel like it, and you better do what I say, got that?”

“Yes Miss”, I rasped as though I had degraded myself to such an insane degree, was essentially paying one of Buffy’s friends to treat me like shit. A middle aged woman like me getting off on being degraded by a teenage girl, I knew it was wrong but I just couldn’t stop myself.

I didn’t want to stop, it felt so damn good.

Like I was finally starting to live again.

As Faith slammed the front door behind her my fingers automatically reached down to my needy slit and even as the taste of her feet still lingered on my tongue I plunged my fingers deep knowing that there was no turning back now.

Oh god, what have I done?

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