Big City Sin

BY : LL72
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Cordelia Chase looked round the bus depot for the girl she had glanced in her vision. It was nine at night, but the terminus was still busy, travellers flocking into LA from all over the country. It certainly didn’t look like the place for a demon attack, Cordelia knew from long experience that even the toughest demons preferred to take their prey alone and weak, not in the middle of crowded travel stops. The twenty-two year old brunette carried on walking up and down, her gaze darting from side to side as she tried to catch a glimpse that would tell her what was going on. Still… nothing… She began to regret not calling Angel; she might not be in his employ any longer, but he was still her go to guy when she got visions. Except this one hadn’t seemed worth bringing him along for, not when he had so many other hopeless cases to help. After all, whilst most of her visions involved screaming, gross looking monsters and blood, all this one had been was the back of some teenage girl and the arm of someone bending down to pick up a small trolley case.

A rising sense of panic filled the brunette, she had been dumb; the visions never came unless it was important and the more eyes they had here the better. And muscle power as well; demons hardly ever kicked off in public, but ever is not the same as never. Her heart pushed at her chest so hard, that she felt her ribs were about to snap and her heart spring from her body.

And then she saw her.

Over by one of the columns, her back turned to Cordelia so she couldn’t see her face. In front of the young woman was a man, bending over to pick up a to take the handle of a carrying case. Cordelia hurried towards them, wondering what the threat was. As she came nearer she could see that the man was checking the girl out, and she realised he was a street pimp, preying on the young runaways who flocked to LA like bears to honey. It wasn’t even the respectable side of the sex industry, porn or escorting, but back street blow jobs for twenty dollars a pop and bangings in cheap motel rooms by fat businessmen who wanted a teen fuckhole for an hour or so. And all the time the pimp would skim off the money and beat the girls if they didn’t bring it in.

She carried onwards, wondering what she was going to do or say. She got nearer and the girl, perhaps sensing her approach, half-turned so that for the first time Cordelia could see her face.

"Dawn…?" Cordelia wasn’t sure what she had been expecting, but it hadn’t been this.

At the sound of her name Dawn Summers fully turned. It had been four years since Cordelia had last seen her, when Dawn had been a scrawny twelve-year old. She’d changed since then; her cropped T-shirt clung over ripening breasts and didn’t conceal her toned stomach or the belly button with a ring in it. And unlike last time Cordy had seen her Dawn was wearing make-up and lipstick, the red of the gloss shaping her mouth invitingly whilst the eyeliner accentuated her eyes like they were light-blue pools. For a moment, the girl - a young woman now - frowned as if she didn’t know her. Cordy was about to remind her, her ego telling her that it was a quarter of Dawn’s life ago that they’d last met, but suddenly the teen gave a smile of recognition, "Cordelia… I didn’t expect to see you… to see anyone I knew here." The smile faltered a little.

But not as much as the smile of the street pimp. Cordelia closed the final few steps between them and put her hand firmly on the handle, forcing the man to ease back his grip and then relinquish it. Cordy looked at him, "This an old friend of mine. Thanks for looking after her until I arrived." Her lips were smiling, but her eyes weren’t.

If demons liked to take their prey alone and vulnerable, so did pimps. He might look like he wanted to hit Cordelia, but his kind couldn’t draw attention to themselves, not in places with plenty of Transit Police wandering around. He knew that and so did she; he paused, then gave a crooked smile, "Later ladies." He turned and walked away.

Cordelia didn’t let go off the case as two questions came simultaneously to mind, "What are you doing in LA? Does Buffy know?"

Dawn reached for the case and tried to drag it towards herself. Cordelia didn’t let go and Dawn relented, trying to pretend that nothing had happened. Cordelia stood patiently, still holding the handle and waiting for Dawn to speak. The teen gave a half shrug and pulled a face, "I’m so sick of Buffy. ‘Do this Dawn’ ‘Do that Dawn’ ‘Don’t have fun Dawn’ ‘In by dark Dawn’."

"She’s just trying to look out for you," Cordy surprised herself in defending her old frenemy.

Dawn scowled, "That’s what she says. She’s always treating me like a little girl."

"Does she know you’re here?" Cordy asked again, though from Dawn’s words she was guessing not.

Dawn shook her head, "No…" she paused for a second that carried on with her defence for running away, "I’m not a little girl, I’m a woman. I bet she even thinks I’m a virgin, I’m not, I’ve had sex with lots of people."

Cordelia noted the use of the word people. In her LA circles ‘people’ rather than ‘men’ or ‘women’ was code for being bi. But Dawn was from Sunnydale, so people could just be code for humans rather than vamps or other assorted demons. She didn’t press it instead she said, "Do you want to grab a coffee?"

"Yes," Dawn smiled.

Cordelia picked up the bag, and led Dawn away from the station to a little coffee bar nearby she knew would still be open. She wasn’t sure what to do with the teen, she could hardly let her wander the streets, despite Dawn’s protestations of womanhood the LA nights had predators as dangerous as Sunnydale. But if she called Buffy it would be like putting a sticky plaster on a tumour; it might hide the problem, but first chance she got Dawn would be running away again; and this time there might not be a vision to guide her to Cordelia. The bell tinkled as they entered the coffee place and Cordy walked over to a seat.

"Two coffees," Cordelia said to the gum-chewing waitress who came over with a pad and pencil. The women scooted away and Cordelia turned to Dawn, "So how’s Cleveland?"

"Boring…" said Dawn. The teen shrugged, as if pushing the place out of her mind and grinned; very prettily, Cordy thought. The teen said "Didn’t you go and work with Angel; Buffy told me. How is he?"

"He’s fine. I moved employment, but I still see him. You know Angel, looking for redemption and fighting the good fight," Cordelia replied.

"He always was a real stick in the mud," agreed Dawn.

Cordelia laughed, "That’s one way of describing him. He’s the only person I know who’s come to LA and not having fun; he’s getting screwed less than a monk." She paused, not meaning to suggest to Dawn that the teen should be having sex now she was in the big city. But if there was anything implicit in the comment Dawn didn’t rise to it, so Cordy continued, "So how’s Willow? Is she still dating that girl… what’s her name?"

There was an interruption before Dawn could answer, a man in his mid-twenties coming up to the table, "Hi, sorry, but are you Charisma?"

Cordelia automatically switched from concerned friend to professional, swinging round to face the guy, "Yes, I am." She flashed him a beaming smile, watching his expression - his mouth opening wide and a flush coming to his cheeks as he began to breathe faster in excitement. She smiled wider, showing her pearly teeth "What’s your name?"

"Derick, Derick Wide," the young man gushed. "Could I take a photo? With my phone. Just so my friends can see I met you."

"Yes," grinned Cordy. "Come sit beside me, pass the phone to my friend here; she’ll take it."

Derick did as he was told, handing the phone to Dawn and sitting next to Cordelia. The brunette pushed her head next to his, so that their cheeks were touching and blew a slow seductive kiss at the camera. It probably meant the photo would come out as a young woman in a sexy pose and one guy looking like an asteroid was about to hit him, but she was used to that. She took the phone back from Dawn and passed it to Derick, "There you are; have a good evening." She hoped he would take the hint, not all of them did.

He was one of the better class of fans, standing up, "Thanks. Wow, you’re so hot." Cordelia nodded her agreement, smiled, but didn’t reply. "Thanks again," Derick said and moved down to collect his take-away coffee from the counter and head out into the night again.

Cordelia turned back to Dawn, who was looking at her quizzically, "Charisma?" the teen asked.

"My stage name," explained Cordelia.

Dawn looked impressed, "Are you on TV?"

This time it Cordelia’s turn to be puzzled, "Buffy didn’t tell you?" Dawn shook her head. Cordelia took a sip of her coffee and said, "I’m in porn."

"Porn!" for a second Dawn’s eyes widened in surprise, but she recovered herself well, giving Cordelia a grin and saying, "I told you Buffy treats me like a little girl." She paused and sipped her coffee, looking at Cordelia, with perhaps just a hint of appreciation, as she did so, "You’ve got a great body. I’m not surprised." Cordy loved compliments, so she beamed broadly at the teen. Dawn smiled back and asked, "So how did you get into it?"

"I came to LA thinking I’d be a mainstream actress, I mean I was pretty, I was at least moderately talented and I could remember my lines. But I couldn’t get a break, even advert directors weren’t hiring me. My biggest role was a topless girl in a cruddy frat house movie, and you saw my tits for about two seconds, which was double the time you saw my face. Anyway, my agent dumped me, and I really was thinking of going full-time as Angel’s PA when I went to a party and met this guy. I told him about my two-second scene and it turned out he was porn producer who was looking for a girl for one of his shoots. I thought about it for a bit; it’d probably mean the end of any chance of getting an Emmy and also meant having sex in front of a film crew, which, well y’know, kinda creeped me out at first.

"But then I thought about it some more, my rent was due and just a day’s shooting would pay it for the next month with plenty left over. And it’s not like I haven’t had sex before with people around, just normally at a drunken party and hoping no-one could see what I was doing under the covers," Cordy was slightly surprised as Dawn nodded in agreement. The older brunette paused expecting the teen to say something, but as she didn’t the Cordy carried on, "So I though why not and gave the producer a ring.

"One thing led to another, after that first shoot I was introduced to a new agent, one who specialised in adult flicks, who took me on his books. Soon I was getting calls, asking me to do more movies; and I was good at it and I enjoyed the work. I’ve been doing porn for three years now, as you saw I’ve picked up a loyal following…"

"Wow," said Dawn, sounding impressed, "You not only got out of Sunnydale, but you became famous."

Cordelia nodded reluctantly, she hadn’t wanted to suggest to Dawn that leaving home was such an attractive option, at least without talking to Buffy and having a better career plan than being a teen runaway. "It’s not all glamour," she said, "There’s a lot of long days and some of the fans are lot more possessive than the guy you’ve just met."

"Sure," said Dawn nodding, though it didn’t look like she had fully heard, "So what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?"

Dawn was definitely much more grown up than when Cordelia had last seen her, the brunette reflected, twelve-year old Dawnie would have just blushed on hearing that story and looking at the ground, not asking for further details. But as Dawn had hinted to her, the teen wasn’t a blushing innocent herself. Cordelia shrugged, "I’ve done lots of things."

"So have I, " said Dawn, "What about if I tell you what I’ve done and you tell me whether you’ve done it."

Cordelia nodded, if Dawn wanted a competition she was sure to lose, but why not give her one; it would show to Dawn how innocent the teen really was, "Okay."

Dawn said, "Anal? I’m the only girl in my year who’s done anal."

That did surprise Cordelia, she tried not to let that show and sound blasé as she replied, "Bread and butter… done it so many times that I’ve released DVDs filled with just my anal scenes."

"Okay, what about having sex with a couple of guys. A few weeks ago I was at this party and I was banging with my ex-boyfriend when one of his buddies came in the room and I had sex immediately after with him," Dawn grinned.

"After?" Cordelia grinned and shook her head, "Try together… and I’ve done with three guys, not just two."

"Okay, what about with girls?" said Dawn, "I’m not going to even ask if you’ve done it with girls; you must have done lesbian scenes."

"Lost count," agreed Cordelia; "Eaten pussy, had it eaten, used double-enders, straps-on – fucked and fucker, not to mention the common or garden mutual masturbation."

"Me too," said Dawn. She paused, evidentially thinking her next kink would be the killer, "I did a threesome with a couple of college cheerleaders I met in a bar."

"Are you trying to impress that you got false ID or that you did a three in the bed," smiled Cordy, "Cos I got my first fake ID when I was fourteen. And as for lesbian orgies – just a few days ago I did a scene with four other cuties, which had lots of tongue and fingers going into tight, wet holes."

Dawn shrugged and grinned, "Okay, that’s way more kinky than I’ve done."

"I still haven’t told you the kinkiest," grinned Cordy and took another sip of her coffee.

Dawn’s eye’s widened and her mouth gaped open, "You haven’t? Tell me…"

"No," Cordy said in a slow purr, teasing the teen with a slow lick of her lips. Dawn pouted and frowned, and for a moment Cordelia thought she was about to leave, it made her feel almost sorry for Buffy, Dawn was at that age when everything was a drama – even an old friend refusing to tell her kinkiest experience. Cordelia put her coffee cup down – there was no way she could let Dawn go on the streets. She might not have been as innocent as Cordy had thought in the bus station, but that made it worse; Dawn wouldn’t think twice about hooking up with some guy for a bed, only to find out too late he kept his past conquests on meat-hooks in his cellar. "Look I can put you on the bus now," Dawn’s frown got deeper and she shook her head. Cordelia had thought that would be the reaction, "Or I can let you stay at my place for a few days, just until you get your head cleared and then you’re back with Buffy."

Dawn smiled and nodded, "Yes or until I can get my own place. I’m not going back to Cleveland."

Cordelia let that pass, hopefully that was just a rebellious teen talking and after a night’s sleep she’d be a bit more sensible and head home. And if Dawn wasn’t on a Greyhound back home tomorrow morning Cordelia would ring Buffy up and tell her where her runaway sister was.


"Your apartment is great," Dawn said enthusiastically, "It’s so spacious…"

Cordelia beamed in pride at the teenager’s approval; she wasn’t sure what Dawn had been expecting but a two-bed apartment with a separate main room and dining room as well as a large kitchen was obviously more than the teen had imagined. And Cordelia had seen the teenager’s eyes popping as she stared at the luxurious bath and separate shower, with enough space on the floor between them to lie and spread out on the furry bath carpet. She turned back to the amazed looking teenager and said, "It is; you don’t know how many cocks I had in my ass to be able to afford this."

"No clue," replied Dawn, "How many?"

Cordelia hadn’t been expecting the teen to be quiet so literal as she didn’t know the answer. So she just replied, "A lot…"

"Cool…" said Dawn and looked up at the picture over the fireplace. It was of a naked Cordelia from a few years earlier, her hair still the length and colour it had been when she left Sunnydale. In the photo she crunched down on her haunches so that her pussy was hidden behind a thigh; beside her and the object of her lascivious gaze was the bottom half of a man, his erection plainly visible in his tight shorts.

"It’s the still from one of my first shoots; they put it on the DVD cover," said Cordy, "I like it there; it shows I’m not ashamed of what I do."

"I wouldn’t be either if I had a place this ultra."

Dawn turned round in a circle, drinking it all in and Cordelia wondered if she might have been better putting the teen straight back on the bus, instead of tempting her with the apple. It was too late now though, so Cordelia said, "Do you want to have a bath first? I’ll go after you. There’s some spare towels in the cupboard."

"Okay," said Dawn. She picked up her bag and headed towards the bathroom.

The door opened before she got there and the teen jumped in shock. Cordelia called out, "Oh… that’s Dennis."

"Dennis?" asked Dawn.

"He’s a ghost who lived at my old apartment, he came with me when I moved here. He’s a bit of a perv, loves watching… normally he’s a bit more subtle, guess he must have thought as you’re from Sunnydale you wouldn’t freak out," Cordy said to the teen. She turned to Dennis, or at least the spot where she thought he was, "Dennis, Dawn doesn’t want you in the room while she showers." She paused thinking what he might be saying if he could talk and framed a reply to his imaginary question, "It’s your own fault, if you hadn’t open the door you could have sneaked in, now you’ll have to stay outside."

"I’ll give you a call when I’ve finished," Dawn walked into the bathroom.

"Dennis," Cordelia called, "You can come into my room, I’m going to get changed."

Her bedroom door opened before she got there, "Thanks Dennis," and shut behind her. More than one guy or gal had been entranced at her stripping in here, not realising as her clothes slid off her she wasn’t dancing for her evening’s fuck alone and if she didn’t have company, Dennis got the full view to himself. The young porn star positioned herself in the middle of the room and seductively peeled off her blouse, sliding it gracefully down her arm. She wasn’t sure where Dennis was, so she wiggled her titties in a random direction and moved her hands round to unhook the black lacy bra. Her big boobs bounced out. They jiggled some more as she swayed hands on hips; Reaching for her jean buttons she slowly undid them, continuing to wiggle her body, knowing if Dennis hadn’t been dead he’d have been rock hard. The jeans slid down her creamy thighs and she stepped out of them.

"Enjoying it Dennis, bet you’re glad you didn’t sneak into the shower now, you wouldn’t have been able to see anything through the steamed glass anyway," Cordy purred. Her fingers slid under the elastic of her thong and she slid it down exposing her shaven slit and the small starred tattoos bursting out of it. She rubbed herself, giving Dennis one last tease, before spinning round and taking the robe off the back of her door, "That’s all folks."

After she shrugged on the robe Cordy turned round; her fave strap-on was floating in the air or more accurately being held in the invisible ghostly hands of Dennis. Cordy shook her head slowly, "Sorry Dennis, I know she’s cute, but I also know that her big sister would kill me if I banged her."

The straps on the toy unbuckled as if by magic and the dildo floated towards Cordelia. She laughed and pushed it away as Dennis pushed back her robe and tried to buckle the leather straps round the top of her thighs. "Yes, I know she’s just my normal type, having a pulse and being not totally repulsive… okay the pulse is probably optional if I’m horny, but Buffy is a Slayer – not a gal I want to get on the wrong side off."

The dildo backed mournfully away, Cordelia could almost hear the silent ghost’s sighs, he did so enjoy watching Cordy with company.

"I’m finished," Dawn called from the main room.

Making sure her robe was tied and, more importantly, Dennis wasn’t following with the strap-on, Cordy walked into the main room. Dawn was sitting on the couch, still drying her hair with one towel and with another wrapped round her body. She looked up, "Shower’s free."

"Okay, I see you found some towels, " said Cordy. She paused and looked at the teen; Dennis was right Dawn was exactly her type; cute looking, with a nice pair of lickable looking titties nestling beneath the towel, her thighs sleek and firm and a smile that made the porn star’s pussy water. When she had been living in Sunnydale Cordy had never thought of women in that way, she was probably even a little homophobic she had to admit. But you can’t be a porn star unless you do girl on girl and Cordy had very quickly decided she wanted to be a star. For her first lesbian experience she’d been nervous, her second time she realised she loved it and wanted to do more. Both on film and in her personal life she happily swung both ways. Looking at Dawn it was so tempting to make a move, but Cordy resisted it; she’d ring Buffy tomorrow, for the moment … "I’ll take a shower now."

Turning round to where she thought Dennis was she added, "You stay here, get Dawn a cola or something from the fridge."

"A coke would be nice," said Dawn, she wasn’t sure where to look when talking to the invisible Dennis so she continued to look in the direction of Cordy, surreptitiously checking out the brunette, trying to picture the naked body beneath her robe. She couldn’t believe Buffy had never told her of Cordelia’s career change; if she had Dawn would have devoured enough of ‘Charisma’s’ movies to know exactly what she looked like under the fluffy robe. She continued to look as Cordelia turned and walked in the bathroom, her hips swaying and her butt wiggling in a way that got Dawn’s juices up.

A glass of coke floated through the air and to Dawn’s hands. She sipped the cool drink and put it on the table as the widescreen television switched on in front. She pulled a face, a late night weather forecast wasn’t what she’d pick for entertainment, especially in LA – sunny today, sunny tomorrow, "Boring," she said, "Anything else on?"

Even as she was speaking Dennis had opened a cupboard next to the TV, inside it the shelves were filled with DVDs. Dawn watched as one of the boxes slid out of its space and seemingly opened itself. The DVD itself headed floated down towards the player, whilst the box hurtled through the air to land on the sofa. Dawn picked it up and smiled, "’The Charisma Collection Volume 3: Charisma – Lezbe friends’. Good choice Dennis, let’s see what Cordelia being doing since she left Sunnydale."

The first movie on the DVD was pretty standard, if any porn involving a woman who Dawn had known when she was twelve, could be called that. Cordelia, or ‘Charisma’ and another girl woke up naked next to each other and within moments the covers were off so that the viewer could watch as they nibbled titties, sixty-nined and toyed each other’s sweet snatches. Cordy’s tongue jammed down the other woman’s slit. It made Dawn hot and she squeezed her legs together, pushing a finger between her thighs to rub at her spot through the towel, the juice from her cunt would be indistinguishable on it from the water from the shower - Cordelia would never know.

In the second scene Cordelia was joined by two other young women; Cordy and another brunette seducing and sharing a redhead, first kissing and undressing her, taking a tittie each in their mouths, before the three of them slurped cunt and moved into a triangular sixty-nine. Dawn felt herself beneath the towel; it was so hot that she felt like she was going to explode with horniness – the lesbian threesome reminding her so much of the fun she’d had with her own romp with the college girls.

If that scene had left Dawn’s pussy itching with lust the third scene made it burn so hot that there was almost flames sprouting from the towel. It started tame enough with a few minutes of talking as Cordelia comforted a tall blonde girl over a falling out with her boyfriend. Dawn’s pussy almost began to steam as they started to kiss and grope each other, Cordy’s mouth on the blonde’s tits and going down to her pussy. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Cordelia had a strap-on and was bouncing on top of the blonde, thrusting it into her twat, the camera zooming into show the toy sliding between the lips in graphic close-up. Dawn pulled her towel up and rubbed at her cunt, entranced by the scene.

It got hotter. Cordelia stood up and helped the blonde move onto her hands and knees. Dawn’s eyes widened and her mouth agape as the woman she had known as a Sunnydale schoolgirl took her strap-on in one hand and inserted it in the butt of her co-star. Dawn’s slit went molten and she rubbed at it hard as she watched Cordy pound in and out of the blonde’s ass, the brunette’s large tits wobbling and bouncing as she hammered the dildo vigorously into the anal chute. The blonde was screaming in enjoyment and Cordelia was whooping and grunting, looking like she was giving her all. Dawn slid a finger into her own slit; it was soaking and sensitive to the touch making her quiver as she pushed the digit in and out in time with Cordelia’s on screen thrustings.

It was over too soon, the two on-screen porn stars embracing and kissing in a passionate hug as the screen faded to blue. Dawn was far from sated; seeing Cordy give anal was one of the hottest things she’d seen, even hotter than seeing her old friend Janice blow a couple of guys behind the gym. The teen kept fingering her cunt as she waited for the next scene. The break between the scenes seemed to last forever, the blank screen showing only her reflection, legs spread, the towel fallen to cover only her waist, her tits shuddering as she panted and shook.

It was worth waiting for, there was no lead-up just Cordelia/Charisma walking naked out onto a patio filled with about a dozen other young women. The brunette got down on her knees and proceeded to slurp the pussy of the girl nearest her, around them the other porn stars finger their slits as they clustered round Cordy, hemming her in. Cordy moved to another woman’s pussy and the black girl she’d been eating started to jack a finger hard in the hole Cordelia’s tongue had just vacated. "Ooooh," gasped Dawn in surprise and pleasure as the black woman’s cunt spurted out lady-cum, all over Cordy. The brunette grunted in pleasure as she was drenched in girl juice and then threw back her head as the blonde she was eating followed her fellow porn star in squirting, hosing her juice all over the pretty face of the ex-Sunnydale High cheerleader.

On the couch Dawn was thrusting her finger into her own pussy as fast and as hard as on screen, whether by accident or design Dennis had picked just the movie to turn her totally on. She gasped and moaned as she watched Cordelia get drenched in girl cum, as porn actress after actress ejaculated over her, and even when they’d done it once they’d return to fingering and stimulating themselves until they were ready to gush again. Cordelia stopped licking and just sat on her knees, with her head back as the women took turns on standing over her and squirting their juice into her face, the cum splattering against her nose and into her mouth and down her chin. Cordelia squealed in pleasure with each blast.

"Now, that’s the kinkiest thing I’ve done – squirt bukkake."

Dawn turned, her face reddening and her hands moving to cover, rather than finger, her cunt. Cordelia was standing a few feet away, wrapped in her robe. The teen blushed, "Sorry. Dennis put it on."

"I don’t mind, I make them for people to watch and jack-off to," smiled Cordy, "I’d be more disappointed if you were sitting there looking bored."

"I wasn’t bored," said Dawn, still blushing.

"I could see that," smiled Cordelia.

Seeing the teen sitting, her towel round her midriff and her firm young tits on display, with the aroma of her arousal filling the air Cordelia had to remind herself how pissed off Buffy would be if Cordy touched her little sister. She was about to turn her head, forcing herself to look away, when Dawn nervously moved her hand away from her slit and gave Cordelia a look at the shaven slot, wet with lust and so tight and pink looking. It made Cordelia think again, Buffy’s far away and I’m not sure I liked her that much anyway. The older brunette moved in front of the screen, blocking the picture. She undid her robe and let it drop. Dawn’s gave a small gasp and her eyes bugged out of her head. Cordelia smiled, "So do you think I look better in the flesh," she stepped away sideways, re-revealing the on-screen her face deep in wet pussy, "or in the movies."

"Oh, definitely live," nodded Dawn as if it was a serious question that required a definitive answer.

Shrugging off the robe Cordy went to kneel down next to Dawn so close that her knee was touching Dawn’s naked leg. She let her fingers move closer, walking them over the teen’s thigh. The older brunette smiled, "You didn’t say whether you enjoyed your lesbian sex."

Dawn’s eyes looked down at the finger’s crawling over her and she opened her legs wider, exposing her beautiful slot. "I think we could say that I’ve had fun every time I’ve been with another woman," the teen giggled.

"Buffy would be mad if she knew," said Cordy, her fingers slid down the inside of the thigh and were just inches away from Dawn’s hole.

"I won’t tell if you don’t," smiled Dawn, she leant back and groaned as Cordy’s fingers moved into her slit. She was warm and wet and getting warmer and wetter as Cordy moved her hand back and forth, her digits skidding over the teen’s walls and exploring the hole. Dawn stretched, fully opening her legs so that one was draped over Cordy’s knee and the other was dangling over the other end of the couch. She giggled as the brunette’s fingers went in deeper, "Dennis – is he still here?"

"He will be," replied Cordy softly her head moving towards Dawnie’s titties, "I can tell him to leave if you want."

"No," Dawn tittered, "I want him to stay. It’s a big turn-on knowing he’s watching us."

It didn’t surprise her that the slutty teen was an exhibitionist. Not that Cordelia thought different - sex was always enjoyable, but she found it even more fun when she knew Dennis or a camera crew were watching her, and getting as turned on by her performance as she was. She would have said this, but her mouth was on Dawn’s titty, sucking at the nipple and sliding it between her teeth. Dawn moaned again, a low murmur of pleasure as Cordy’s pulled at the teat, tugging and stretch it out. "Oh yeah," the teen moaned, "yeah."

Her own hand was down between Cordelia’s legs, the fingers tracing over the flesh as she explored and headed towards the twentysomething’s hot twat. Cordy spread her legs wider, inviting the teen’s fingers in. It was an invitation Dawn was happy to accept, sliding two fingers into the brunette’s snug fuckhole. Dawn’s fingers slid in and out. Cordy bit down at Dawn’s nipples, thinking that Dawn knew how to finger a girl; the teen’s digit were moving fast, sliding over her walls and up against her spot, touching it had with the tips and making it sing. "Oh yeah, fuck, that’s good," Dawn moaned. Cordy knew how to use her fingers as well. And her tongue and her teeth.

The older girl’s mouth moved down, from the teen’s nipples to the bottom of her breasts and below. She pushed her back so that Dawn was leaning against the armrest, her legs open. One hand was gripping the headrest, the other dropped from Cordy’s cunt, at least for the moment, and dangled over the edge, her knuckles brushing at the floor. Dawn gave a lust filled giggle as the porn stars tongue came out and traced a line slowly down to her midriff to her belly-button. She paused there for a moment, licking round the indent, tasting the tang of the metal ring and the sweetness of the skin. Down below her finger was tickling at the clit, teasing the bud with the tip; it reacted to her touch quivering at the wall and making Dawn gasp and moan, shaking with pleasure, "Oh fuck, Cordelia, oh fuck."

"Mmmnnn, yes, that’s the plan," Cordy looked at the teen. She pushed her finger at the bud, watching Dawn’s face twist in enjoyment.

"Eat my cunt," moaned Dawn, closing her eyes and letting herself quiver.

"It is juicy," Cordy’s head moved down and she took one long, slow, slurp of the teen’s wet hole. Dawn shook harder and made a loud groan. Cordy smiled and looked up again, "but so is mine." She leant back herself, opening her legs and showing her cunt.

Dawn’s eyes opened and she looked at the older brunette, an appreciative look on her face as Cordy moved a couple of fingers down and pried open her hole to show the moist pink within. The teen licked her lips, "It does look good."

"So have you sixty-nined?" asked Cordelia.

Even before Dawn replied her wanton smile answered for her, "Yes."

"Lie back," said the porn star; she stood up, pulling at Dawn’s legs to make the teen slide down the couch, to lie stretched out on it. She looked down at her for a moment, exchanging dirty grins with Dawn as she looked at the teenager’s sexy cunt and knew that Dawnie was lustfully examining her own. "Let’s see what you’ve got," she said.

"I’ve got a lot of tongue" giggled Dawnie and licked her licks. "And a hot slot." Her fingers moved down to spread her hole.

"Don’t tell, Buffy," Cordelia reminded her as she climbed onto the teen. Dawn may have said something in reply, but any response was muffled as Cordy’s cunt was lowered to her mouth. But it was such a succulent hole and Dawn was so wet and turned on that the sound that came from her might not have words, just an appreciative grunt. Cordy’s head lowered down towards the teen’s twat, her fingers reaching out to slide apart the lips and expose the hole between. It was pink and moist, a snack to savour thought the porn star as her face went down and her mouth opened.

Even as her tongue was entering Dawn the teen’s tongue was returning the favour. At the same time her hands were on the older brunette’s butt, squeezing and playing with the round cheeks, so her tongue had to do all the work itself. But Dawn seemed to be coping, pushing and forcing the hole open and shoving her tongue into the tight slit, like a bear going for a honeypot. Cordelia quivered with excitement and pleasure as the tongue roved over her walls and round the damp hole. The teen moved faster and harder; she knew what to do and how to do it, as her hands continued to play with Cordy’s rump, gripping and playing with it like it was dough. Harder and faster, Dawn’s tongue shot up, ramming at Cordy and seeking the spot.

It made Cordy gasp and shudder, it made her own tongue slam and shoot down. She pulled at flesh beside the teen’s pussy harder, opening the lips wider and thrusting her face deeper. Dawn was wet and tasted like candy and her smell was the sensual musk of a woman’s excitement. And she was jiggling and quivering and reacting to every lap and lick, shuddering and shaking and returning the pleasure a hundred fold as her tongue bounced and based in Cordy, dashing over her wet walls and making her erogenous zone thrill. Dawn was good, thought Cordy, as the ecstatic feelings washed at her, she knew what to do with her tongue; sweet, innocent little Dawnie could eat pussy like she was as an experienced a pro as Cordelia had ever filmed with. The teen was hitting her with her tongue, not stopping or pausing, even as she too orgasmed from Cordelia’s licks. The two of them were in perfect partnership, tongues and twats intertwined.

Orgasms rushed through Cordy; thrilling waves of bliss. It made her pussy wetter and wetter and each one left her shaking and shuddering. She was sure Dawn was having the same experience, no matter how hard and fast Cordy’s tongue rammed in slurping up the teenager’s juice, the hole remained soaked. And the more deeper she went, bringing more cum into her mouth as she lapped, the more Dawn’s body quivered beneath her, like a thousand mini-explosions were going off within her. Harder and faster Cordy went until her tongue ached and her cunt was as warm and wet as a tropical forest; Dawnie returning lick for lick. The feelings between her legs got stronger and more intense

"Fuck," gasped Cordy. She lifted her head, her jaw and tongue ached, but it had been worth it. She could taste Dawn and feel the vibrations from her latest orgasm coursing through her. Below her Dawn’s tongue slithered out of her pussy and the teen’s head slumped onto the sofa, her hands leaving the older woman’s butt at the same time. "Fuck, where did you learn to lick cunt like that?" she said and slowly stood up.

"Cheerleader practice?" Dawn shrugged and giggled. Her face was red and her lips and chin shiny with cunt juice and saliva. Her hand slid down to her twat and she rubbed at the hole, as if she was trying to keep the pleasure in place.

Cordelia reached down her hand, "Let’s go to my room," she said as Dawn took it and got to her feet. The brunette turned her head towards a corner, "Coming Dennis?" she giggled. She guessed he was following as still holding hands she and an equally naked Dawn walked into Cordelia’s bedroom.

The carpet was soft on their naked feet, expensive prints hung above a dresser packed with cosmetics and skin cleansers; a number of walk-in wardrobes were set in the wall opposite, filled with shoes and designers dresses. But the room was dominated by the bed - large and luxurious, its sheets and quilts and pillows all a deep, luscious, red. They exuded heat and passion, telling visitors their owner was wanton and willing; it was a bed that had seen plenty of use by Cordelia and both men and women. The porn star turned to Dawn and slid her arms round the teen’s lower back, "Are you still horny?" she asked, sliding her knee up the inside of the teen’s leg.

"I’m always horny – if you look up nymphomaniac in the dictionary it says ‘See Dawn Summers’," tittered the teen. Her own hands moved round the other brunettes waist, shimmying over the hips and onto her back, before sliding down and resting on her round butt, lightly holding the cheeks. Dawn smiled, "So now you’ve got me in your lair are we going to fuck?"

Cordelia grinned back, "I didn’t bring you in here so we could swap funny stories about life in Sunnydale." Her hands moved up and forwards, over the teen’s side and stomach, before ending holding the teen’s curvy titties. She squeezed them, they felt firm but playable, the nubs hardening her fingers touched the areola. Her bent leg continued to massage at Dawn’s, moving higher so that her knee was stroking the inside of thigh and threatening to go higher. Dawn licked her lips, looking at Cordelia with anticipation written on her face. The porn star let one of her hands drop from the teen’s tits and move downwards. Her fingers brushed over the teenager’s cunt; "You’re wet," said Cordy, "and warm."

"Soaking," confirmed Dawn, "and boiling."

She didn’t resist as Cordy turned her and gently pushed her onto the bed. She dropped onto it and turned onto her back, spreading her legs. Her flesh always looked pale, but it seemed even whiter against the deep red; only her shaven slot, pink and open gave her colour. She looked so desirable and ready that Cordy’s pussy danced a fandango. She touched her own cunt, it was damp and buzzing with anticipation. "Stay there," she ordered.

"I’m not going anywhere," Dawn replied, spreading her legs a little wider.

Inside one of the walk in wardrobes there was a set of cupboards; Cordy opened the top one. It contained a selection of toys and lubes; small dildos, large strap-ons, ribbed and straight, butt-plugs and anal beads, jellies and gels, jars and tubes – everything one woman could want for playing with another. The brunette didn’t spend long looking, she knew what she wanted. Dawn was still lying on the bed, her hand between her legs, as Cordy reappeared from the wardrobe with a large double-ended dildo. The older brunette grinned as she waggled it "So what do you think?"

"I think I’m horny and wet and my twat wants something big," giggled Dawn. She pulled a finger out of her cunt and seductively licked it as Cordy got on the bed and moved between the teen’s legs. One hand moved to the younger woman’s hole, and sliding two fingers in, she opened it. Dawn gave a moan and let her head drop back, her long dark hair spreading over the red sheets. Cordy could feel the wetness as, still holding the hole agape, she began to thread the dildo into Dawn’s slot. The teen groaned, "Oh fuck, yes, put it in me. That’s right. That feels good."

"You’re so tight and fuckable," smiled Cordy as she continued to push it up. The teen’s hole was taut, but slick, the dildo went in both easily and gradually; each further inch making Dawn quiver and moan, juice leaking from her hole.

When it was about quarter of the way in Cordy stopped, leaving the toy sticking out from Dawnie’s cunt. Opening her own legs she slid between Dawnie’s thighs, their naked limbs coming together like two open scissors. Cordelia took the dildo in one hand and moved herself so that the tip was pressing at her cunt. With her fingers she opened her cunt and began to push herself forward, taking the thick toy into herself. It pushed at Dawn as well and teen bucked and grabbed at the sheets, gasping , "Oh yes, good, oh Cordelia."

The teen began to ease her twat forward, taking more of the double-ender in her smooth slot. "Oh yes, oh yes, let’s fuck, oh shit yes." The two Sunnydalians began to move in unison, thrusting forward together forcing the dildo up their wet pussies and rubbing their legs over each other. Dawn gritted her teeth and looked at Cordy, her face a picture of lust, "Oh yes, go faster. Fuck go faster."

Grabbing the bedding to give her purchase Cordelia complied, speeding up and rocking hard at the teen, her thighs gripping at the younger woman’s and ankles twisting round Dawn’s back. The teen matched her, thrust for thrust, her naked body hammering forward, the dildo disappearing deep into her hole. All the time she was screaming and gasping, crying out for more, "Yes, harder, fucking give it me… oh, give it me." Cordelia would never have guessed the teen would turn out to be so enthusiastically loud.

And a performer as well… Cordy wasn’t inexperienced herself, but Dawn had got into the rhythm as quick as a flash and was keeping it up, driving the toy vigorously. The porn star squealed in pleasure as she took the toy deep, Dawn and her slammings combining to drive the double-ender hard at their clits. She gripped the bedding harder, crumpling the sheets between her fingers and leaving it stained with sweat, "Aaaarrrrghhh… fuck, aaaarrggghhh. Let’s go Dawnie, let’s go harder."

"Oh shit, yeah, harder," shrieked Dawnie in reply. Her body thrusted forward, her pussy take the dildo like a python swallowing a rabbit. Cordy was racing to meet her. Their bodies clashed, cunt to cunt, their juicy holes slithering against each other and their cum covering the dildo as they pulled back. The sheet under them was even darker than the rest, soaking with their excitement. They rammed together again and again, vibrating with pleasure as the dildo hit their clits.

"Aaaarrgghh harder. Oh fuck, oh shit, go on."

"Fuck, oooohhh, aaaarrghh, aaargghh. Fuck it, fuck me. Oh God, fuck."

Their titties bounced and jerked as they came together, sweat sliding down their cleavage like molten rivulets. Harder and harder, they hammered, the dildo disappearing between them as their holes greedily gobbled at it. If only Buffy could see us now, thought Cordy, or perhaps it was best she didn’t, she decided as Dawn’s back arched and a streak of cum surged from the teen’s pussy. Cordy’s own twat squirted a reply, the juice shooting out and landing on Dawnie’s mons. The older brunette started to scream in pleasure as the orgasms became too much to contain, "Aaaarrrrghhh, fuuuucckkkk, aaarrrggghhh."

She was dimly aware Dawnie was cumming as well, the teen shrieking like she was ablaze, "Fuuuccckkk… I’m cuuuuummmiinnnggg! Fuuuccckkk! AAAarrrggghh!"

They continued thrusting at each other, ramming through the orgasms, squirting their juice over the bed and the toy and each other. Soon they were sticky and soaked and it was impossible to tell which of the liquid glazing their naked bodies was their own and which was the others. And still they continued, ramming at each other like goats butting heads, legs intertwined and twisted, shaven slits rubbing at each other – lips quivering. Dawn was a marvel; insatiable, sluttish, skilled, Cordy decided, she fucked with a confidence and strength that left porn star stunned and exhilarated. The porn star squirted again, screaming as the orgasm tore at her, "Aaaarrrghhhh, yesssssss, aaaarrrghhhh"

"Ooooooohhhhh," Dawnie gasped in response, her mouth opened wider and her head shot back like she’d been punched "Fuuuccckkk, oooooohhh, aaaaarggghh!"

The two women collapsed apart on the bed, panting and sweating, the double-ender soaked with cum lying between them. "That was something…" moaned Dawn.

"Yes," agreed Cordy, trying to get her breath back, "I never imagined that I’d bang Buffy Summers’ little sister or that she’d be so fuckable. My cunt is still totalled."

"MMmnnn yeah, I’m not so sweet and innocent now," said a naked, cum soaked Dawn. She twisted her head to one side "What’s Dennis doing?" she smiled.

Turning her head to follow the teen’s gaze Cordy saw a strap-on floating in the air, coming towards her. "No Dennis," she said without too much conviction as the straps on it opened and started to fix it to the top of her thighs and round the small of her back.

"I’m with your friendly ghost…" Dawn spread her legs again and moved her finger to touch her hole, "I want a big rubber dick…oh…." she paused and giggled as she saw what Dennis was bringing next from the wardrobe, "Anal lube…"

Cordy shrugged helplessly as the top unscrewed and a globule of gel miraculously lifted itself from the floating jar and began to spread itself over the large ten-inch toy, "Dennis loves watching me take girls up the ass…" she turned to the ghost, "Dennis stop that… Dawnie doesn’t want to do that…"

The teen tittered and rolled on her front, opening her legs in a V-shape, "Oh, I never said that. I’ve had a guy bang my butt, but I’ve never been ass fucked by another woman. I want to try it."

"You sure?" asked Cordelia. Even as she spoke she mentally kicked herself for asking; she shouldn’t be giving her a chance to back out - the teen’s ass was so cute and screwable.

Luckily Dawn just giggled and put her hands on her cheeks, wobbling the firm buttocks and exposing her puckered back hole, "I want a big rubber dick in my asshole."

"Good, cos I want to stick it there," replied Cordy.

Another globule of gel was slapped onto the toy and rubbed down by Dennis’s invisible hands. "That’s enough," said the brunette holding out her hand to stop him. The toy was coated with gel, greased enough that’d it would slide up a virgin’s ass with ease – and Dawn’s butt certainly wasn’t that, not if what the teen had been saying was true. Cordy turned towards her, "Are you ready to be anally fucked? Are you ready for this large toy in your tight little butt-socket?"

"Yes," giggled the teen. She lifted her butt in the air, leaning forward on her elbows, "Fuck it Cordy, fuck it hard."

Cordelia’s hands were on the younger Summers’ cheeks, pulling them apart. The hole looked so tightly closed that it would need a hammer and chisel to open it. But Cordy knew looks could be deceiving. She pulled the buttocks wider, stretching them apart like she was opening a stiff box lid. The hole between spread slightly; not much, just a tiny easing of the puckered skin creating a hole a pencil would struggle to fill. It was enough for Cordy to take advantage and she pushed her cock into it. The toy nestled in the dent as she prepped herself, adjusting the toy so that it’s hilt was directly over her pussy, moving onto her knees so that she was in the best position behind the teen and placing her hands on Dawn’s waist for grip.

"MMmmnnnn fuck me," the teen quivered in anticipation, wiggling her ass enough to entice Cordy, but not enough to accidentally dislodge the tip of the toy from her chute, "Fuck me Cordelia, fuck my ass."

"Totally," said Cordy and began to thrust forward.

"Arrrrgghhh," Dawn let out a yowl as her hole was banged open. He body rocked forward and then back, quaking as the gelled up dildo went in. Cordy shoved again, ramming the toy further in and hammering Dawnie forward like a spring. The teen squealed again, a high-pitched squeak, mixing pain and pleasure. She sprung back as Cordy withdrew, like she was trying to keep the retreating dildo deep in her for a few moments more. Cordy gripped her harder, keeping her in place and she came forward again, driving the toy deeper in. "AAArrrghhh, yessss," Dawnie’s screamed like a klaxon.

"Fuck yes," groaned Cordy, "I know what you mean." Her own pussy was feeling it, the rub of the toy against it stimulating and exciting. She rammed harder and deeper, gasping in pleasure as the pressure of Dawn’s ass forced the dildo’s haft at her cunt. Wet juice oozed from her hole. She gripped Dawn’s, pressing her fingers into the teen’s skin and rammed again; more of the greased up dildo entered the younger brunette, vanishing up the tight asshole. Dawn’s siren like scream was loud and passionate, Cordy’s grunt was lower and quieter, but no less lust filled. "That’s it. God Dawnie, you’re so fuckable. Take all my dildo."

"I want it all. I want the full length," gasped the teen, "Fuck my ass all the way."

The next push propelled the dildo deeper in and the next rammed it even further. The teen squealed at each blow, moving to meet them as Cordy rammed forward. "Fuck, fuck," she screamed, her long brunette hair sweeping across her back and the bed, "Give it me all, fuck me deep."

Cordelia went down again and again and again, each time sending more of the dildo up the teen bottom, until it was going all the way in and the teen was screaming in pleasure as Cordy’s thighs hammered at her buttocks.

And then the older brunette really started to fuck the younger one.

She rammed down strong and fast, pounding against Dawn’s sweet cheeks, leaving them as red as the thighs that slapped hard against them. Her dildo sank all the way, spearing into the teen and making her shriek in orgasmic ecstasy as it hit her spot from behind in a series of speedy thumps. And the more vigorously Cordy slammed and hammered the more the strap-on hit her own cunt, making her shudder in paroxysms of delight. She panted with exertion and cried in pleasure, all at the same time, enjoying the tightness of Buffy Summer’s little sister.

"Fuucccckkk, yessss, fuuucckkk," Dawnie was screaming loudly as well, the sweet teen shrieking in pleasure as she was anally defiled, shuddering as her asshole was rammed open by one of her older sister’s ex-classmates. The teen gripped her hands together, clenching the fists and shuddering, her body arching and bending as the orgasms took control, "Give it me. Bang my ass, bang it like I’m a whore. It’s your fuckhole, it’s yours to fuck!"

Sweat dripped from Cordelia, and cum. The teen in front exuded both as well; so much between them that the bedding was soaked and stained like it had been dropped in a puddle. Their hair plastered to their skins, Cordy’s short and stylish stuck to her forehead, Dawn’s longer and wilder was sticking to her back and cheeks and down over her face. She looked a mess, but Cordy didn’t care, all that mattered was how sweet the teen’s ass was, how sexy and delicious and how Dawnie screamed and panted as Cordy hammered home.

"Yesssssss, aarrrrggghhh, fuuuucccckkk!" Dawnie shrieked, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I’m yours, just fuck me."

"Good girl, let me bang you. Yes, oh, yes. That’s right. Take it like a pro. Take it good," Cordy said. Her breath came in pants and her sentences were short. She didn’t think Dawn minded, the teen was screaming and shaking like she was orgasming, not like she was judging Cordy on her sex talk. Cordy took a breath and rammed again, "That’s good Dawnie. You’re a fucking slut. You’re a pro. I’ve banged worse on film."

"Aaaaaarrrghhh, aaaaargghhh, fuuuuucckkk, shiiiittttt!" Dawn swore like a trooper and came like an express train.

Cordy rammed into the teen, thrusting Dawnie into orgasmic overdrive and making her scream so hard that her vocal chords were at risk of snapping like a piece of taut elastic. It felt so good to be fucking her, no matter what Buffy might think, that Cordy could have died and she’d have gone to heaven (or hell) content. But she didn’t die, though her heart was hammering so hard it was like it was going to burst out. She did however cum.

"Uuurrrrrrhhhh, oooohhhh, aaaaaarggghhh," Cordy grunted and moaned and squealed as the pleasure exploded in her like she was bikini atoll; it raced through her, blowing her nerves and making her muscles tense and relax all at once and turning her brain to mush, "Aaaaarrrghhh, ooooooohhhhh, urrrrrrrrhhhhhhh."

They lay on the bed, panting and groaning, still stunned from the pleasure and not caring about how damp the satin sheets below them were. Dawn moved enough that she could slide her head over Cordy’s outstretched arm and rest on her shoulder, "I loved that. You’re the best ass fuck I’ve had."

"You weren’t bad," admitted Cordy, smiling.

"About Buffy?" asked Dawn, kissing at Cordy’s shoulder blade.

"I think you both need a break, we can ring her in a week. Or perhaps two."

"Even three," giggled Dawn and her head started going lower.

"Four maybe," said Cordy as the teen’s mouth opened…


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