Playing Games

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Playing Games – Recycled Memories

Xander had just arrived at the Summers’ place when Dawn grabbed his hand, pulled him upstairs and into her room before closing the door and climbing onto his lap.

Wrapping his arms around her he rocked and hummed something soothing while he rubbed her back. He wasn't sure what was wrong but this had always helped Willow. Of course Willow had been his age and not dressed in just a night shirt. He could feel her body heat through the thin shirt and smell the fresh scent that might as well just be labeled girl.


“I sense a serious case of the dumps,” Xander announced as he rocked Willow in his arms in her darkened room.

Willow grumbled something too low for him to hear.

“Looks like Dr. Xander is going to have to treat this the old fashioned way,” the young boy decided aloud.

Willow didn't say anything but she was listening and wondering what he was planning to cheer her up when the hands that had been stroking her back started to wander...

“The sides seem a mite ticklish,” he said as his fingers grazed her sides making her twitch but she remained stubbornly silent.

Xander slid his hand under her shirt and caressed her stomach, making her heart pound and causing her to breathe heavily but she didn't complain or offer any resistance.

Determined to get a response from his normally very reactive friend he slowly slid his hand upward, nervously waiting for a signal from her to stop.

Willow squeezed him as he cupped her breast, his palm caressing her nipple.

As he gently kneaded Willow's breast he became aware of how heavy they were both breathing and that he'd become painfully hard. Not that getting hard was a big shocker, he'd gotten random hardons for the last year or so, but this one was because of and pressed against, Willow!

One of Willow's hands cupped his own as she encouraged his ministrations and guided him through what she liked.

He almost whimpered as she shifted around and grabbed his other hand, guiding it under her shirt as well while unconsciously pressing herself against him. He was more than happy to accept her guidance, having no real idea what he was doing and Willow's moans made it even harder to think than he grinding against him.

One of her hands came off his and her butt lifted off him for a moment before she guided his right hand downward between her legs which now were lacking underwear.  “Yes!” Willow hissed throatily as Xander's fingers were engulfed in heat and moisture.

His left hand twitched involuntarily, making her moan and arch her back which drove a pair of his fingers deep inside her pussy.

As she guided him to faster and faster movements it finally hit him what he was doing – he was fingering Willow's pussy. He was finger banging his best female friend!

“Yes Xander, just like that!” She moaned anxiously and he found himself approaching orgasm as well.

The feel of his Willow writhing against him, the smell of her arousal and the sound of her moans were all intensely erotic.

“Cum for me!” he begged, whispering in her ear.

That was apparently all the shy redheaded girl needed to hear as she shuddered and tensed up, moaning his name and clamping down hard on his hand before collapsing against him bonelessly.

He involuntarily whined, having almost been there himself.

Despite the tangle of underwear at her knees, Willow quickly managed to wriggle down and free Xander's cock from his pants.

She'd never done anything remotely similar to what she was about to do and probably would have tried to blow air into it because of the description so it was probably for the best that Xander came as soon as she managed to get the head in her mouth.


Xander hissed as he came, as she instinctively suckled like a baby at a breast, making him whimper a little. He blinked a few times and realized he was in Dawn's bedroom and he had just reenacted his first sexual encounter with the 12 year old younger sister of the Slayer.

He was sooooo dead!

The young girl chose that moment to grab his free hand, his other being entangled in the hair at the back of her head, and drug it back to her pussy once more. As his left hand went to work her pussy lips being so warm and inviting he felt himself grow hard in her mouth.

He was so going to hell he decided as he carefully lay down and moved Dawn so she was straddling his face. As his tongue slid inside the young girl's pussy and her moans vibrated his cock in her mouth, he ceased to think about anything but what he was doing.


Dawn had been so despondent earlier, a combination of a half dozen things; the move, losing her friends, the new school, Hank no longer around, and a really crummy day where everything just seemed to go wrong getting to her that she'd just crawled into bed as soon as she'd gotten home.

Xander had stopped by to see Buffy when Dawn had finally shown signs of life and drug him off, much to Joyce's amusement.

“She can't just kidnap my friends,” Buffy complained halfheartedly.

“You have Mr Gordo for when things got tough and you needed to clear your head, Dawn has Xander,” Joyce said amused at the jealousy her eldest was showing.

“Ummm,” Buffy turned beet red when she realized what she'd done with Mr Gordo to cheer herself up at times.

“I doubt she'll use Xander for the same purpose,” Joyce said dryly.

“I um er,” Buffy stuttered, “she might!”

“Give her an hour,” Joyce ordered. “If she hasn't returned him by then I'll mount a rescue party.”

“Okay,” the slayer said, admitting she may be overreacting a little.

One hour later…

Joyce peeked her head in the door, her nose wrinkling at the smell. “Okay, Buffy was right,” she admitted as she crept into the room and gave Xander a shake as he lay sleeping with Dawn partially wrapped around him, a happy smile on her face.

“Ummm,” Xander began wondering what he could possibly say.

“Shhh, don't wake her,” Joyce said gently untangling the two.

Xander was very happy to see that his pants and her panties were back in place as he tucked the blankets in around her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Joyce smiled at him as they exited, quietly closing the door behind them. “Thank you,” Joyce said, “she had a really bad day and you were just what she needed to put a smile on her face.”

“Uhh I err...” he stuttered.

“She's at that age,” Joyce said interrupting him. “Thank you for not making a big deal about it or making her feel bad,” she said, assuming Dawn had just rubbed herself against him until she came.

“Any time?” Xander offered a confused look on his face.

Joyce laughed. “I'll give her the talk and after she's blushed herself out she should calm down, but seriously thank you for being there for her.”

“Any time,” Xander said firmly, thanking God that Joyce was the most understanding mom in existence. “Bathroom,” he said, excusing himself to rinse out his mouth with mouthwash, because regardless of how understanding she was she probably didn't want to smell Dawn's pussy on his breath.

AN: The basic concept is that the way they inserted Dawn into the timeline may have had some unintentional effects…


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