Life is Change

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Xander awoke to the feel of a cool vampire body pressed up against his back, it felt very pleasant in the overheated hotel room.  He lay still for a few moments, revelling in the feel of awakening in Spike's arms once again before remembering the strange goings on earlier that day.  Lying very still he slowly cracked his eyelids open and peered across to the other bed.  Thankfully it was empty and Xander wondered for a moment if the whole thing had been some kind of weird dream.  Then he felt Spike raise himself up onto one elbow to look across and check the other bed for uninvited occupants.

"They're gone"  he confirmed and as the vampire moved to get up he swung his own legs over the side of the bed and sat up facing the now animal free bed opposite.  Standing he gazed down at the rumpled covers on the bed, he could clearly see that two large shapes had been laid out on the bed but there was nothing else to show that their visitors had been real.  He ran his hand over the covers in wonder, he couldn't enter Willow and Tara's place without picking up hair from Miss Kitty, but here they'd had two large predators sleep the day away on this bed without so much as a single shed hair.

He turned to Spike, "not a trace."

"Well, I'll say this, life is never dull with you around pet."

Xander just shrugged and started rummaging around in his bag before straightening up again with the dissertation in his hand.  Soon Xander was curled up against the headboard of the bed with Spike beside him looking over his shoulder as he shuffled through the pages searching for the chapter on spirit guides.  He soon found the necessary page and they settled down together in companionable silence to read about their visitors.

"So they appear in order to warn of danger."  Spike looked up from reading first.

Xander continued reading for a short while until reaching the end of the chapter. "I'm guessing it was the hyena in the parking lot that scared off the mugger."

"Looks like it, but why did they appear today?"

"Maybe they just wanted to introduce themselves, it seemed like a pretty relaxed visit."

Spike just stared at him, "you call that relaxed?"

"Well on their part, yes."

"Hmm."  Spike wondered if he would ever understand the workings of the scooby mind.

"We should call Willow and tell her all about this."

Spike agreed, "sure, we've got about an hour to kill until sunset anyway."  He spoke without looking at his watch and Xander, checking his own watch, was amazed once more at the vampire's sensitivity to the world around him.

Sitting on the edge of one bed he gestured Spike over and dialled the Magic Box putting the phone on speaker before placing it on the bedside cabinet where they could both hear and take part in the conversation.

"Magic Box, how can I help you."  They heard Giles' cultured tones as the Englishman answered the ringing phone.

"Hi Giles, it's Xander and Spike, is Willow around?"

"She is, hold on a moment."  They heard the muffled sound of Giles calling across the shop to Willow before his voice returned.  "Do you mind if I put you on speaker."

"No problem, we've got it on speaker at this end."

They heard a change in the carrier signal from the phone as Giles switched to speaker mode and then a click as the handset was replaced. 

"Xander, Spike, how are you both."  Willow's excited voice rang around the hotel room, sounding slightly out of breath, she'd obviously run across the shop floor in her eagerness to speak to them.

"We're fine Red."  Spike now took a part in the conversation, pleased to be included in Willow's greeting.  "Something strange happened earlier today, we thought we should let you know about it."

"Willow, have you read chapter 10 of the dissertation yet?"  Xander asked

They heard papers rustling at the other end for a long moment before they heard Willow squeal with excitement.

"Spirit Guides, is that what scared off your mugger Xander?"

"We think so, well probably just mine, although they both showed up in the hotel room this morning."  Anything more Xander might have said was drowned out by the excited shriek down the phone line.


"Careful Willow” Xander and Spike both flinched as sensitive hearing objected to the high pitched sound of girlish glee.

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't hurt you did I."  Willow was obviously trying to control her excitement in order to avoid injuring vampire or Sentinel hearing.

"No, we're fine, don't worry about it."

"OK, so you said both, so you each have a spirit guide?"

"Yes," Xander kept to a single syllable answer knowing how much it must be driving Willow crazy to have to wait for the information.  Just a small payback for his ringing eardrums.

"OK Mister, give, what animals are they?"  Willow knew just what game Xander was playing and was not averse to demanding the information she wanted.

"Spike's is a white tiger."  Xander still held back, knowing just how loud Willow's reaction to his spirit guide was likely to be.

"That is so cool, congratulations Spike."

"Thanks Red."

"And what about yours Xander?"

Xander put his fingers in his ears and gestured for Spike to do the same.  Confused Spike decided to follow Xander's lead and did as instructed.

"Mine's a hyena."  Xander barely got the words out before they heard Willow's shocked squeal even through their plugged ears.


"Calm down Willow, it was almost inevitable if we'd thought about it."

"Can someone explain to the uninitiated what a spirit guide is?"  Dawn asked, sounding more than a little put out at being left out of the conversation.

"Sorry Nibblet."  Spike spoke up assuming it was now safe to remove his fingers from his ears, so undignified, "it's a Sentinel thing, they're spirit animals, they look, sound, smell real but after they've gone there's no trace left, no shed hair or anything.  They apparently appear as a warning of danger, but we think they were just introducing themselves today."

"So, let me get this straight, a tiger and a hyena appeared in your hotel room and you didn't run screaming down the street, I think you boys need to work on your survival instincts."  Despite her words Dawn sounded vaguely amused.

"Hey, what can I say Dawnie, Hellmouth born and raised."

"Oy, vampire here, wild animals, a lot less scary than sunlight."  Spike spoke up in his own defence.

"Yes, yes, well thank you for keeping us apprised of the situation, we'll let you get on your way.  Drive carefully."  As Giles brought the call to a close Spike and Xander could hear Willow, Dawn and Tara all calling out their own farewells and good wishes for the nights driving ahead of them.  It seemed that even after Buffy's softening of the night before she was still somewhat angry at them both and her voice was not heard bolstering those of her friends.

After closing the call Xander and Spike worked quickly to tear down the makeshift blackout curtains and to get all their belongings packed away again before finally grabbing a quick meal, sandwiches for Xander and blood for Spike, they quickly emptied the remaining contents of the small fridge into the coolers, loaded the car and headed off, back on the road to Cascade.

The drive was quiet as they headed out of Vacaville and they were soon on the I-505 heading north.  Xander was just thinking that maybe Willow's reaction to his spirit guide had been put down to the usual Willow weirdness when Spike spoke and dashed all his hopes.

"So, what's the significance of the hyena?"

"Ahh, you noticed that then."  Xander sounded slightly sheepish, he should have known he'd never get one over on the hyper-observant vampire at his side.

"You could say that, yeah."  Spike had put his finger in his ear and comically waggled it as though trying to clear a ringing eardrum.

"Come on Pet, the highlight of the next 470 miles will be merging from the I-505 to the I-5, sounds like you've got an interesting tale to liven the journey."

"OK, but you have to promise not to laugh."  Xander was reluctant to open himself up to ridicule, but after the conversation during the previous nights drive he knew he had to demonstrate how deeply he truly trusted Spike.

"Well, I can make that promise, but do you really think I'll be able to keep it."  Spike responded with total honesty.

"Probably not."  Xander admitted before launching into the tale.

"It was the year, before you came to Sunnydale.  The school ran a field trip to the zoo,  the hyena pens were off limits, some kind of quarantine.  We saw the class mean kids ducking under the tape and taking Lance with them."

At Spike's questioning look Xander clarified.

"Lance, he was this kind of nerdy guy, the mean kids, there were four of them, Kyle was the leader, can't even remember the other ones names.  Well anyway, they used to pick on everyone, but Lance was one of their favourite targets.  I went to go try and help, Buffy and Willow were about to follow when the zoo keeper stopped them.  I got to the cage just in time to see Kyle and his friends trying to feed Lance to the hyenas.  I pulled him away and pushed him towards the exit from the exhibit, we heard the hyena growl and then her eyes flashed green and..."  Xander paused in his recital, lost momentarily reliving the feeling of that long ago day.

"It was the strangest thing.  One moment everything was fine, next I wasn't in full control of my body."

"You were possessed?  I've heard stories, Primals in Africa taking on the attributes of wild predators.  But they need all kinds of rituals."

"Yeah, the zoo keeper, he was a Primal, he had this mystical symbol painted out on the floor of the viewing area.  You can imagine how pissed he was, a group of teenagers had managed to do what he couldn't."

"So what happened, you obviously managed to get un-possessed again."

"Un-possessed, is that even a word."

"Quit stalling and make with the story."

"I was possessed, I started running with Kyle and his crowd, I was the alpha in our pack though, they all deferred to me.  I was a real jerk, I was really mean to Willow, I can't believe she ever forgave me, and I kept sniffing Buffy's hair."

"You sniffed Buffy and lived!"  Spike interrupted, trying and failing to control the laughter bubbling up inside him.

"It wasn't funny."  Xander sounded somewhat cross, but had to see the funny side of it.  "Well actually that part was, but what happened next wasn't."


"We ate Herbert."

Suddenly all inclination to laugh left Spike.  "Herbert?"

"Principal Flutie bought him as a mascot for the football team, Go Razorbacks!  He was just a piglet, I'd seen Buffy holding him earlier in the day.  He freaked out when he saw me, I guess it's true what they say, animals can sense evil."

Spike began to think he should change the subject, he could see how much this was affecting Xander and was wishing he hadn't pushed.

"Principal Flutie, I don't think I met him."

"No, you wouldn't have."

At Xander's flat tone Spike realised that maybe his attempt to change the subject hadn't been entirely successful.

Seeing no way out that wouldn't leave a giant elephant in the room he had to ask.  "What happened to him?"

"They ate him."

Spike winced, he'd been pretty sure what was coming but having it confirmed was still a shock.

"Just them, you didn't..."  Spike trailed off, there was no polite way to ask the question but he needed to know the answer.

"No, Kyle and his lot were the prime suspects in Herbert's death, Principal Flutie caught up with them and hauled them off to his office.  No while they ate him I was in Herbert's room trying to rape Buffy."

Now Spike was really wishing he'd kept his trap shut, Xander had clearly not wanted to talk about this and it was pretty obvious why.

"Jesus Xander, what happened."

"She hit me with a desk and locked me up in the book cage in the library.  Willow stayed to guard me while Buffy and Giles went to speak to the zoo keeper.  They didn't know that although hyenas may separate to sleep off a heavy meal when they wake up they will track down any missing pack member."

Spike was silent, there was nothing he could say, he hung his head briefly before looking up again to watch the silent road ahead.  Much as he wanted never to have started this conversation he could see that Xander seemed to be finding the experience to be a cathartic one.  If he could help his Sentinel, even just by listening to this tale, then he'd do it and deal with the nightmares later.

"Buffy and Giles got back just in time to save Willow, they hatched this plot to lead us back to the hyena pen and pull off a reverse possession with the zoo keepers help.  What they didn't know was that he wanted what we had, the hyena spirit.  He got it too."

"OK, that sounds bad."

"Not really, he only had it for about 30 seconds, then Buffy drop kicked him over the fence into the hyena enclosure and they dealt with him."

"And so Buffy and Willow forgave you."  Spike began to feel that he was on safer ground again.

"Yeah, you see I told them that I couldn't remember any of it."

Spike looked puzzled "I haven't heard that about possession."

"No, Giles hadn't either."  Xander's sheepish tone made his meaning clear.


"Yes, but he understood."

"He kept your secret for you then."


Xander fell silent and after the emotionally charged revelations of the conversation Spike felt that he had every right to do so.  They drove on in silence through the night each thinking on the events Xander had described.  Spike thought he could begin to see where the commanding air that Xander sometimes portrayed when the chips were down really came from.

"So, any significance to the white tiger?"  After the comfortable silence of the previous 50 miles or so Spike was pulled from his musing by Xander's question.

"None that I'm aware of."  He replied carefully, there was something in Xander's manner that convinced Spike he was setting himself up for some kind of fall.

"Ahh, just the peroxide fixation then." And there it was.  Still he owed the kid one after forcing him to talk about the hyena thing.

"Ha Pet, very funny."

"Yeah, I thought so."

That ended the revelations for that nights drive and for the next few hours they drove in mostly silence broken only by light conversation on the route or the occasional sights out of the car windows.  Eventually the road signs showed that they were approaching Eugene and mimicking his actions of the previous night Xander started shuffling through the sheaf of notes provided by Willow to look for a convenient Motel for them to stay in through the daylight hours.

Spotting a Motel 6 within easy reach of the interstate Xander suggested that as a suitable stopping place and Spike agreed.  After all the invasion of their spirit guides into the room could hardly be blamed on the Motel management.  Pretty soon they were off the interstate and pulling into the parking lot of the Motel.  It was a much more rural area than the last place they'd stayed in but noisier due to the close proximity to the Pacific Highway.

Stepping out of the car Spike expressed his concerns.

"Are you going to be alright here?"  He asked "the traffic noise is quite loud, Sentinel hearing might find it a bit much."

Xander listened for a moment, "I think it'll be OK, it should be quieter in the rooms, I'll try to get something round the back."

Heading off to see about a room he turned a called back to Spike with a cocky grin "We could always try out that thing with the dials since you'll be here to supervise."

Spike just waved him off and started unloading the car, without a beating heart vampiric circulation just wasn't what it had been in life and he was glad to be moving around and not cooped up in the car anymore.  By the time Xander returned he had everything unloaded and was ready to set off to the room which Xander had managed to get tucked away around the back of the Motel.  With the whole bulk of the building there to block traffic noise Xander was confident of getting a good days sleep.

They soon found themselves in a room which might have been a carbon copy of the one they where they had spent the previous day.  This time Spike helped Xander to set up the blackout curtains and after they had each enjoyed a nice hot shower they quickly settled down to sleep.  On the off-chance of another visit from their spirit guides they decided to again share one of the beds, after all the beds were plenty big enough and they both found they enjoyed the physical presence of another body even if it was entirely platonic.

It was several hours later that Xander was woken by the strong feeling that they were no longer alone in the room.  Carefully opening his eyes he saw that they had indeed been joined once more by the hyena and the white tiger.  Over the course of the drive from Vacaville he had managed to convince himself that he had exaggerated the size of the two animals.  Looking at them now laid out once again on the bed opposite, comfortable but alert, he realised that they were in fact just as massive as he remembered them, maybe more so. 

Feeling oddly comforted by the animals presence Xander soon drifted back off to sleep, warm and safe in the embrace of his vampiric guide, watched over by his hyena and Spike's tiger.

When Xander next awoke it was to a hand roughly shaking his shoulder.  Instantly coming to full alertness he quickly sat up and scanned the room before finally turning to Spike.

"Something's up Pet."  Spike nodded towards the two spirit animals who were no longer resting on the bed but were instead prowling in front of the hotel room door.  As Xander watched they each prowled back and forth, just a few steps each way, there was no room for more.  Xander also realised he could hear the deep rumbling sound of growling coming from both animals as they snarled at the door.

"Looks like this one isn't just a social call." Xander reached for the long, narrow and very heavy bag that they had hoped not to need on this trip but had kept close while they slept anyway.  Pulling it up on to the bed and placing it between himself and Spike he swiftly pulled open the zip and revealed a small arsenal of weapons.

"Hallelujah!"  breathed Spike  "I like the way you think" and they both started rummaging through the bag looking for their favourite weapons before hurriedly dressing ready to face whatever it was that had their spirit guides spooked.

Not knowing what they were going to be facing Xander decided on a couple of stakes stuffed into the back of the waistband of his jeans, a large hunting knife strapped in a holster on his ankle, several vials of holy water stowed in pockets about his person, a short sword sheathed at his left hip and a mace gripped securely in his right hand.

Spike was similarly equipped with a heavy broadsword hanging at his side and a much larger mace swinging easily from his hand.  Surveying them both Xander felt that they had all the options covered as much as was possible with the limited resources available to them.

Suddenly the animals stopped prowling and were now starring at the door side by side as their growling became significantly louder.  Swiftly Xander and Spike got into position, side by side behind their respective spirit animals.  They didn't have long to wait before a loud thud was heard against the door of the room swiftly followed by another thud and the sound of splintering wood as the door was brutally kicked in and four thugs briefly tangled with the blackout curtain before pouring in and stopping short as they saw the occupants of the room.  Instead of the cowering tourists they were expecting to see they were confronted with two heavily armed men and apparently two large predators.

Spike sniffed the air, almost gagging on the unwashed stink of the men in the room before muttering to Xander "they're human, and on drugs of some kind."

Xander inwardly groaned at the realisation that this could turn out very badly indeed.  He quickly stepped forward and a little to the right moving to cover the chipped vampire behind him.  Spike reluctantly stepped back allowing Xander to cover him.  It went against all his instincts which screamed at him that he should be the defender not the defended.

"Hi guys,"  Xander cheerfully greeted their guests, carefully ignoring the knives being wielded by three of their attackers and the large and old-fashioned revolver wielded by the apparent leader of the group.

The leader of the group, now dubbed Gun-guy by Xander, looked confused, at first he starred in shock at the hyena and tiger growling fiercely at him before deciding it had to be a hallucination and transferring his attention to the men before him.  Seeing the blond man step back he felt emboldened, at least one of these jerks was acting as expected, showing fear and respect for him and his gang, now he just had to make the brown haired jerk aware of the seriousness of his situation.  Unfortunately Gun-guy had no idea just how badly his altered perceptions had misread the situation, still Xander would soon put him right.

"Was there something we could help you with?"  Asked Xander, for all the world as if a neighbour had popped around to borrow a cup of sugar instead of four thugs breaking into the room wielding guns and knives.

"Yeah, give us all your money fag!"  Snarled gun-guy.

"I'm sorry but I think you must have the wrong room."  Gun-guy was feeling more and more confused every time Xander spoke, he just wasn't following the script.  Didn't he know that when armed men broke into your hotel room you were supposed to cower in the corner and offer up all your possessions if only they'd spare your life, not engage in pleasant conversation.

"What do you mean, the wrong room?  Tom on reception told us there were a couple of rich pretty boy fags in room 109, asked 'specially for a quiet room 'round the back.  What was it, need somewhere quiet to get it on?  Disgusting perverts."

"Ahh, good old Tom, well unfortunately he's wrong on all three counts tonight, we're not gay, we're not rich and we're definitely not pretty boys."

This was not going according to plan, Gun-guy decided it was time to take back control of the situation and raising his gun and his voice shouted "Fuck this!  Give us your cash!"

"NO!"  The sudden change in Xander's attitude, from quiet and conversational to a harsh shout put the attackers even more off their stride.

"Fuck this!"  exclaimed Gun-guy again and he stepped forward, finger curling around the trigger of the old gun in his hand, the barrel aimed squarely at the centre of Xander's forehead.  Unfortunately for him this put his arm in easy reach of the large hyena at his feet, he'd dismissed the animal as a hallucination and was about to find out just how wrong he was.  Twisting it's body the hyena reared up and bit down hard on Gun-guy's forearm dragging it down so that the gun was aimed safely at the floor.  Xander's mace arm was already in motion as Guy-guy switched from talk to fight and he brought the mace down squarely on his attackers forearm, just above the hyena's hold.  The bone snapped with a satisfying crunch, the gun dropped to the floor and as the hyena released his mangled arm Gun-guy staggered backwards out of the fight.  One down, three to go.

Seeing the knife wielders hesitate wondering if they really had seen a hallucinatory hyena attack their leader Xander let the mace swing carry on round, using it's weight behind him to counterbalance as his left leg snapped out in a high side kick to the first knife guy's solar plexus knocking him backwards into the wall where he struggled to draw breath back into his lungs.  The momentary respite was over now and the second knife guy stepped forward planning to attack while Xander was off balance, unfortunately for him Xander had never felt more in control of himself and as he brought his foot back down to the ground his mace arm completed it's 360 degree circle and was in perfect position to bring it back down and break second knife guy's arm in exactly the same way as he had done Gun-guys.

Seeing that the only attacker still standing was hanging back Xander waited to see if he would show a little more sense than his friends.  Unfortunately he didn't, unfortunately for the remaining attacker that is, he raised his knife and charged in only to be met by the vicious swipe of a tigers paw, claws fully extended, across his right cheek.  The force of the blow sent him spinning around to fall amongst his friends, hands clutched to the tatters of his face as he screamed while trying to stem the blood flow with his bare hands.

Neither Spike nor Xander noticed this however, they were more concerned about the tiger which had let out a massive roar and flinched back in sudden pain as soon as his claws made contact with the attackers face.  Confident that all their attackers were now out of commission Spike and Xander rushed forward to crouch at the tigers side.  Suddenly realising that they were rushing towards a large predator in extreme pain Spike put out his arm to stop Xander's headlong rush.  He then reached out tentatively to stroke the tiger's head moving slowly and ensuring his hand remained in the animals field of vision at all times.  Under Spike's gentle hand the tiger subsided and soon lay quiescent under the stroking hand.

"Jesus Spike, you don't think..."  Xander trailed off.

"He's chipped."  Spike sounded horrified as he voiced what they were both thinking.


Spike thought that Xander had summed it up nicely, there was nothing more to add.

They sat quietly for a few minutes, the hyena coming over to check that all was well with the tiger before Xander's attention was drawn back to the groaning heap of broken humanity littering their hotel room floor.  "What are we going to do about them?"  He asked.

Before Spike had a chance to answer they heard the wail of police sirens in the distance, it was quickly obvious that the sirens were getting closer.  "Looks like that's been taken out of our hands."  Spike answered, "but what about..."  he turned to gesture to the two spirit animals but there was nothing but empty carpet.  "Never mind."

Deciding that any attempt to clean up beyond stowing the swords, stakes and holy water back in the bag they came from, could be misconstrued they decided to try to bluff their way out of the situation.  Spike retreated to stand at the back of the room out of reach of any sunlight that might make it's way around the black out curtain as Xander pushed the cloth to one side and stood at the doorway to meet the police officers.

Seeing two police cars come screaming around the side of the building to pull up in a cloud of dust front of their room Xander adopted his most harmless, goofy teenager look and waved the officers inside.

"Excuse me Sir, we've received reports of a disturbance in that room."  An older police officer addressed Xander, waving his colleagues to keep back and cover him for  the moment.  The reports mentioned sounds of fighting and several loud screams.  This kid hadn't a scratch on him, it was possible he was trying to draw them into a trap.

"Yes officer, a gang broke into our room."  Xander stood aside, holding the curtain back to allow the officers entry.

Weapons drawn, held in a two handed grip pointed at the floor two officers moved alertly past Xander into the room, two more remained outside covering the door.  Flashing them a quick wave Xander allowed the curtain to drop and went back into the room to find the two officers inside, one covering Spike, the other covering the groaning thugs on the floor.

Holding his arms out to show he wasn't a threat Xander maintained his friendly grin.  "Hey, we're the victims here."

"I'm sorry son but you don't look much like a victim to me."

"I guess they picked the wrong guys to attack."  Xander lowered his arms slowly as he tried to talk his way out of the situation that they now found themselves in.  "We're driving up from Sunnydale, we're supposed to be giving a medieval warfare display in two days, we were just running through a few moves, getting in a bit of practice when these four kicked in the door and started demanding our cash.  I think they're on something, they were easily distracted, they told me that Tom on reception had set them on to us."

At the end of Xander's explanation the second officer spoke up, "hey boss, it's Chet Johansson and his buddies, he and Tom were good friends in high school. These four were probably off their heads on PCP."

"That's all very well, but why the blackout curtains?"  The older officer was obviously still suspicious.

"It's my friend" Xander gestured towards Spike "he has an allergic condition, sunlight causes extreme burns, that's why we drive by night and sleep over during the day.  Motel curtains tend not to be that thick so we prefer not to take any chances."

After looking at Spike a moment both officers lowered their weapons "well, he does look a mite pasty" and Xander breathed a quick sigh of relief.

"OK then, well we'll get this lot out of your way."  The officer surveyed the wrecked room, "I'll leave two officers outside the door for you until we can get that door fixed, I'll have a carpenter sent as soon as we can get one over here.  Is that OK with you fellas?"

"Of course."  Xander agreed, not wanting to antagonise the police officers.  "We'd like to be on our way after dark though, if that's OK with you."

"That should be fine, we'll need statements from you both, if we can get those now and get your contact details then there should be no problem with you moving on."

"Thank you officer."  Spike echoed Xander's words, he looked on with pride as his Sentinel dealt with the police like a pro.  There was no denying it, the boy could think on his feet when necessary.

It was some two hours later that Spike and Xander found themselves alone again.  Statements had been given and signed, the carpenter had been, repaired the door and gone, Xander felt that he could have done a better job of it himself but at least they had a door again.

Finally alone Xander looked at Spike and finally allowed himself to crack up laughing.

Spike looked on in confusion, he knew the boy was weird but what was up with him now.

"What's up?"  Spike asked when Xander's laughter had calmed down to just mild giggles, but one look at the vampires confused face only set him off again and Spike was beginning to look seriously pissed off when Xander finally began to regain control of himself.

"I'm sorry" he gasped, breathless from the sustained bout of laughter "it's just, we were attacked by a gang on PCP."

"Yeah, what's so funny about that, I thought we were up shit creek.  I haven't said it yet but you were amazing Pet."

"Thanks," Xander felt suddenly bashful at the praise from his guide.

"Think about it, every major vamp attack or unexplained death in Sunnydale.  If they couldn’t be written off as toasting fork accidents then they went down as attacks by gangs on PCP."  He stopped there, looking expectantly at Spike.

Understanding instantly flooded Spike's features and in moments the two of them were rolling around on the floor in laughter.

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