I, Buffy

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I’d always known I was different. Discovering I was the Slayer, sent to kill vampires was almost a relief, even if meant I had to burn down the school gym and that I’d never make the cheerleading squad. But it wasn’t that difference I felt most keenly. I can remember when I was small having some friends over for a play-date. We sat there with my Barbies and the others were making Barbie do kissy-kissy with Ken. I made Barbie do kissy-kissy with Barbie. It seemed more right.

And then when we started hitting adolescence I can remember being in the locker room as we talked about which boys we fancied. I joined in, I was little Miss Popularity at the time, a title I wouldn’t have kept if I couldn’t hold my own and swoon my eyes with the best of them. But all the time it felt mechanical, as if I was just following the crowd – discovering who was hunk of the month and saying how much I fancied him. All the time I was thinking Marcie has big tits and Chloe has a gorgeous ass.

So hey, I was a gay – big deal. But you didn’t come out just like that if you wanted to be prom queen. And jeez did I want to be that. Along with being head cheerleader and to be talked about and feted and for everyone to bow down before me as I walked the school corridors. I guess it was lucky I had to deal with a big bad vamp. It kind of changes your perspective, you know? But more than that it got me out of LA and to a place called Sunnydale. And that gave me a chance to be myself.


"Come on Buffy, time to get up," Mom pulled back the curtains and the sunlight flooded in, burning my sleep addled brain. It was only my second week at school and already I’d dusted half a dozen vamps and saved the world from Vampire Apocalypse.

"Just a minute, Mom," I moaned and drew the covers over my head.

They stayed there for just enough time for Mom to say, "No just a minute young lady," and whip them off me, leaving me in just my nightie.

As Mom plays a big part in my story I better tell you a bit about her. She was just out of college when she married my Dad and only twenty four when she had me. She’d studied fine art and when I was old enough she’d returned to work part time, working in a small and exclusive gallery in LA. I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s when the problems with her and Dad started – he was pretty traditional and thought her working was a slur on his manhood; Mom thought differently. Behind closed doors, when I was asleep, fights started, affairs took place and by the time I blew up the school the marriage was pretty much over.

I think they were both relieved that it gave them a chance to divorce with no fault on either sides; Mom could use the excuse that I needed a new start and Dad could pretend he wasn’t banging his secretary. Anyway the divorce went through, with enough alimony for Mom to buy a small second hand gallery going cheap after its previous owner had an unexplained accident. In some ways I was hit bad – after all no sixteen year old wants to hear her Mom and Dad are splitting, especially when said teen is still be investigated for arson. But in other ways I was looking forward to it just being Mom and me.

I mean she was sympathetic, now and then funny in a seventies sit-com way and sensitive. Everything a girl wants in a lover. Okay I’m kidding she was also deeply beautiful, with blonde curly hair that was perfect for running fingers through, with a slim body which didn’t look like it had born a child and large, natural titties; I sometimes lay in bed thinking about smothering my face in them. I knew these were just adolescent fantasies, nothing would ever come of them; right? I’d didn’t know much about Sunnydale…

I wouldn’t say I moved quickly, but I did get out of bed, wiping my eyes and yawning. Mom pottered round my room, picking up some clothes from the floor and straightening things on my dresser. I opened my wardrobe and sighed, everything I had was so last year. The only good thing I could say was that Sunnydale was six months behind the latest fashions, so I was only half a year out of date. I took out a short dress and stood behind it as I looked in the mirror – that colour was out. I replaced it and went for a T-shirt, that was fine but I couldn’t find any pants to go with it, wrong styles, too tight, not tight enough, fell too far down, covered my ankles. I looked at Mom, "I haven’t got anything to wear."

Mom stood beside me. I could tell by her expression she didn’t believe me. She pulled out a skirt, "What about this?"

"Mom," I gave her a pitying look, "It’s not the sixties – everyone will think I’m a slut."

Mom replaced it and helpfully brought out a longer skirt, "This?" she asked.

I shook my head slowly, "Victorian," I replied.

A third skirt came out, "What about this?" Mom asked hopefully.

Well it wasn’t the greatest colour and the fastening at the back were so yesterday, but it was either that or go to school in my underwear, "It’ll do," I looked down at the T-shirt, "but jeez Mom, it won’t go with my top."

Mom put out her hands in defeat, "Fine, Buffy, I’ll take you shopping after school."

I tried not to smile, wondering if I was that obvious, "’kay, Mom. I suppose one day as the school bag lady won’t do any harm. I’ll just tell everyone I’m dressing for charity."

Mom sighed, I’m sure I heard her mumble "teenagers!", Slayer hearing.


Mom’s credit card company will be naming her customer of the year, we’d hit it so hard. Mom had come good on her promise to take me shopping. Sunnydale Mall isn’t LA, but it wasn’t Siberia either; there was plenty of choice and some of it was even good. Mom was still in the post-divorce guilt stage, so we were pretty soon laden with bags.

We went into the last store. There was a really fetching jacket, which Mom was happy for me to try on. It fitted perfectly; I returned from the changing room and sauntered past the lingerie section. Wrapped around one of the half dummies was this teeny little thong and lacy black bra. I took one look and lusted after them; I was sixteen, panties and hold-up bras are fine for a fifteen year old, but at my age you want something more sultry. I took Mom’s arm and pointed, "Mom, what about those?"

Mom pursed her lips and frowned, "I’m not sure Buffy, they look a little adult."

"I am an adult," I said convincingly, before putting on my best little girl voice, "Please, Mom."

Mom seemed to be struggling with some sort of inner turmoil. I pouted my bottom lip just enough to persuade her without looking too babyish, "Okay, go on," replied Mom.

I almost jumped with joy. I didn’t know when, if, anyone would get to see me peeling out of them. But just buying them seemed a landmark," Thanks," I kissed Mom’s cheek and she blushed red.

As soon as we got home Mom started on the dinner. We have a little tradition though, whenever we’ve gone clothes shopping, I change and Mom gets a chance to see me wearing my stuff. So as she peeled the vegetables and simmered the stock I kept interrupting her with a new change of gear. Mom cooed and said all the right things; she might not get fashion herself, but she can still bluff with best. I’d left the thong and bra to last, partly because it had been the final thing we bought, but also because it was the most daring.

Sliding them up my legs I was glad I’d shaved that morning, the thong just concealed my hole. If there had been any thatchery down there it would look like I was some French feminist. I trooped downstairs, "Ta-dah," I spread my legs, with one bent and one straight and put my arms straight out in a diagonal fashion, "Looks good Mom."

"Mmmnnn" Mom frowned briefly, "Turn round."

I did. I knew the thong didn’t cover my cheeks, but instead slid up my ass crack. It didn’t leave much for the imagination. There was a long pause, I could almost hear the cogs whirring in Mom’s head, before she slowly said, "Buffy… I don’t know…"

I twisted my head, "We can’t take them back, not now I’ve worn them."

Faced with that logic Mom was forced to agree, "Okay, but don’t wear them on days you have gym," she seemed determined that no-one was going to see them but her.


It was a fortnight since I’d got my sexy underwear, which if I hadn’t worn to Gym, I had worn whenever else I’d got the chance. They’d been in the washer more times than all the rest of my panties put together. Valentine’s day was approaching and both Mom and me were grouchy. Mom had been married nearly twenty years, and even as the marriage broke down they still played by the rules; once a year a dozen roses would be delivered, an expensive dinner would be eaten and I’d block my ears as I walked past Mom and Dad’s room at eleven at night. I didn’t have the same experience, but for the past two years I’d been dating boys and even if I spent the whole night stopping them getting to first base, well at least I got a card.

It was Friday the thirteenth and with no dates, it seemed true what they say about bad luck. I was picking at my breakfast as Mom bustled round the kitchen. Both of us had faces like the school bully had stolen our lunch money. Mom turned to me, "No date, Buffy?"

I shook my head sadly, "No – you?"

"Still no."

Mom picked up her cup of coffee and sat down opposite me. I could see she was wondering whether she should have continued the sham of a marriage and at least got some flowers to decorate the place. Suddenly I had an idea, "You know what we should do," I gave her a smile, "if no-one else is going to get us a card and a pressie we should get each other one."

Mom smiled back, "I’m tempted to take you on that."

"I’m serious, Mom" I replied. It had been a spur of the moment idea, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea. Mom needed brightening up, an expensive present and a dozen roses, all innocent of course, would do the trick. And sure all she’d get me was a box of candy, but being a Slayer means I do enough exercise I don’t need to worry about the calories.

Mon paused as she thought about my offer, "Okay then," she agreed, "but nothing too expensive."

I laughed, "With my allowance – you’d be lucky."

She laughed back, "I mean it."

I ignored her. Apart from the small allowance that Mom gives me I also get a pittance from the Watcher’s Council; not all Slayers live at home with their Mom. If I wasn’t rich or even comfortably off I could afford to splash out once in a while. As I finished my breakfast I made some rapid plans – I could get to the Mall after school, be home in time for dinner and out on patrol about nine. It was a weekend so I could leave my homework to Saturday. I smiled at Mom, "Of course," I lied.


It was nearly eleven when I got up on Saturday. I’d left Mom’s present, card and roses on the kitchen table when I’d got back from patrolling; she’d get it in the morning first thing. And as she was always up before me it meant if she’d forgot she’d time to rush to the shops for a card and some candy. As it was when I’d got up I’d forgotten. Last night had been a bit of rage, the demon I’d been fighting had been harder to kill than Rasputin. We’d thrown each other round the abandoned warehouse like a pair of rag dolls. By the time I put it down I was bruised more than an apple which had been used as a baseball.

I looked in the mirror as I dressed. Last night my ribs had been so brown, black and blue that I looked like the colour co-ordinator for the blind. This morning my skin was smooth and unblemished, if Slayer Healing could be bottled hospitals would go out of business. I pulled on the last of my clothes and headed downstairs.

I remembered it was Valentine’s Day as soon as I entered the front room. For most people the Roses would only smell if you were up close, with my senses I could smell as soon as I entered the room. Lucky I’d gone for something that smelled good. I turned and saw the card I’d given Mom sitting on the mantelpiece. I opened it and read the inscription, "To my Valentine. Lots of love ?" there were a row of X’s underneath.

I put it back, beside it was an envelope with my name on it. I opened it, "To my sexy Valentine. Lots of snuggly love. XXXXX". It was unsigned, but I could tell Mom’s handwriting. I grinned at the inappropriate message; it was the same one Mom always had used with Dad; if Mom wanted to get back in the saddle again she’d need to think about updating.

"Buffy is that you up?" Mom’s voice came from the kitchen and I walked through.

She looked at me, "Buffy, I’m very cross," as she was smiling radiantly she didn’t look cross, "I thought I said not to spend much?"

I tried my best to look innocent, a look I’ve perfected over the years, "I didn’t spend much."

Mom laughed, "Well unless this perfume is a counterfeit," she held up my present, "I think you’ve spent close to one hundred dollars."

I hadn’t thought Mom would know the price of perfume, I mentally kicked myself. I so often thought that Mom was out of fashion, it surprised when she was in. Mom smiled, and squired a tiny touch on her wrist, "Have a smell."

She smelt divine. I could almost feel my toes twitching. I blessed my Slayer abilities, even as I moved my nose away I could feel the delightful fragrance titillating my nostrils. She reached down and picked up a package from the floor. She slid it across the table to me, "To my sexy Valentine," she smiled.

"Lots of snuggly love?" I asked mischievously and we both laughed.

The present beneath the packing felt soft. Mom had obviously bought me some clothes. I forced a smile; it was probably a bit rude to ask for a receipt before I’d even unwrapped, but the chances of Mom buying me something even remotely wearable were about the same as a duck presenting the news. I tore open the paper, making a great show of excitement. And as I pulled out the present I revised my opinion of Mom’s fashion sense drastically. I pulled out the underwear, three sets of it as well; it was like the one we’d bought a couple of weeks ago except the bra’s seemed even lacier and where they fitted over the nipple was see through.

I opened and closed my mouth, for a few seconds before looking up at Mom, "Thanks – I mean it really thanks."

Mom smiled at me and sipped her coffee, "I noticed," she said dryly, "that the other pair I bought you seemed to be in the laundry ever other day. I thought I’d like to iron something new."

"Thanks," I repeated, just feeling the silky softness against my hands gave them a warm glow. God knows what they would feel like on my pussy and tits, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

"We ought to do something tonight as well," Mom continued, "It’s a while since we had a girls night out. Anything you want to see at the Movies?"

There wasn’t, but I could find something I was sure, "It’s a date," I replied.


It had been a great evening. We’d gone to see ‘Fools Rush In’ a romantic comedy which had left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Mom had dabbed on her perfume and I luxuriated in the fragrant scent as we sat watching the movie. Afterwards we’d gone to an ice-cream parlour and shared an ice-cream sundae. Or rather I ate it, having less to worry about with calories than Mom, every now and then persuading her to sip a little bit from my spoon.

It was past midnight by the time we started heading home; I guessed the vamps could do with a day-off from me. Anyway Giles had said they didn’t come out on Valentine’s Day – too many late night couples strolling around for them to snack undisturbed. There was a bit of a chill in the air, as we walked I slid my arm into Mom’s and snuggled close to her.

We stopped at Sunnydale Park entrance. Mom shivered and not just from cold, even in the few weeks we’d been living here she’d heard rumours of various unexplained murders. It was the shortest way home, if we walked round it another thirty minutes would be added to our journey. If I thought there was the slightest danger I wouldn’t have taken Mom through there, Slayer or not. But as Giles said Vamps were feasting on candy tonight, not necks. I smiled at Mom, "Don’t worry, I’ll protect you."

Mom laughed, "It’s the shortest way home," she conceded and decoupling herself from me strode into the park.

I jogged to catch up. Mom had stopped about twenty yards in and as I stopped next to her she put her arm round my waist. I reciprocated. We slowly walked through the Park. Normally Sunnydale at night seems creepy, tonight it seemed wonderful with the only thing to be seen were trees, which whispered a mysterious and alluring sound as there branches swayed in the breeze. There was not a cloud in the sky, the stars shone brightly, but they were pale beside the luminous of the Moon.

Mom stopped and looked up, "Isn’t it romantic?"

"Yes," I replied. I hadn’t been thinking that; being a Slayer I’d been thinking I must check with Giles when full-moon hits and get a silver plating for Mr Pointy.

I looked at Mom, with the silver light of the Moon beaming down on her she looked radiant. And more importantly she looked happier than anyone time since the divorce. I slid my hand from her back to her butt. I was expecting her to move to twist it off or say something. I wasn’t expecting her to move her own hand down to slide over cheeks. And I certainly was expecting her to give it a light squeeze.

I stood stock still for a second, wondering if I’d imagined it. I almost looked behind me to see if a mischievous pixie had crept up and was playing a trick. There was another squeeze. Mom cast a sidelong look at me and smiled; that was no pixie. I pinched back. Mom’s next squeeze was even harder – there was no mistaking the pressure of her fingers through my jeans. I extended the pressure, pressing hard through Mom’s slacks into her cheeks. Mom giggled. I almost leapt into the air with the next pinch, it was so hard. If I tried to beat it I’d probably break the skin on Mom’s butt and she doesn’t have Slayer healing abilities.

"You win," I smiled at her.

"Win what?" Mom grinned like a naughty school girl and nipped my butt again. She let go and walked over to a park bench.

I slid beside her. She looked up at the Moon again, "Do you think it comes out just for us?"

There was still a chill, if anything it was getting colder. I didn’t reply to Mom, just snuggled against her and lay my head on her shoulder. For a few minutes we sat in silence just looking at the night sky before Mom spoke again, "It’s beautiful."

I didn’t get a chance to respond this time as Mom shifted to face me so my head moved off her shoulder. I gave a brief look of annoyance swiftly replaced by surprise as Mom took my cheeks in her hand and tenderly kissed my lips, "And so are you."

I’m sure there’s lots of better answers, but I couldn’t think of anything more original than "So are you, Mom."

Her lips touched mine again. They were slightly open. Her hands dropped from my face to my sides, holding me lightly. We drew back and looked at each other. God, she was so pretty, her skin shone like silver. We came forward together, our lips both opened as we kissed. My hands, which had stayed in my lap, seemed to come up of their own natural instinct and wrap themselves around Mom’s back. Her hands squeezed tightly at my waist, preventing me from sliding off. Our kissing, which couldn’t be described as familial, became more passionate and our lips widened. I’m not sure whose tongue entered first, me or Mom, but there we were playing tongue tennis with each other. It was great, especially as Mom moved her hands up and down my sides.

We broke for air again. I wanted to say how right this felt, which I didn’t mind, but if she felt it was wrong I would. I managed the word, "Mom…"

Mom put her finger to my lips shushing me, "Not now Buffy."

She leant forward again. I opened my mouth ready and willing to receive her. Her body pressed down against mine as her tongue slithered across mine. I was in Heaven, I didn’t mind the cold, Mom’s body was there to warm me. Her hand moved from my side; I could feel her cool hand come under my T-shirt and slowly move upwards. She stopped when she got to my bra and squeezed at my tit under the lacy material; this was further than I’d gone with anyone before. But it felt good. It felt better as Mom’s fingers pulled the material away from the nipple and slid her hand over my naked flesh.

"Mmmhhhmmm," there was nothing more to say as Mom drew back from kissing me.

Slowly she pulled her hand out from my T-shirt and shivered, "It’s getting cold, Buffy, let’s go home."

I would have preferred to continue making out. Feeling Mom’s body pressed into me and her tongue exploring my mouth I could have dealt with the Antarctica. Reluctantly I stood up and walked beside her.

The lights were on when we got home. Mom still hasn’t realised Sunnydale has a zero burglary rate – night time criminals make a handy snack for a hungry vampire. Mom opened the front door, I followed her in and shut it behind me. I was still disappointed our make out session had finished for the night. Still, it gave me hope for the future and I couldn’t wait to get into bed to start fingering my pussy and imaging what that would be. However, it would look rude if I just rushed upstairs, so I turned to Mom, "Do you want some hot chocolate?"

Mom grabbed me behind my back and dragged me towards her. She smiled, "I want something, but it’s not chocolate."

Her open mouth slammed into mine as she gripped me close. I hugged her back as we continued our make-out. This time her hand didn’t go up my T-shirt, but under my jacket, pulling it off my arms and dropping it too the floor. She broke long enough to take off her own jacket as I wiped my lips and waited open mouth. She resumed the passionate kissing, guiding me to the couch. I fell on it and Mom got on top of me. I could feel her large bosom wobbling as she moved, the nipples pushing into me. We had to break again as Mom pulled of my T-shirt. One side of my bra was still below my tit, as I hadn’t replaced it since the park. Mom’s mouth closed down on my lips as she took the naked tit and squeezed at it hard. I groaned as she moved from my lips to suck and kiss the nape of my neck. This was better than I’d ever imagined it would be.

Mom levered herself up suddenly, "Wait here Buffy, I’ll be back in a minute."

She got off me and scurried upstairs. Jeez, I thought, just when something is happening Mom seems to stop it. Not that she seemed reluctant, anything but. In fact she was the one making the running, I wasn’t complaining though. I sat up and readjusted my bra.

A few minutes later I heard Mom enter the room again. I turned. She was naked apart from a strap-on dangling in front of her. I’d seen a couple on some films I’d got upstairs, but it was the first time I’d seen one, if not in the flesh, at least in the rubber. It looked huge, nine inches at least and with a girth that I couldn’t fit my thumb and index finger round. I stared at it for a second. Mom smiled at me, "Buffy you’re still dressed," she walked towards me as I stood up, "Here let me help."

She moved behind me and unclipped my bra. For a few seconds the lacy material hung tantalising on my nipples before a quick flick from Mom’s finger and it fell to the floor. Mom’s hands slid over my tits, pushing and squeezing them as she began to kiss the back of my neck. I groaned and kicked off my shoes. My jeans soon followed, Mom continuing to kiss and fondle me as kicked them away. I could the rubber dong pressing hard into the small of my back; it felt strange. I slid my fingers under the elastic of my thong, briefly hesitating before pulling them down. I turned and faced Mom. She looked sexier than I thought possible. I’d always imagined her, but seeing her naked I realised my dreams had not done her justice, her tits were larger than I had thought from the blouses she wore and her midriff firmer than a woman who had given birth should have.

"Buffy," she stroked my hair, "I’ve wanted this for a long time."

I nodded. My mouth felt suddenly dry, "Me too."

She gently pushed at my chest. I took the hint and lay my back on floor. Mom knelt down beside me and eased apart my legs into a V. She ran her hand over my quim lips, my throat may have been like the Sahara, but my pussy was more like the pacific. Mom smiled at me again, a loving smile; "Do you want me in you?"

I nodded, "Yes, Mom," my voice sounded cracked as if I had a bad cold.

Mom climbed on top of me. I was expecting the rubber dong to be entered straight away, but Mom wanted to prepare me first. The toy pushed against my stomach as Mom nuzzled her mouth against my nipples. Her hand brushed against my smooth slit, rubbing it slowly and then faster. The hole opened as her palm skimmed over it and I could feel the juice sliding around inside. Mom took her mouth off my teat and looked directly into my eyes, "You ready?"

I bit my lip and nodded, words wouldn’t come. Mom took the toy in her hand and guided into my wet hole. I can’t describe the feeling of being penetrated by Mom for the first time; it was like all my Christmases and Birthdays rolled together with every little treat I’d ever been bought. I had slid in my own tiny little dildo and a couple of fingers, so technically I wasn’t a virgin. But it felt different, better, as Mom eased it in. She continued to smile lovingly at me, her spare hand wiping my brow as she lowered in the cock. I had been nervous it wouldn’t fit, but my cunt seemed to open of its own accord. I’m not saying it wasn’t tight, it was. I could feel the rubber stretching me open and even with my juice lubricating I could feel a warm friction as it moved against my walls. But it felt so good.

Mom paused when she’d fully entered me. Her lips tenderly touched mine, "There, how’s that feel."

I smiled, "Like I’m a woman."

"You are a woman, Buffy" replied Mom. She lifted herself up again, before coming down hard. Whatever she connected with felt good, a strong surge of pleasure hit me like running direct into a brick wall. I let out little moan. Mom kissed me again, "Now I’m going to fuck you until you scream."

It seemed strange to hear Mom swear, I so seldom heard a cuss word escape her lips, "Okay."

Mom wasn’t joking. Her first thrust hadn’t been a fluke. She hammered down and each time she connected with my special spot, sending a burst of air through my lips. She smiled at me as she pounded down and I looked up directly into her hazel brown eyes. Her large tits bounced into my smaller ones, shuddering as she moved . I lightly wrapped my arms round her back, moving my palms over her back. Perspiration began slide underneath them, making her skin slippy; it shone under the light. Her hair matted against her forehead, it made her look even more beautiful. She pounded down into my slick slot.

The feelings were intense. My pussy ached, but I wouldn’t have swapped this for a million dollars. I couldn’t believe how deep Mom was going, if she said she was hitting the floor with the toy I would have believed her. And her speed was incredible, there was no gap between the bursts of pleasure – it was just one long feeling as thrust after thrust hit my G-spot. I know Giles says Slayers are random and it’s not genetic, but the way Mom was hammering me I think she must have been a potential.

"Mnnnn, yesss," I gasped.

"Enjoying it?" Mom grunted.

That was the understatement of the year. A particularly strong jolt of ecstasy crashed through my body and I let out a small shriek. I forced myself to talk, "Uh…uh…yes…uh…uh."

I’m not sure if Mom understood my passionate grunts, but as she came down the next time she paused. Her mouth opened and for a few brief seconds her tongue pushed into mine as our lips moved together. And then she was up again, pushing down into my willing twat. Sweat dripped from her body, mixing with my cunt juice. I could feel it dribbling from my pussy, forced out as the cock went in, sliding over the lips to settle in the crack of my thighs. The pressure within me was building up to an intensity I’d never experienced.

I came. It was like being hit by a train. My brain seemed to shatter into pieces and reform in a jumble. My entire body shook as a thousand electric shocks ripped into me, each more pleasurable than the last, "AAAAaaargggghhhh," I screamed as Mom fulfilled her promise.

We lay breathless beside each other. Our naked bodies shone with sweat, the rug was soaked with it and girl cum. Mom leant over and stoked my cheek, before tenderly kissing me, "How was that?"

I didn’t know what to say, ‘incredible, unbelievable, fantastic,’ seemed to tame to describe what had gone through me. I said them anyway. Mom smiled and ran her hand over my tittie, "I was about your age for my first time. She was a friend from school. If I hadn’t met your Dad…" she trailed off.

I smiled at her, "Sure Mom," it didn’t matter.

Mom stood up and offered me her hand. I took it and she helped me up. The orgasm had still left my legs feeling weak, so I was glad she slid her arm round my waist, "Let’s have another look at that Moon."

We stepped into the yard. Our exertions had left us hot, so the cool wind felt comfortable. Mom stood behind me and rested her head on my shoulder as we looked up. It did look romantic, I decided.

"Brrrhh," Mom shivered, "Let’s go back in."

She let go off me and scampered back into the house. I followed. My clothes lay in a heap in the main room. I bent over to pick them up. As I straightened Mom put her arms around me again, "You have a cute butt, Buffy," she murmured and kissed the lobe of my ear, "You want to… do something special?"

I dropped my clothes again, arching my back I pressed back into her sexy body, "What Mom?"

"You don’t have too," she nibbled lightly at my ear and slid a hand round my stomach.

She still hadn’t told me what special was; I was intrigued, "What Mom?"

"Anal, you want me to do it in your ass?"

I paused. It had been a long time since I had the Mom-Daughter talk on dating so the details were hazy. But I was pretty sure that taking it in the butt on a first date was generally a no-no. Mom’s hand slid down over my twat, brushing at the lips. I smiled, "Yes," I said, "What do you want me to do?"

"Lie on your front and spread your legs," Mom instructed. I complied. The carpet felt itchy against my skin, but it was only a slight discomfort.

Mom got down behind me and massaged my cheeks, talking as she did so; "It might hurt, it’ll be uncomfortable. I can stop any time you want, remember. But I think you’ll enjoy it."

I gave a small nod. I was excited and nervous at the same time, if taking in my cunt had been a big step, this was an even bigger one. I worried Mom might think I was a total slut; I tried to reason that it was her who suggested it and I’d reached sixteen, but still the nagging voice wouldn’t go away. Luckily Mom took this moment to start to push the cock in. She was right, it wasn’t painful, but even just the tip was uncomfortable. It felt like something alien was growing within me and the more Mom shoved the more uncomfortable it became, pushing apart my walls and forcing them into dimensions they didn’t naturally want to go. But there was something else there as well; Mom had been right again. I was enjoying it. The jerks of pleasure were different from when Mom had put the cock in my twat, they felt more intense, more pleasurable. In some ways having Mom’s strap-on up my ass was the most unnatural thing ever, and I live in Sunnydale. But in other ways it felt so right.

I heard Mom give a grunt as the last of the toy entered me. I gave a brief moan, "Carry on, please, bang me hard."

There was no juice in my butt to lubricate, so I really did feel the friction as the toy moved up and down. That’s not to say I wasn’t juicing, my slit was brushing against the carpet. And what had felt itchy a few minutes earlier was deeply satisfying when my body was sliding against it in time with Mom’s rhythmic thrusts. She slammed in deep, her heavy tits banging against my back. Her grunts of exertion sounded like poetry and I mixed them with my own moans as our bodies joined as one.

Slowly, gradually, my back passage got used to the toy. It opened, easing the discomfort so only pleasure remained. Mom got faster, slamming into me quickly so that there was a continued hammer of her dildo against my anal spot and slap of her titties against my back. I have to say, you haven’t had sex until you’ve had anal. I loved it. I loved the way it left Mom in control, I loved the way my body moved off its own accord as she went home, I loved the continuous sexual pleasure which surged through my body. I grunted and gasped, my breathing coming in shattered gobbets.

The feelings got stronger until I was screaming again. My body arched and bucked, sweat and cum soaked me. Mom was grunting loudly as she shattered my ass. I screamed once more, unable to control what I said, "Fuuuuuucccckkkk."

Mom didn’t mention my cursing, she just slammed in again and again as the orgasms overtook me, leaving me a jellied mess. I came one final time, an explosion that almost tore off the top of my head.

Mom pulled out the cock. I lay there, sexually sated and unable to move. I could heat Mom speaking, "Goodness Buffy, look at the time. I better get to bed, turn off the lights before you go upstairs."

"Sure Mom," I murmured.


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