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Ancient Samaria

4001 BC


“Push your highness!” The midwife sternly urged, the Queens beautiful features were compressed in effort, sweat slick raven hair clung if possible elegantly around the queens face. Grunting the midwife looked down to see the heirs head crowning. Looking up at the queen she smiled, as a bald head began emerging. “It’s coming!”

Hearing that the queen sat up further and pushed, as a room full of advisors and the King stood watching expectantly. If a son heir the royal family would have its heir, if a girl she would be sure alliance maker, this thought was mainly what the council and royal advisors were concerned about. Todryn who was barely at his tenth season looked on in interest, he was the eldest son of the King, but not an heir since his mother was a concubine in the Kings harem but that didn’t concern him, he had been told that he may get a brother today.

Looking up in wonder he gazed at his father who stood as near the queen as permitted looking on with love filled eyes and a smile the likes of which Todryn had never seen. The court had always whispered that the king had married his queen of a hearts love, ignoring more profitable alliances that the one to his queen that promised he support a sovereign nomadic country with no real power. Today that opinion was supported.

Suddenly a shrill cry sounded the chamber and Todryn looked over in wonder as the screaming infant was handed off to a small team of caretakers placed the screaming baby in a crib.

“Well?” The King urged, when he looked over when his queen gasped suddenly and began pushing again. The midwife spun around and stared at the king. “IT’S ANOTHER!”

This one came faster. With a cry the queen stiffened then sagged as the other infant was free. The midwife stood as she cradled the screaming child, frowning she looked from one twin to the other; the eldest was whimpering but strangely silent while the youngest shrieked like a banshee.

“Your highness…there is something wrong with the eldest.” A nurse exclaimed, Todryn watched his father shove the nurse to the side, his robes flowing with the movement while the queen looked on in worry.

“Sek what is it.” The queen asked, Todyrn watched as his father held the eldest child staring down in disgusted awe.

“Its eyes…” The king whispered. Sek stared down at his eldest daughter who stared back at him through ruby eyes with swirls of copper and gold. “Priest…is it the Gods?” He exclaimed.

All eyes turned to the mage who stared down at the child in horror, “it is cursed my king, it shall bring death to us all, our life will feed it.”

The King dropped the infant back in the cradle and Todryn stared in fascinated horror as his father suddenly barked orders and everyone withdrew from his sister’s presence. Looking to the queen he found her cradling the younger twin to her chest.

Todryn continued to watch as his father ordered the older twin taken away and forbade the court scholars to acknowledge her in there writings.

“She will be called Ashran…” The priest said, at the Kings look he continued. “The soulless one”

“She’s just a baby.” Todryn whispered, bewildered by their behavior.


4011 BC

Ashran stared up fearfully one hand clutching the left side of her face, the painful slap stung staring at her mother the queen who spat towards her and stood. “You are not my daughter; you are no one to ask for hugs.” Ashran shrank and shuffled farther away from the enraged woman watching in confusion as the queen stood and bent to pick up Chasi’ her younger twin sister…whose eyes were the same brown as their mothers.

Standing once the pair left the large chamber she stood and watched as the servants quickly refocused on their tasks. Flinching when the large doors closest to her swung open and crashed against the walls she watched as Todryn her brother strode in. At twenty he was the youngest general in there Kings army. Tall and lean and strode through the room with confidence a narcissistic expression on his face until his eyes met Ashrans. Keeping his expression blank Todyrn quickly winked and strode past Ashran without directly looking at her.

Ashran resisted the urge to follow after him; they had both learned years ago not to talk. Honestly everyone had, no one spoke to her or looked at her. She had learned to make herself appear smaller than she was and to never look anyone in the eye. The people here were convinced her eyes would steal their souls.

“TODRYN!” The king’s voice bellowed, flinching again Ashran scurried away from the Kings voice as quickly as she could. Flinching when she walked through the still opened doors she cringed as the glaring sunlight stung her skin she squinted her eyes as she crossed the small enclosed courtyard to the east wing where she called home.

Closing the wooden door behind her she quickly made her way to her chambers. Dodging a crack of sunlight that shone on the floor she turned down a limestone stairwell into her bathing room below the wing. Devoid of windows the cool stone chilled her pinkened skin. Shrugging out of the cloak she crouched and peered at the water. The picture reflected back to her made her sigh. Today was her tenth birthday and the entire palace was crazy with preparation for the royal heir’s party. Foreign merchants had been arriving throughout the week to solicit the royal family for gifts and services. All to celebrate the princess heir Chasi’s birthday.

Her younger sister who had brown eyes instead of amber, who was identical to Ashran in every way physically except for her eyes and sensitive skin. Looking up when Ashran detected the sound of stone shifting together she looked up to see Todryn walk into the bath chamber through forgotten servant corridors. His narcissistic demeanor was gone and in its place was her brother.

Smiling he came and sat beside her. Ashran warily watched him, unsure at first.

Todryn smiled at the princess. The chamber was dark and neglected but it was there haven. Reaching into his armor he pulled out a small cloth wrapped package. “I believe this is yours.” He knew was a risk it was to give her gifts and he rarely considered it much less did.

Eyeing the shape Ashran took it and unwrapped the cloth to see a gold medallion strung on braided leather. The medallion was stamped with the head figure of their patron Goddess of the sun. “Why” She whispered.

“Because it shouldn’t be just Chasi that gets a party.” Todryn said brushing Ashrans hair from her face when he saw the purple bruise. “Ashran…what happened?”

Turning away Ashran shrank down smaller. Cursing Todryn gripped her face and forced her to look at him. Fear roiled through her small frame.

“What…who did this?” Todryn asked, confused by his angry tone Ashran tried to pull away.

“The queen.” She whispered, her fear rising when she saw the rage in his handsome features.

“Why?” He spat.

“I…Chasi went to her and the queen hugged her…I just wanted her…” unable to finish she looked away.

“You wanted a hug?” Todryn asked. Again baffled by the pure hatred that everyone but he had for his young sister. Wrapping his arms around her he pulled her close. “I’m sorry Ashran.”

“Why don’t they want me?” she whispered.

“They are fools to fear you.”

“It’s my eyes.” She whispered. He tightened and pulled away. 

“What about them?” He asked, forcing himself to look her in the eye. They WERE eerie. The swirling amber tones could be mesmerizing.

“They hate them…they came back.” She said distractedly fingering the medallion.

“What do you mean?” He asked, tipping her chin up to look at him.

“I cut them out last night. They grew back.” She said seriously. Her statement so shocking that he froze and looked past her to a small pile of rags and a bloodied knife. His stomach roiled violently and he looked at her clueless as to what to say.

Tears burned his eyes as he felt helpless to help her. Brushing her hair aside he stared into her eyes until she stared back. “There is nothing wrong with you, it is them. You have a bigger purpose and fate…I’m sure of it.”

“Why do they hate me so.” Ashran cried. Confused when he began shaking.

“They are fools. The lot of them.” Todryn was determined that it was true. Since her birth it was said that the king had not shared his wife’s bed and that the queen was more and more indulging in opiates from the eastern nations and his father was forever lost in his Harems while he led the army and Chasi was spoiled and given her every desire while the royal heir was locked away in the oldest forgotten wing of the palace. The rumors of curses followed Ashran all the more since the King had not fathered any more children that lived longer than a year since her birth.

There was also beginning to be talk of Ashran in a sense that made Todryn uneasy. There was a pull she had on people that the gossipers referred to as the ‘allure’ where many who gazed upon her were unnaturally intrigued and drawn to her. Todryn thought back to the week prior when he had come upon a senator who had been trying to urge Ashran to a secluded garden alone. Todryn had of course taken the man’s head and was now being punished by their father with extra duties in the west. This was news he hadn’t been able to share with his young sister as of yet. However if it had been Chasi’s honor he defended he doubted he would be sent to the western deserts.

Looking down at the girl child he conceded, she was exceptionally beautiful even after only a decade. Her hair hung in simmering raven curls and her face had strong elegant features with a light dusting of freckles, even with her strange eyes. She was however in his opinion much more beautiful than her twin sister who was odd given they were twins.

“I must tell you something Ashran.” Todryn said softly. Ashran looked up still wary but less hesitant to look at him.

“What is it?” Ashran asked.

“I’m being sent to the west, Father wishes me to squash rebels in that region.” He said resolutely.

Frowning she glared at him. “It’s because of that senator isn’t it?” She stood angrily. “ You are father’s oldest son and he is sending you away from here.”

“Its not your fault, I can be of use there.” Todryn said seriously. Surprised at her ire.

“You’re my only friend Todryn. Everyone else…even animals fear me.” Her statement had begun strong but as she finished all he could see was the small frail child. Who everyone feared because of a birth defect.

Todryn sighed and stood, looking down at Ashran he took the medallion from her and draped it over her head, ignoring the subtle flinching motion she made.

Kneeling down he looked at her. “Someday it won’t be like this, someday you will be surrounded by all that love you, and your life is only just beginning little sister. Someday…someday you will know peace.”

“Take me with you.” Ashran asked, surprised at her boldness.

“I can’t, the battle field is no place for you.”

“When will you return?” Ashran asked tucking the necklace into her robes.

“When father is through with his tantrum. Until then I will miss you.”

Tearing Ashran nodded. “Will you kill many men?”

“Probably.” He shrugged casually.

“Be safe…” Ashran smiled, making Todryns heart soar. It was nearly impossible to draw a smile from her.

“Of course.” Kissing her forehead softly he stood and strode back through the secret corridor and with one last grin and wink he shut the passageway door. Leaving Ashran in seclusion.


4015 BC

Todryn felt adrenaline rush through him as he and the last of his army rode through the palace gates, gleaming limestone flashed in the sun, gold pillars and massive statues flooded his vision as he smiled when he spotted the king and royal family awaiting him. Swinging his leg behind him he dismounted his stallion and strolled across the courtyard and he climbed the steps until he was face to face with his father. In the four years he had been away he could see his father had aged, his ebony hair was not streaked with silver and his face bore more wrinkles and Todryn noticed the stiff way he held himself.

Bowing his head he greeted his king. "The rebels have been eradicated my king."

"Yes, you are a great general. Come let us eat and tell me how your journey has been." Todryn smiled and followed as the king turned and the royal family turned and they all were led by servants to the eating chamber. Covertly Todryn glanced around him, desperate to catch a glimpse of the heir. Chasi was beside there mother deeply tanned and dressed in purple robes she had grown beautiful and he knew this would be how Ashran would appear but strangely it wasn't the same thing.

Letting excitement fill him when they were routed through the private courtyards quickly glancing to his right he nearly stumbled when he looked at the eastern wing and saw in place of the door that should be there large metal door with new locks. 'What had happened?'

Swallowing his anxiety he plastered a smile to his face as the four of them sat around dining table. He sat at his father’s right hand, the queen across from him and Chasi sat in the heir’s throne. Todryn frowned slightly wondering why after all this time it still irked him knowing that the rightful heir was dethroned and shunned because of a birth defect, he himself had never had much desire for it. Whether because he had never been given the idea that he belonged there or because he was content with his place as it was.

"Is something wrong Todryn?" The king asked, Todryn glanced over and smiled.

"Not at all father, i am just amazed with how much Chasi has grown." Todryn smiled, his father smiled too pride and love shone in his eyes when he too looked at Chasi.

"Yes…there are already discussions of marriage offers. Sayids eldest is very interested." King sek smiled broadly. Todryn thought over Sayids eldest heir, the man was twice his own age with six wives as well as a harem. Todryn had never been close to Chasi but he did not like the arrangement.

Swallowing Todryn looked back to the king " She is still young, i am sure you will find her a suitable husband that is worthy of her." Internally braced in case he hadn't spoken carefully enough.

The king instead nodded and beamed at Todryn. " You are right, there are plenty of young lords to choose from. Now tell me of your journey."

Todryn leaned forward and set down a chunk of meat on his plate. Indulging his father he regaled him with news of his troops, the bloodiest fights and answered all questions asked to him. As the day wore into night Todryn grew more anxious to break away and go find Ashran. Finally when the sun had long been gone the king retired and Todryn smiled as the queen and princess retired as well.

Carefully he navigated and hall way until he reached the hidden passage along the wall and pressed the key allowing the door to appear and open. Stealthily he navigated the pitch dark tunnel until he felt the cool stone wall that led to his sisters underground bathing room. Pressing on the stone he was grateful that it was still in working order. Entering the underground chamber he squinted into the darkness…."Ashran?" he whispered.

When nothing happened he felt along the wall until he felt steps at his feet and cautiously he walked up the steps. When he reached the main level he found the same result. Everything was swamped in black. "Ashran where are you?" he whispered. Still nothing. Walking to where he saw a crack of moonlight there a window used to be and in its place were more bricks.

Taking a fire kit from his pocket he lit a lamp that was attached to the wall. When the flame cast a light what little he could see made his blood run cold. The simple forgotten furniture was gone the room was emptied except for a stone slab that was mounted to the floor and iron shackles were placed all along the stone.

Without thought Todryn started to try to get a closer look when he heard voices…and footsteps. Cursing he stepped back into the shadows as two guards appeared through the entrance of the room, one carried a torch while the other dragged something heavy behind him.

"Damned thing." He heard a guard say tugged harder on their burden. Curious Todryn leaned out further from his view point, cold fear washed through him, what was this? Where was Ashran? When the guard grabbed the robed figure and flung it onto the stone slab Todryn would forever swear that the world stopped. A dark cloak fell away to reveal a tall slender girl, that even in the dark looked exactly like Chasi, but…he knew when those eyes opened they would be amber.

The guard with the torch placed it in a holder and he and his partner turned Ashran onto her stomach and the shackles were fastened on her wrists and ankles and he could see they had additional shackles with them that they used to chair her arms above the elbows together as well as her legs above the knees. Silently he watched what was obviously a well practiced procedure in rage. This was the heir, he watched as they tightened the chains by some reel that was not visible from where he was and when the guard who drug her in uncoiled a whip Todryn couldn't think his dagger somehow found its way in his hands and through the air into the guards head before he was able to consciously grasp what he had done.

The other guard drew his sword and braced himself for an attack, "who's there?!" Todryn strode into the light, the guard visibly paled.

"What is this!?" He yelled. The Guard straightened.

"It is the will of the King my prince."

"What has she done to deserve this!"

Honest confusion flooded the guard’s features. "This is the soulless creature, not her highness Chasi." The guard stated this as if it were an explanation.

Drawing his sword he advanced on the guard until he was toe to toe with the man. "SHE is ASHRAN! Royal twin, the heir you will not call her creature!"

"She is unholy my prince."

"Will you tell the king that i am here?" Todryn asked, he knew were his father to find out he had sought her out and killed one of the guards he would be deployed elsewhere once again.

"I will do what you order my lord." The guard bowed his head. Todryn narrowed his gaze, he was lying. Without warning Todryn covered the man’s mouth with one hand and drove his blade through the man’s gut without a thought.

When he dropped to the ground Todryn dropped his sword and turned on Ashran, after tugging on the shackles he leapt on the bodies of the men looking for the key. Hissing in frustration he looked back at Ashran who had still not moved. He decided she must have a different pair of guards who unlocked her.

"Ashran, are you awake?" Todryn asked, a slight quiver ran through his sister before she turned those alarming amber eyes on him, he kneeled and looked at her, willing her to remember him. She moaned weakly, her eyes fluttered shut.



As the morning sun rose Todryn anxiously stroked Ashrans hair, she was so thin…he had no time to dwell on this. The bodies of the night guards lay where they had died, where he had killed them. Anytime he expected to see the morning guards, by his estimation he guessed they were already late. He couldn’t be seen with Ashran here nor could he leave the bodies as they were.

Sighing he rose thinking over what he must do. Moving quickly he moved the bodies of the dead men into the shadows kicking dirt and straw over the blood stains and headed for the secret passageway. The only chance he had to save her was to trust another with his secret friendship to his sister. As he ran over the names of his men the only name that seemed right was his second, G’ja. Over the span of the last deployment he had come to trust the man as a brother, if there was anyone who would help…it was him.

Glancing back to where he left Ashran still shackled to that stone he resolved to find a way to free her. Pushing through the door he moved through the tunnel with an old familiarity, cursing as he twisted his ankle and his feet waded through muddy water until finally he reached the passage which led into his chamber.

Moving quickly he shed his clothes, tossing his weapons upon his bed he knelt beside his trunks which had been delivered here sometime during the night. Dressing in plain loose robes he paused only to shove his dirty clothes into a pile for the servants before he ventured out to find G’ja.


Moaning softly, Ashran listened carefully for any noise, if someone was nearby it was best not to let them know she had awoken. Odd…she smelled blood. Opening her eyes she felt her chest seize in fear when she saw the large blood stains on the stones mere feet from her. Propping up onto her elbows as well as she could she looked around frantically, where were the guards? There scents were faded but nearby, along with a different familiar scent. She knew it…sniffing deeply and felt her heart leap with hope…Todryn? Had he returned?

Excited she looked around, expecting him to emerge from the shadows as he had so often before his deployment four years ago. Nothing. Sighing she lay back down, fighting for sleep she knew would be a rarity once the guards arrived. Staring absently at the wall she shifted, attempting to ease the pain in her legs.

As of late, her king was determined to see just how extensive her healing abilities were. They had been discovered shortly after the dawn of the new year nearly eight months ago when he had brutally crushed her forearm with the hilt of his sword. Her crime? That he had walked into the market and seen her. The fact that her arm had healed by the next night had peaked his interest.

 Since then he had discovered that she seemed to heal virtually overnight from any painful wound inflicted upon her and to both their horrors the week before after he had ordered a guard to bludgeon her, it seemed that any overly serious wound affected Chasi. She had been able to determine from the whispered gossip that after she had been knocked unconscious Chasi had collapsed and while there was no physical wound, the high priest had declared that she, the “soulless one” was linked to her twin in such a way that it should be priority that no real harm come to Ashran…obviously that didn’t mean the experimental broken bone wasn’t allowed.

Ashran jerked when she heard stone scrape against stone…when no light appeared from the hallway she knew it had to be the tunnel entrance. Who? Todryn? Shrinking down she pretended to be asleep when she heard two sets of footsteps approaching her, sniffing softly her heart leapt. It was Todryn! And…and smelly stinky man…

“This is her?” The smelly man asked.

“Yes, are you sure your okay with this?” It was Todryns voice, deeper and rougher but it was him!

“You are my brother in arms. Of course I’m sure…besides…think of all the excitement this will cause.” The man said though he sounded apprehensive to Ashran. She smelled Todryns scent grows closer as she heard him shift and bend down.  Unconsciously flinching when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Ashran…sister…I know your awake…it’s me…Todryn.” He sounded nervous.

Opening her eyes carefully she couldn’t contain her excitement, it really was him. Perhaps the Gods did hear prayers from a soulless being after all.

“You came back.” Her voice whispered. He smiled his eyes warming.

“Of course, I’ll always come back for you.” Todryn reached into a satchel at his side that hadn’t caught Ashrans notice and pulled a large brown cloak from it, draping it over her. She flinched at the alien feeling of coverings. Looking up at the tall smelly man she studied him carefully. He was tall, taller than Todryn even. His hair was cropped close to his head, gold and bronze earrings covered his ears and a shaggy beard was cropped short. His clothes were that of a warrior and when he knelt beside Todryn he rested his hands on his knees. She noticed that they were littered with hundreds of tiny scars; all together he made a fierce warrior but his eyes she noticed held kindness and intelligence and of course a little bit of fear.

“This is G’ja; he is my most trusted friend. We’ve come to help you.” Todryn said as both he and G’ja began to study her shackles. Fear rose within her belly like a slow moving wind, rising up she was shaking her head before she even spoke.

“No, they’ll kill you. HE will kill you!” Ashran exclaimed, she was saddened by the guilt that hit Todryn.

“I won’t let him harm you Ashran.” He stubbornly declared squaring his shoulders.

“Who are you!?! The bastard son of the king! You have only his love to protect you and if you help me not even that will save you from the court.” Ashran hissed back. Todryn back stepped at the vehemence in her voice.

“I don’t care, you are the heir…” Todryn began but Ashran cut him off. Was it just him or were her eyes glowing?

“No, I’m nothing…I’m less than a slave; there is a higher price to pay for beating a hog than for beating me.” Changing tactics she looked to G’ja. “You…you know who I am?”

“Yes.” He looked nervously from her to Todryn.

“Don’t let him die trying to save me, I’m dead anyway.” She said looking into his eyes focusing as she channeled her one defensive ability. She could feel her eyes itching with the effort it took to pull his mind into hers…softening his will until thank the gods…She could see him succumbing to her allure, thankful that she had at least that on her side she watched his intelligent gaze soften into complacency.

“As you wish.” G’ja murmured he turned to Todryn. “My lord, we should leave before we are caught.”

Todryn aghast stepped away from the both of them…turning first on G’ja “What did she do to you!”He bellowed dumbfounded as his friend indifferently attempted to pull him towards the door and when that failed simply left the room on his own.

Turning on Ashran he looked at her, really looked at her for the first time since he’d returned. Her body had numerous scars covering her legs and arms and once vicious looking scar on her shoulder…her hair was matted and dirty and her eyes, they were amber and they seemed to be glowing?

“What…what happened to you Ashran?” Todryn asked, kneeling beside her. “Where is your fight?”

“Todryn…there is nothing to fight when it is a hopeless battle.” Ashran stated, staring at him with eyes far far older than her fourteen winters.

“You are the heir.” Todryn whispered resolutely.

“No, Chasi is the heir…I am nothing and the sooner that you accept that the better.” Ashran said. Fighting back an apology when she saw abject sadness flood his eyes.

“You will always be the true heir to me…and even if you are never on that crown I swear…I will free you if it is the last thing that I do on this earth.” Todryn said standing he collected the cloak and kissed her forehead. “I will return with food as soon as I’m able.”

Ashran waited until he left to let her tears fall and as she laid her head down onto her shoulders she turned her head and froze… were those dead bodies in the corner of the chamber?

The End


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