Reviews for Succubus in Sunnydale

BY : TheChemist

  • From colinzeal on December 26, 2020

    So glad to see a new chapter of this.

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  • From colinzeal on October 15, 2020

    Very hot though I feel Oz should have been the one banging Buffy whilst Willow had to watch seeing as how he was the one who was cheated on. Looking forward to seeing whats next.

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  • From Magnusxxz on September 10, 2020

    Can honestly say I wasn't expecting Buffy & Cordeila to be the stars in a 30 man gangbang. You do raise the bar every time. Though, with as much sex as the scoobies are having with each other, Buffy, and others, one wouldn't think Xander & Willow hooking up would be an issue.

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  • From HeatherWeather on September 01, 2020

    Best chapter yet! Are you working on any stories besides Buffy stuff right now?

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  • From Magnusxxz on August 19, 2020


    Maybe having Morganna in the slayer line is effecting all the slayers to some degree.

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  • From colinzeal on August 19, 2020

    This was so hot. I'm so happy to see Faith is here now. I honestly can't tell you which part I preferred Faith and Dave or Buffy watching and then having Scott help her. 


    One thing I wondered. Now that you've confirmed Xander/Cordelia as a couple is he still able to give Buffy her doses?


    Great work.

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  • From colinzeal on August 16, 2020

    Great chapters again. Nice to see at least Kendra got some enjoyment out of her life in this universe before she dies. 

    As for Buffy and the swim team it was equally hot and distrubing. I wonder if this will open Buffy's mind to try other demons. 

    Can't wait to see where you go next.

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  • From Magnusxxz on August 13, 2020

    Interesting. Wasn't expecting a sea mnster gangbang, but thats what makes this fic so entertaining.

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  • From Magnusxxz on August 04, 2020

    Lol, a nice bit of entertainment. I guess Xander got the better end of the stick. But did they really forget, or did they 'forget' like Xander did in the original episode?

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  • From 6goldenteachers on August 04, 2020

    Really enjoying this story. Interesting ideas and characterisation and well written hot sex. Keep up the good work.

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  • From fernandoxct on July 31, 2020

    Excellent story, in addition to the hot sex scenes the dialogues and situations between the characters were very good.

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  • From colinzeal on July 30, 2020

    Another great chapter. The gang seems to be having a great time.

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  • From controlfan on July 24, 2020

    I've enjoyed this story, but I really feel like you should have broken from canon at this point.  Sex with Angel should no longer be an out for Angelus with the previous instances of sex between them

    I had also kind of hoped a bit of Morganna had gone with the Slayer essence that activated Kendra and it could be a permanent thing for Slayers

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  • From colinzeal on July 08, 2020

    I love this story. I'm a sucker for random pairings so this has been amazing as you've picked up on some that I've never even thought of (Buffy and the Dingoes for example). I love the fact that both Xander and Miss Calnde have a regular appointments in place though I do hope one of them gets the time wrong so they end up having a threeway.

    The only slight negatvie was I wished we'd seen Buffy suck off the hotel worker but I can understand why you didn't seeing as how Morgana had taken over at that point. Anyway I can't wait to see what (or who) comes next. Great work.

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  • From 6goldenteachers on July 05, 2020

    I'm enjoying this very much and look forward to Buffy leaking pheromones. Keep up the good work.



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