Reviews for Buffy's Party

BY : LL72

  • From Salamandaslash on July 17, 2017

    That is a really hot, kinky idea. I love it. I really like the way you've played with the characters and expanded the cast to include Janice and her mom and so many others - though I'd like to know who some more of them are. And I really love how you've suggested the idea of a Faith/Dawn relationship conning from all the kinkyness as well as working up Willow/Tara and I adore kinky, slutty Joyce. This works for me at a lot of levels (mmmmm airtight Cordy and Tara!) but I still wish your descriptions of the sex were a little less... mechanical and a bit more emotional and sensual and about how your characters are feeling when their having all this kinky sex.  I'd love to know how Dawn felt when her anal cherry got popped or how Cordy or Tara felt when they got made airtight. But whatever - it's your fic.

    Hope we get to see what Willow has in mind for next weekend. Three airtight Summers would suit me just fine!

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  • From Oric13 on July 15, 2017

    Ha! Delightfully depraved.

    I wonder what other wicked ideas Willow has in mind for her sexy friends.

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