Reviews for Faith Won

BY : justheretoread

  • From fernandoxct on May 02, 2021

    Wow, great story, you really know how to write a hot story.

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  • From BillytheKidd on March 02, 2021

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading this.

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  • From Magnusxxz on September 09, 2019

    I dunno how I feel about the last chapter. I mean, its demeaning and thats apparently the point of this fic. Of which I don't mind. But was it really demeaning enough? I mean, Dawn is in a picture booth sucking cock and geting pics taken.

    Tara was the club toilet for a while. Faith and Anya sodomized Xander. I knew something dog related was going to follow with Buffy and all her barks & collar.

    But in all honesty I was expecting Faith to chain her to a pole and have actual dogs take turns on her. Maybe my minds just darker. At any rate, curious to see what happens next.

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  • From Oric13 on September 07, 2019

    Chapter 13: Some delightfully depraved Faith/Buffy smut.

    Glad to see you're still working on this story.

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  • From 6goldenteachers on September 01, 2019

    Yes, I'm still interested in this. And I'm thoroughly enjoying the tale. Even more so when the one being dominated is Buffy. Or Cordelia. Or Fred. Or.....OK any major character. I admit it the show did it right in casting. Please do continue as inspired. No need for extremes, just continue the good work.

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  • From Petronius on August 31, 2019

    Still interested and stsill going strong. I was guessing something like this might happen from the title. Interesting to be proven right. ;-) 


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  • From Petronius on February 10, 2019

    Well, Vi seems to have been well-trained already, or quite resigned. And well filled and fucked.

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  • From Petronius on December 15, 2018

    Wonder how Rona will fit into all this. Pletny of potential in all the Potentials. Nice plot development and also hot.

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  • From Oric13 on December 11, 2018

    Chapter 11: The Potentials make for an interesting plot development. Also, Faith and Kennedy having their wicked way with Vi was pretty damn hot. ;)

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  • From LL72 on December 09, 2018

    Interesting new development - I like how you're moving this story along.

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  • From Oric13 on October 01, 2018

    Chapter 10: some actual plot development! Interesting. :)

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  • From Magnusxxz on September 30, 2018

    Lol. I did ask for more Xander in this story. Wasn't expecting a spitroast between Faith & Anya. Pretty entertaining never the less. And having his nut sent out for Buffy. This is a rather dark and amusing fic.

    The Watchers are planning to flat line girls till they have a simi army of Slayers? Well, amoral, but not exactly a bad idea. Can't wait to read more. See where you go from here. Amanda, is the PTS from s7 right?

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  • From Magnusxxz on August 07, 2018

    Glad to see an update. Buffy getting owned by Faith is entertaining enough. Curious what you have planned for the others. Both Xander & Giles have 'evil' personalities locked away, maybe you could do a spell and let them out to play?

    Add insult to injury and have them use Buffy, or Dawny, or any of the other girls waiting to be rescued.

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  • From Magnusxxz on August 03, 2018

    Nice, I didn't think you could personalize something as dirty as the Dawn picture show, but Tara the toliet was a stroak of brilliance. Can't wait to read more. Curious if we'll see Xander or Oz out of their box.


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  • From Oric13 on June 29, 2018

    Chapter 6: short but sweet. Nice lil bit of smut.

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