Reviews for The Servitude of Sappho: Remaking Joyce Summers

BY : Salamandaslash

  • From Krulos on May 04, 2018

    Cursory Review of Chapter #1.

    I didn't read through the whole thing exactly word-for-word, but this's also to help to keep you going: you said that this's an inversion of what might be called "bad romance of the 1950s USA", perhaps it is... but if Faith's trying to be a guy in this relationship, as the fake penis she's wearing hints at, she's far too hasty to accurately do it. Real men take their time, they engage in chaste and celibate dating for a long time prior to ever getting engaged, then into wedlock, then and only then do they and their wives "do the deed".

    As far as a story plot device goes, I haven't any issues whatsoever with the concept of extra-marital sexual contact or misbehaviors of any kind, at all, really, but that's about plot devices; and yes, the central theme can easily be based around a plot device.

    Make no mistake, Ma'am, this's interesting as far as a story goes; and now that I've gotten my criticisms out of the way, I am very interested in this as it seems as though Faith wants to take on the job of being "Mom" to her former girlfriend Buffy and also to Joyce Summers' other daughter Dawn... that touch is fun, kooky but intense fun, for all the drama it'd cause- and because of said drama indeed!

    I really like the ways this series develops: the parts about Satsu Woo being the daughter of the judge and a young dominant in her personality, I like having Kennedy and Tara as lovers who seduce Willow- interesting, even though I do not agree with their conduct, I also love the concept of Kendra Young wanting to become Buffy's aunt- that'd be one fascinating family, and by far very far from a normal one too- adds to the drama and fascination.

    I wonder if there'll be any chapters about Buffy's former girlfriends, or lesbian crushes on other girls- that'd be interesting to read, but only to read... this should prove a most fascinating story indeed!

    Sincerely grateful to you for this story- not the behavior, but the story, the whole thing, including the behavior as a part of the story;


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  • From justheretoread on October 22, 2017

    I love this story. Really channels the inspiration of the comics real well (read some of them, not all of them). All the small side plots are fun enough to hold their own story. Tara, Kennedy, and Willow is one I want to see as much as possible of.  I was unsure if this was the type of fanfic that could go incest but nicely, kinkily handled. Keep up the good job. 

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  • From Krulos on September 04, 2017

    I personally find I rather like the touch of Tara as a secretly bad girl- just referring to her language, and also Kennedy as Tara's lover; that pairing is oodles of fun, however, you are perfectly free to disagree with any of the points I'm making in this statement, Miss.

    Don't you worry, I'm not running you down at all for this, but I have to admit that I *am* opposed to their word choice and *behavior*, that being about it. One typically does not choose one's desires, so don't worry about that, but *actions* *are* chosen by the individual.

    I haven't any complaints with them trying to comfort her, however, and the way you seem to have Faith winding up as Joyce' wife, and therefore the stepmom of the Summers' sisters is a most entertaining touch, but really only because of the inherrant drama that'd result than any such relationship- which *would* create drama, believe me!

    Sincerely hopeful for more, and don't you worry, you *can* make a long story out of a whole bunch of short chapters- and it'd still be a long story; and somewhat easier to manage to read, actually... but how you write is up to you, Miss, and really only you; so don't think I'm yelling at you, I'm not. Just some pointers you might find useful.

    I love the inserted reflections in your work, that's a brilliant touch!

    Sincerely one of your hopefully many fans;


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  • From justheretoread on August 28, 2017

    I just wanted to say I am really loving this fic. I read some of the inspiration for these fics a while ago and always loved them and well I am on a website with smutty Buffy fanfic so yea this is totally my thing. I hope you keep going, although I admit to loving the side stories a bit more than the main one (Willow being dommed by both Tara and Kennedy is fucking hot) 

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