Reviews for Imago: The Seduction of Arlene

BY : Salamandaslash

  • From Krulos on April 13, 2017

    Well, let this be a short review, but one thing I absolutely love is the recipe for drama you've got going on here: you have Faith having wound up Buffy's new stepmother, from the notes you seen to have it set up so that Buffy will be Dayna's slave (another neat event in the plotline- though not in real life again), and you seem to have Kendra set up to become Buffy's aunt (another thing I love in this story, but I wouldn't in real life); all in all, just about everything you have in this story is ideal in stories, but not in real life; though got to say, my favorite plot device is that Elizabeth {Buffy} Summers has just wound up with her rival as her stepmother; so this will lead to drama for sure!

    I do enjoy this little "universe" you have concocted for this storyline and I beg you to continue filling it up; as it fascinates me to no end... kooky behavior? Sure, but outstanding recipe for drama.

    This is oodles of fun to read, but really, and I do mean really shady behavior to put it mildly!



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  • From omegadelta on November 06, 2016

    loved it, hope to see more.

    but can you please tell me where can i find your older stories?

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  • From saladie on November 05, 2016

    Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing this little gem. I still remember your “Spanking the Sister” series and “In the Court of the Crimson Queen” fondly :)

    I also love your author's note. As I know the trouble with writing an all human AU only too well learning how the story came to be was most intriguing. I find these little glimpses most fascinating.

    @LL72: It’s interesting how opinions can differ. The Buffy/Dayna Penshaw pairing is the one I found hot and kinky. I've not seen this before, and I'm thinking up ways how this can be done. Obviously, it won't be an all human AU ;) (Harsh)Dom!DaynaPenshaw/(reluctant)Sub!Buffy, I think there is a story :)

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  • From LL72 on November 05, 2016

    It's a shame that we're not likely to see the Joyce/Faith as the little excerpts in here suggest something hot and kinky.

    The story itself was pretty good (too much dialogue at times), but with a minor character and an original character, it's not really fan fiction

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