Reviews for Tales from Gehanna What If 1


  • From ANON - Alkeni on October 19, 2016

    Excellently written. Interesting - could see this 'what if' going all sorts of fun ways.

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  • From Oric13 on September 03, 2016

    Chapter 3: I'm enjoying this story a lot, even more so than the original version.

    This version seems more focussed and more realistic as well, with Faith domming Willow and Buffy treating Dawn a bit better.

    Also liked the little cliffhangers at the end (Willow publicly presenting her thoroughly fucked ass/Faith walking on on Buffy buggering her kid sister).

    Keep up the good work.

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  • From Gladiador on July 02, 2016

    I really liked this version, Will is much better being a bitch of Faith and this second chapter showing her losing her anal virginity to Faith and getting a fisting was very good. Please continue to write.

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  • From wingerspeed on April 23, 2016

    I would describe Gehanna as having two currents. One that pulls towards submissiveness and one towards dominance, If you try to swim against the current one either manage or more likely gets tired and let the current win. The more you travels with the current the faster the progress become. Which current one ends up in is decided either by outside help, like a push or the very nature of oneself.
    I like to think that if one's nature is in conflict of the current the more strength one's has to swim against it, but in the end if you don't manage the current win.

    Faith is not swimming against the current she swims whit the current, Buffy Swims against the current but not only the currents but also the ocean that is Gehanna. It would not be far away to imagine that the ones that swim whit the currents have more energy, more strength than the ones that swim against it.

    The governor, guards as I see it is a tool for Gehanna (Amy?) to help control who ends up in which current or to change it.

    This is my outside perceptive one I read Gehanna, What If.

    For me it felt strange to read Gehanna when there was no control measures over Buffy even when she was disobedient. No penalty, or any kind of privilege withdrawn. I would suggest to implement a penalty and privilege system for Gehanna, for example that a prison uniform could be a privilege, or cellmates, bigger dildos, first in line, etc. Penalty could be a vibrator, uniform (loosing parts or a more reviling uniform) nipple rings, magic tattoos, handcuff, etc.

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  • From wingerspeed on March 19, 2016

    I read through the original Gehanna and now this. This one is so far only one chapter and things my change in future chapters but so far I like this What if, better. The reason is a simple one, it's not a Mary Sue. Gehanna felt predictable after some chapters and the understanding that not only Buffy but Willow was untouchable.
    What if, chapter one changed all that and opened the door to anything is possible.

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  • From Gladiador on February 25, 2016

    I adored to see the Willow like a bitch. Now, he would be a very good see the scene of Faith topping Willow.

    I think which some characters might be used like Chloe Sullivan, she would give a good bitch for the Lana Lang or Lois Lane.

    And Donna Pinciotti and Jackie Burkhardt from That ' 70s Show.

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  • From ANnon82 on February 02, 2016

    Looking over this alternate take on the start of the Gehanna story line it looks like the the Dom/Sub influence effects of Gehanna are a lot more powerful because of how quickly Dawn offered herself to Buffy and Buffy gave in to that offer. Also it seems that of the power of the spell binding the prisoners is greater that in the original given how the end scene went with Faith and Willow.

    This new concept of telling short segments of story might help with the way original Gehanna story seemed to lose focus from time to time.

    You might also want to cut down a bit on all of the screaming aloud of "Fuck me!", "Fuck my bitch ass!" etc. Instead how about getting the reader more into the head of the characters involved and give use a good sense of what the characters are feeling, how the acts they are preforming or experiencing excites them, and in the process excites the reader as well.

    You did a good job of getting into the heads of Faith, Cordelia, and Buffy in "Wanting B, Taking C, Having Both". Just don't make mirror duplicates of everything for each character; flow back and forth from one to the other and decide which characters view point is most important at any given moment if you are going to do a third person omnipresent view point.

    Now as for the concept of What-If tales set in the Gehanna universe, I have some ideas that might help spark your creativity.

    One is to do a tale set a little earlier in season 6 and have Tara in the story or set it a bit later in season 7 and you have the Potential Slayers, Amanda, Annabelle, Caridad, Chao-ahn, Chloe, Colleen, Dianne, Eve, Kennedy, Molly, Rona, Shannon, and Vi available to have shenanigans with.

    A few ideas that have also occurred to me are what-ifs based on alternate outcomes to events in various chapters of the original Gehanna story.

    For example in chapter 9 when Marti Perkins and Savannah Monroe are introduced what if Amy, instead of playing with herself and watching Marti take Savannah's anal virginity, had equipped herself with another strap-on dildo and taken Marti by surprise in the butt at the same time that Marti was in Savannah's ass. Also the cheerleaders from Glee appear in this chapter but are never wind up involved in any sexual activities.

    Or in chapter 20 when Willow is outing Faith as her bitch and Cordelia and Harmony fuck Faith without permission there is a conflict that Cordelia talks her way out of. What if Willow publicly forced Cordelia into becoming Harmony bitch instead?

    Another idea is from Chapters 22 & 23 when Willow and Faith are dragged from their cell by the guards. What if instead of Willow being offered a deal by Amy Madison, Willow is deemed too dangerous as a top and Willow is locked into a bondage frame equipped with an anal fucking machine and forced to orgasm from it until she is utterly submissive?

    How about some interesting bondage devices related to the Receiving Anal Sex=Submission equation like a magic chastity belt with a built in magic anal simulator?

    Finally some characters that I do not remember seeing that I think might be interesting to see in either Gehanna or Amydale.

    Veronica & Mac from Veronica Mars.
    Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries.
    Jen Lindley & Joey Potter from Dawson's Creek.
    Liz Parker, Isabel Evans, Maria DeLuca, & Tess Harding from Roswell.
    Chloe Sullivan & Lana Lang from Smallville.
    Xena & Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess.
    Rose, Martha, & Clara, from Doctor Who.
    Wade Wells & Maggie Beckett from Sliders.

    Hope my comments help revive your creativity.

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  • From ANON - Petronius on January 30, 2016

    Very interesting variant of the main story. I wonder who would win in a fight in thie Gehenna, Buffy or Faith, and what would happen to Buffy then.

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  • From kmr2009 on January 30, 2016

    Like you doing an alternate version. Hopefully get to see the scene of Faith topping Willow. Also hoping to get a scene of Lilah and/or Faith topping

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  • From ANON - unybhvgtrfcdxs on January 29, 2016

    Faith topping her makes far more sense and I do hope that Buffy and Faith have some ups and dows, down and outs when ti comes to their struggle of will with both of them getting their... licks inw hen it comes to it. but yeah Willow as a top never really worked.

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  • From Oric13 on January 28, 2016

    I like this alternate version.

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