Reviews for Xander's Bachelor Party

BY : warslick

  • From ANON - Anon on October 09, 2015

    That was hot as hell. Loved the surprise finish. Maybe a quick follow up? I keep getting a scene in my head of a church full of people wondering where the bride and groom are, while in a small room in the back of the church Xander in his tux and Dawn in her wedding dress are bent over a table, side by side holding hands, while Ethan takes turns fucking their asses to make sure they get married with their bowels full of his cum. Oooh! Maybe Faith goes looking for them and walks in on Ethan fucking Dawn's ass for the second time, looks over at Xander, still bent over with cum dripping out of his ass, grins and pulls out a strap-on and gives the groom a slayer sized assfucking. Where did Faith get the strap-on, you ask? Faith never goes anywhere with out a purse full of sex toys. ;)

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