Reviews for Halloween Fucking

BY : furrrereeeree

  • From ANON - sajuuk21 on February 19, 2015

    please write more
    i hope to read some new chapter for this story
    i can't wait to see what change between xander and his girls
    i hope to see some between xander and some of his girls in one on one (x/b, x/c, x/w and with not in the future x/jenny, x/kendra or x/faith)

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  • From JohnOConnor on November 28, 2014

    That was plenty hot. I love Buffyverse adult stories - normally femslash - but the addition of Xander was great.

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  • From LL72 on November 26, 2014

    An interesting take on that episode and all one can say is lucky Xander...

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