Reviews for Acting Lessons

BY : DebbieCync

  • From Magnusxxz on May 27, 2014

    Interesting, if a bit dark knowing that it was Joyce who manipulated Dawn into doing this. If I remember correctly, when Xander was 16 Dawn would have been 9. You never stated how old she was in this fic, so I'm not sure. At any rate, any thoughts on more chapters?

    ): )

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  • From ANON - Kathy on September 20, 2013

    I am so waiting to see what happens next, please update soon!

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  • From ANON - Albino on September 18, 2013

    Nice chapter

    Will be interesting to see what will happening after this

    Keep the chapters coming

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  • From Oric13 on September 13, 2013

    Now this was a fun, light-hearted, naughty tale.
    Very enjoyable and I'm curious in what direction you're gonna take it.

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