Reviews for Playing Games

BY : DebbieCync

  • From ANON - Albino on October 01, 2013

    Interesting chapter.
    would like to see a continue of this chapter and how there relationship expand until Buffy finds out.
    hopefully it will not take this long time fore next chapter.

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  • From NarutosBrat on May 21, 2013

    Wouldn't mind seeing this continued. Maybe other circumstances (hopefully with Dawn and Xander) that cropped up over the years due to her insertion.

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  • From Thrawn on July 15, 2012

    I'm not sure if you're planning on taking this any further, but I'd love to see it if you do. X/Dawn is probably my favourite pair of interactions in the show, and I love stuff that gets them together like this.

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  • From Oric13 on November 17, 2011

    Good start.
    I especially liked the way you've written Joyce here.
    And Joyce knowing the naughty things Buffy's done with her stuffed pig was pretty darn funny.

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  • From purples on November 16, 2011

    I love the premise and the writing's hot and realistic!

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