Reviews for Good Girl, Spike

BY : SpikesEvilbint

  • From depechemodefan on October 15, 2008

    Wow, that was pretty evil. Good writing though.

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  • From Wilder on September 01, 2008

    i absolutely love spike, i hate to see him hurt and not get anything for it, but for some reason i just can't stop reading your stories. i tell myself not too, but i am facinated. you are such a good writer that the torment just flows and as much as i want to reach into the computer and shack everyone i still keep reading. you have me absolutely hooked, almost against my will and that is one of the greatest complements i can pay you bacause if i don't like something about a story i stop reading it, but yours just have something addictive about them... i shudder and squirm to see what you come up with next

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