Reviews for Archive Cleanup

BY : DemonGoddess061

  • From Oric13 on October 17, 2016

    Thank you again for all your hard work.

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  • From LL72 on March 03, 2011

    Echoing Oric thank you for your work on the site. It really is appreciated

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  • From Oric13 on February 04, 2011

    Thanks once again for the patience you've shown while I do this.

    Thank US for our patience? No thank YOU work the huge amount of work, time and effort you are willing to invest in this site.
    Every time that I read these updates about the work you and Apollo have once again done for AFF I am awed at both your loyalty for AFF and your incredible work ethic.

    So thank YOU and Apollo for all your tireless efforts with not only keeping this site going, but even improving it!

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  • From Oric13 on January 05, 2010

    Thank you for all your hard work, DemonGoddess.

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  • From FairyNiamh on June 23, 2008

    This was a wonderful idea. *hugs* Hopefully this will make things easier on us

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