Reviews for The Definition of a Watcher

BY : ElizaShaw

  • From ANON - Erin on October 16, 2006

    This was an excellent piece of Giles/Wes story telling. Most authors who take on this pairing in the later seasons and still make Wesley the same character he was in season 3. I love the fact that the changes in his character are recognized. I was also incredibly impressed with the amount of insight you took into the characters; yet another skill many fic writers lack. I truly enjoyed this fic. It was beautifully written and very heartfelt.

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  • From ANON - purrfus on October 05, 2006

    I must admit that I had never considered Giles / Wesley as a possible combination. I think that I was still young enough during the show to have blocked the whole Giles as a sexual being concept - no one wants to think that parents even know what sex is. Very well written. I would like to know more about this Wesley and Giles even if they don't end up happy ever after.

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